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  1. Bump, still interested. Please PM me with your price and skill dump
  2. Hey Deli citizens! I'm looking for a good size coastal deed on Deli. I am hoping to find one to purchase on either the southeast or south coast of Deli. If you have one somewhere else on the Deli coast, please don't hesitate to post here, or PM me. I might be interested in that as well. Let me know the deed name, location, size, upkeep, and pictures of the deed. Lastly, the price you're trying to sell it for. Much appreciated!
  3. Hello Gavin! I'd like to pick up a few tools! rake 90.26QL W79 C86 2S13C Horseshoe 70.51QL W74 1S23CHorseshoe 70.55QL W73 1S23CHorseshoe 70.48QL W73 1S23CHorseshoe 70.83QL W72 1s24c I'm Mattwx's friend so we live on the same deed and I am close to Southport. My in-game name is Tripletake Please PM me when you get a chance.
  4. Managed to buy a set. Please close thread, thanks
  5. Fellow Wurmians! I would like to buy a chain armor set, 80-90 ql, with aosp enchant on it. Please message me on here or post up if you are trying to sell a set. Thank you!
  6. Hey Daash! I'd like to order a Pocket Sun, color white and coc to Tripletake Thanks in advance!
  7. Bumpy, still in the market for an account. Please PM me with your skills