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  1. Last Post Wins

    Wow It's still going.
  2. I have been playing for hours and food bar is not going down. While this may be e benefit for new players older players want to use thier affinity foods. I have been relying on drinks for affinities but not many will have that option and many of us rely on selling affinity CCFP foods; so please fix soon.
  3. the skill tracker and stamina bar stays on top of other windows such as inventory even when you click on an item in them. How can I change it back? Very annoying because only current solution is to hide tracker. PS: Happens on both live and debug.
  4. the two who pull my Fo Priests art Happycoffee and CoffeeMaster. ( both old 5 speeds now) I also have WarriorDog, IronMaster, and IceWarrior 4 drafts pulling my wagon.
  5. Very Creative Idea!
  6. I plan to be there I can do LW, BS, Fine Carp. and Cloth Tailoring all over 70.
  7. I like this idea it seems the simplest solution. +1
  8. I thought it was already like this so +1
  9. + 1 that is an item I would buy. See the $$ Wurm.
  10. + 1 I totally agree. When I first stated Wurm I dreamed of breeding hunting dogs only to find they were nearly useless then were made even more useless shortly thereafter. Oh and tamed animals already lose taming when injured. Just make it so the animal does not draw aggro until told to 'attack'
  11. I plan on being there can do LW, BS, Cloth Tailoring, and Fine Carpentry imping and My Vyn Priest can use a top off at the prayer circle.
  12. Thank You for keeping it alive my first deed 'Bachus's Landing' was right beside Rockcliff and Tich was the best neighbor a newbie could ask for so that place means a lot to me.
  13. Yesterday had to try 3 times to get in today doing same thing update says completed but it will not launch.
  14. New batch ready for sale and delivery [bump]
  15. I'm sending you an a Huge Axe to be imped to 90 should be 50 copper by your pricing breakdown.
  16. Lunalong 2021

    I am over 70 in Carp. Fine Carp, Pottery, Blacksmithing, leatherworking, and cloth tailoring. Looks like you are set on everything but favor I'll have my priests crate some up to bring with me. Last year Benclawedodamme hit 100 faith there this year hopefully Samwithwiki will.
  17. + 1 For both the farming and sowing actions please.
  18. Pavement is already fast and if you had the foresight to keep those 'Keen Senses' horses you would not have trouble getting the new trait since they exchanged the old useless trait for this one. Everyone needs horses that are faster going to the clay pits because they do that every day instead of having clay tiles on their deeds. ( you asked for it Stanlee )
  19. My neighbor just closed off his open deed because of noobs leaving carts and junk on it so I say this is a needed addition. + 1
  20. That batch is sold but will take orders for future.
  21. It's been nearly a year and No one wants to make steel chain sleeves? I've been making do with Iron ones so --- Just close thread please.
  22. - 1 As Demona and ironically the OP pointed out it would make the rare loyalty items and moon-metals much more common glutting the market in one of the few restricted areas left.
  23. I have 300 support beams to sell 4 silver per 100 or 10 silver for all 300 ( 2 silver savings ). Free Delivery to anywhere on Deliverance or coastal pick up from Lonestar Harbor on Southern Deli ( T-13 ) PM me here or in-game Bachus or Samwithwiki. Also offering coastal cross-server delivery for an additional 50 copper. [new batch]