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  1. Hello, silakka!  Dawnwards and I (Gentlejester) were citizens of Prospero, do you still own the deed?  We're trapped in there after a long hiatus!

    1. silakka


      i dont play with account silakka ingame, i had sold it long ago.

      contact /support ingame

    2. gentlejester


      Oh, that's too bad... sorry I'm late to reply! :3

  2. ...sob and here I thought it was a lie but yes it would be awesome if maybe foods gave buffs or something, and hfc determined nut value? SIGH one can dream...
  3. Hi Tpikol!


    Dawnwards and I are locked in at Prospero... are you able to add us?  It looks abandoned but laughably our beds are still here :P

    1. Tpikol


      oh lol sorry but i sold tpikol and dont play anymore

    2. Tpikol


      hope you found some way out by now

    3. gentlejester


      Oh crap, I didn't get the notification!  That's too bad but to be expected :3  Good to talk to you again <3

  4. Seconding this. Seriously, give us scrambles or omelettes. GIVE US CAKE.
  5. For the love of god, give us BEER.
  6. Such a lovely looking layout. Guru is also one of the nicest and most trustworthy players I've encountered. I consider myself fortunate to align themselves with the likes of Guru!
  7. By the way, I've completed the mortar order -- can I drop it off soon? :>
  8. Harvest calc shows this is the time to harvest. Still cannot harvest olives with a sickle. :<
  9. Cannot harvest olive trees with a sickle. I keep getting a message indicating I cannot harvest with that item.
  10. I'll take the mortar quest~
  11. I'll take on cooked meat!