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  1. Deedplanner 2.9.9 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    used to love this tool. However, recently it won't work for me anymore. Whenever I try to expand the size (even just by 5) the app will not respond anymore. No error log and no error message, just no response. is there any fix to that problem?
  2. Multiple Server Crashes Discussion

  3. Poor Hamster

    Meanwhile in Sweden... >
  4. Poor Hamster

    duh! It's saturday evening... Pet stores are closed until monday morning... Guess we'll have to wait.
  5. Wtb: Woa Shovel And 60+ Ql Toolbelt - Cod

    got the toolbelt, still looking for a shovel.
  6. Hi, I'm looking to get a woa shovel for about 1-2 silver and a 60+ ql toolbelt. Delivery via CoD, I'm on indy. Offer per PM please. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! What I've seen tho is that it now takes quite a while for the client to launch. Any way to shorten the loading time? (until the "options screen" shows up, not the log in to the actual game.)
  8. Alt Priest

    Hello Wurmians, I'm currently debating with myself if I'd be worth to make myself an alt priest... (I'm so bad at making such kind of desicions... ) Here's a little more about my situation (if that might help). I've set up my deed and do have premium on my main. my main will do some blacksmithing and everything else that come with living as a hermit. If I'd chose to make myself an alt priest I'd most likely chose Vyn, just so I can enchant my tools to sell those. However, I would have to possibility to get another preist to enchant the tools for me. So what I am wondering is if it's worth making an alt priest just so that I could enchant my tools or not? Maybe I'm missing another advantage of having an alt and not doing everything with my main. I can run two clients, but just barely. I'd also like to limit the priest to those tasks that he needs to do and not split everything up between the two of them. I feel it's just more handy to have one character that does all the work insead of having to use multiple accounts to achive the same. /rant What are the pros and cons for your own alt priest? And is the extra cost worth it or not? thanks in advance,
  9. Alt Priest

    doesn't sound that bad... My main doesn't have any fighting skills so far, so would you sugest to use the priest for the fighting or not? Seems Vyn priests don't really get any bonus in field. Except for locate animals maybe...
  10. Frustrating

    best advice I can give as a noob myself is to talk to people in local. It's always good to know your neighbours, they can help you out big time. and they know of the free spots around (and if they're nice they'll tell you where)
  11. New Farming System

    I'm a noob farmer with skill at 10 and a rake at 20. Currently I've only gotten yields of 1 back. Not complaining as of yet, but I hope I do get at least 2 seeds back, as I'm always going trough my fileds 2 a day and rake what is rakeable. If I only get 1 seed back all I do is just increase my skill and still won't be able to feed myself what is why Ifarm in the first place. the new system should work that you either have a ton of fields and don't do anything and get the same as if you only have a few fields and rake them...
  12. F1-F12 Keybinds

    Hey, I am currently setting up my keybindings. I realized that when you hit a modifyer key the F-Keys change from "sleep", "quit" etc. to "..." . So I set up Shift+F1 to dig. Now If I hold shift on the second button it says "dig". Can I somehow change what is written on there? So it would show like: "1. DIG"
  13. Hello all, I just got a large maul and find it extremely annoying that this huge thing always gets in my face while running around. even worse, when I start to fight I can't see anything since the maul blocks my whole view. Please tell me there is a setting where I can hide the equiped weapon.