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  1. unpopular opinion, but i bet the net result of this thing is more people discovering the game. The people that find it and say "omg yeah that game sux" wouldn't have played it anyway. This doesn't justify it at all though. Just a bit of "bad press is good press" sorta thing.
  2. So get 1 nice ql compass per village and share it. Gotchya
  3. can we has some graphs for those of us who can't be asked to make them ourselves?
  4. bumpity bump, its time to join up. come to pvp and join the cool kid club.
  5. I am curious to see if things do "even out" like the patch notes suggested. Thus far, not too sure lol
  6. Please just remove mounting while in combat. It's good all around fix. There were lots of times the first couple weeks of defiance(and likely still are) when skilled players came to harass groups of newbs easily with horse, and this would be far less doable if they couldn't just yeet back onto a horse while being swarmed. Just one example to add onto the current mount hopping abuse. Getting off your mount in combat or knocked off your mount is risky, should be risky, and should have consequences. Remove mounting while in combat.
  7. Yeah agreed on this. Seems like a simple tweak for a whole lotta improvement.
  8. Instead of heading to Cadence, come to Defiance All three kingdoms are welcoming new and old players alike. As tough and gruff as some vet players may seem, we all know the more players we have that understand the game, the more fun we all have in the end. Dive into Defiance! You'll find active villages to join with people who play way too much enough that you'll never have to be alone in game. And there is more wilderness on Defiance because of the actual risk of setting out on your own. Also, dying in PvP is actually less painful than PvE, as you only lose a teeny bit of fight skill instead of all sorts of hard earned crafting skills. See you there!
  9. Coulda just been like ma girl Elsa and "let it go" and joined the new servers like the rest of us Things are still fresh, so the window to join and not be behind is still open. Or, don't let it go and continue posting this same thread every week It sucks, sure. But at some point you gotta choose to accept the bigger picture, or just step away. Ruminating won't fix a thing. (this reply is too short for this thread i think XD)
  10. Mobile chat

    I mean, discord solves all of this without the headache
  11. Merging PvE is fine, but you HAVE to 100% detach Defiance from PvE. all stats and items must be separate. You will destroy PvP if you connect Defiance to anything else. It's already seeing loads of abuses of the PvP Portals with people hopping back and forth for stuff and exploits (like 5 hours of free sleep bonus for vynora followers, and other exploits/"features") Honestly, please do connect all the PvE servers, just disconnect Defiance 100%: Skills and Items (sure keep the portals but make the character 100% separate on both servers). The only thing that might get messed up by merging north and south PvE is the "economy" which is not a leading reason why 99% of people play this game anyway, so very few players will be negatively affected. Only a vocal minority who reply to forum posts like this. XD Anyway, the new map is fine. Devs did the math. The rest is conjecture/opinions.
  12. Yeah, the inside area's are quite good, especially for the PvE style of coastal deeds. But the roundedness on the edges is a bit off putting. Cut up the edges a bit with some (more) islands. Not just the one circular island off by itself haha. But besides the strange App icon rounded edges, this does look like a great map.
  13. If you're playing Wurm for its economy you're in it for the wrong reasons anyway. Not really the other 98% of the playerbase's problem if a fake 'economy' isn't playing nicely with your expectations. Best suggestion is to just play the game or don't. It's not complicated.