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  1. I started in 2009 the game was recommended by a couple of people from World of Tanks [ Father Time and Tiger] . My first deed was a marsh on a hill with no mine but it was right beside the Legendary Tich who I later found out I had also known from World of Warcraft as Pifa. I took a break for a few years due to college and health reasons but came back for the people which is what makes Wurm different from any other game I have played. Other games seasoned players berate and practically drive off new players here they give them weapons, armor, and food so they will stay.
  2. I would like to re-submit : Horse and Buggy = no cargo, 1 driver 2 passengers, and 50% faster than a cart. Embark on Rafts able to move with a Pole or an Oar 1/2 the speed of a rowboat. Donkey Carts = donkey + small cart lead like donkey.
  3. Great Idea +1 maybe cloth [ wool or cotton ] clothing as well, stick it on a couple shafts with some pegs.
  4. NO to that because that is the way it used to be and the players wanted it changed.
  5. If you are spamming 50 LOF per rift you are overdoing it and causing the debuff. You don't want to spam heals as soon as they are available scan the crowd and if a few are 75% or less then aoe heal so that you are not building up the debuff and basically wasting favor when heals are not really needed. I have done rifts without any healers and even as few as 2-3 ( well skilled and equipped ) people. So while it is great to have healers and makes it much easier it can be done without them if you are aware of your surroundings and limitations. As far as changes I would support a quicker single person heal to save a dying player or to keep the tank in the fight and I don't think that would break PVP.
  6. Cartography is something that I and others have wanted for a long time but the Goblin Camps are a Nice surprise Although Goblins should also have donkeys Goblin Donkey Farm 😮
  7. Pizzas Sold out for the moment hopefully more this weekend.
  8. Glad to see I am not the only one that likes winter :) When it is hot outside somehow walking around in the snow in game makes me feel cooler :O
  9. The mechanic for the spell already exists just have to bump it up and make more useful for rifts. Ward - Wurmpedia just use that as a base for a 'rift ward' spell,
  10. Taking advance orders: WTS Random affinity Pizzas 90ql. Weight 10kg with 75+ Opulence for 19 copper each. ( prewrapped ) 3 hour affinity. Free gift with order of 4 or more 😮
  11. WurmNode

    the harvest node is very nice
  12. Lunalong 2022

    Count me in can do Fine Carpentry, Cloth and leather tailoring, Blacksmithing and Pottery.
  13. A former player Dr. Pox was the first to diagnose these moments as he was driving along and felt the urge to mend and straighten a farm fence he was driving beside.
  14. @ ChampagneDragon it was being talked about in GL and Freedom if you were interested in helping you could have easily just come on over.
  15. I tried to put it back and I have helped pen a couple dragons before but this one was very uncooperative. ( even harder than putting my cat in the carrier to go to the vet). The three hours were spent chasing it around the server killing dozens of trolls and scorpions so we could concentrate on it. After trying to get it in 3 different mines then we decided to just kill it which was no easy task with only one Fo priest and 9 people with appropriate gear.
  16. Reserved for updates. short tern offers: WTS 300 mine supports 4 silver per 100 or 10 silver for all 300 ( 2 silver savings) free delivery to Deliverance or coastal pickup from Deli Lonestar Harbor S - 13 Cross-Server Delivery 50 copper SOLD
  17. Bachus's Pottery Barn located at S-13 on Deliverance is open for business. Currently selling Horse equipment ( saddles, bridles, saddlebags, horseshoes, and Barding both cloth and Leather), bulk pottery items (Amphoras, bricks, shingles, and jars ) Cloth and Leather armor sets, and tools all up to 70 quality, military tents at 50+ quality. We have some enchanted items available on our merchants but not doing custom enchants just yet. we do lighting, lamps, lanterns, and candelabras up to 60 quality per item or in bulk. We have 4 speed horses and hell horses, 4 draft horses, and 4 output bison and cattle. BULK POTTERY ITEMS small amphora = 5 copper each 50ql. large amphora = 8 copper each for 50ql. jars/ flasks/bowls= 3 copper each 50 ql. bulk discount of 15% for orders over 10 of the same item. Orders for individual items can be mailed free delivery to Deliverence or coastal pickup at Lonestar Harbor T-13. Current Bulk Items available: 12 crates Dirt -35 copper each. [ 4 silvers for all 12 crates] 8 crates 90+ql veggies or cereals -35 copper each. [ 2 silver for all 8 crates] Cross Server delivery 50 copper for bulk items or animals. One charge for all items delivered.
  18. Like all updates they probably had it turned way up at first then overcompensated when they turned it back down.
  19. Magnaron got tired of waiting for people to bring him Halter ropes so he came to my market to get them himself
  20. I don't mind the long time needed to make a hay tile or even the tending as they give good skill but I don't bother with making bundles because the time/ materials/ and skill needed to make them have no real benefit to the product. I just put it in a trough or hitching post.
  21. Big Surprise when I went to feed the pigs 😮