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  1. Auction ended - Congrats@Nordlyswhat is your in-game name so I can COD it to you
  2. Start Price: 2s Minimum Increment: 1s Nim: 90 FB: 88 Coc: 100 [12:56:10] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Enki'.
  3. Bump - still looking, also interested in a metal medium shield as well. Shield doesn't have to be rare but it'd be nice.
  4. Wanting to purchase a rare longsword.
  5. Looking to purchase an Ebonaura Wagon. Message me on here, or in-game (Tripletake)
  6. Looking to purchase Mask of The Challenger or Mask of The Shadow Feel free to post on here, PM me on forums, or send me a msg in-game (Tripletake)
  7. Still looking for a drake set
  8. Service was top notch! Very responsive and is now my favorite go-to for those enchants!
  9. is your rare forge still available?