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  1. One time when I was in a skype call with my buddy """"" fighting the piggies of Wurm he talked about how Lindsey Stirling need's to make new song's but my buddy would want high "QL" music than rather low QL music so he wouldn't want rushed music from her so she would have to "imp" her song "QL"
  2. Large deed's? It's hard enough as is as a new player to find and undeeded area to set up in maybe make own isles in server's and use those as the player protected area's ;p
  3. And I don't like the epic cluster ;p well I like just not as much as freedom!
  4. Dragon's could spawn in herd's of venerable like 3 or 4 dragon's in a pack with some baby drake's so it's close to impossible too kill them all!
  5. leather working probably seeing as your working with fur's and pelt's!
  6. What I think would be really cool for Wurm is when winter comes wolves are changed to Snowy type wolves. Also bear's should go into hibernation in cave den's/ or a player built mine. This would also reinforce the idea of having a mine door so bear's don't go into your mine proving Wurm to be harder to play
  7. It'd be just amazing if you could get there head's, stuff it with cotton and hang it up start a hunting business, someone talked about that! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I use cow's for transportation!
  8. Rolf should hold an event where the god's battle in wurm planet like Vynora vs Fo Or something it'd be real fun to watch the god's fight! http://postimg.org/image/kyupl644r/
  9. Well! Guy is usually used for signifying multiple people ;3
  10. I've heard of an updated dragon skin?
  11. But I seriously don't want the animal Dragon's dying out I've never seen one and I'd like to see one, is it possible Rolf will get rid of them entirely? I'd hate to see them go, seeing that unique creatures are no longer in-game in a way I wanna know what happens to dragon's!
  12. Where are all the dragons going I miss them they look pertiful! I want to eat one! I want to be one with them!