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  1. Actually Neko has made them public. They are just in a long list. The one you are after is here:
  2. I know in WO I found 2 special tiles high up and paved with a slab. I do not believe it has to be natural rock.
  3. I personally made a ton of small barrels. You never have enough small barrels.
  4. Knowing Drpox, he will also want a portals mod so he can keep tunneling even when he has reached the end of his current world.
  5. I am hoping they at least make it configurable. I really dislike the tree collision. It would not be so bad if you didn't have your cart lagging into a tree and getting stuck all the time. I definitely do not miss tree collision. - Artheos
  6. I recently came across this article about creative people. I thought you might like to take a look : Cheers!
  7. You could call it "Grade" instead of level.
  8. I had a similar issue this weekend. Bridge is running East-West. I was getting the height issue as well. I moved the toon with the Diopter to the SE corner and the guy with the pole to the NW. I was doing a 3 wide single length bridge to access the top floor of my building. I also had to make sure I was facing more East-West than I was N-S but still facing each other. After a lot of tries I finally got it planned. - Art
  9. As I posted in your other thread, this Mod has what you need: Deed Mod
  10. I believe this mod has what you need: Deed Mod
  11. Thank you for this! I hate uneven mine floors, but I hated making concrete more. This will also take a lot of the pain out of slab creation. - Artheos