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  1. Easiest way to get there is from the east end of the Darq canal, there's a highway not yet visible on the madump going straight west, rift area literally borders the highway. From Darq Shadow follow the road west, then uphill until it reaches a big intersection with a waystone. There's a sign there pointing west towards the rift. If you are coming from the direction of Rome, follow the road north until you reach the same intersection, if you're coming from greymead, take the road from greymead to rome until you hit the intersection. Check for times.
  2. Oh hey, a rift that's basically in my backyard!
  3. This problem started when they changed the fence physics around last may so it's possible to "jump" over them. It's quite annoying behavior when your character jitters around all over the place, not quite falling down, but not staying still either. I've even managed to get stuck inside the fence on more than one occasion. The most frustrating thing about this change is the unpredictable and quite frankly, glitchy (don't tell me getting stuck inside them and bouncing all over the place is intended behavior), behavior of fences. I posted about this in the bug report forum when I first noticed it, which has had 0 response from any devs or GMs. I suspect we'll be stuck with this glitchy system for some time :/
  4. Xanadu Map Deed: Mount Awesome Owner: Mortommes
  5. Xanadu Map

    The dragon tail highway is now open, connecting the one east out of summerholt in g25, through the mountains south of it, towards the dragon spine bridge in i25, which crosses the entrance to that inland sea
  6. Yeah, unfortunately that's not possible with slopes this steep, and before the recent updates, a single fence like this would have been sufficient, as long as the slope the fence itself is built on is 20 or less. I also would not be surprised if the v-shape still leads to stamina draining jittering, in this case with no way to fall out.
  7. Since the recent updates (I suspect this is related to the new fence "jumping" physics), fence ladders no longer work as they used to. Often my characters keeps "jittering" while leaning onto a fence, refusing to settle in place so I can restore stamina, eventually falling off one of the edges. Sometimes my character will eventually settle, lean, and restore stamina, sometimes it won't work at all. Here are 3 screenshots illustrating a fence I should be able to lean against, but will instead send me jittering:
  8. I logged off earlier today, leaving my wagon on the 4th floor of my house (Which can be entered through a bridge) and sent my character to bed. When I logged back in the wagon had mysteriously dropped to the 3rd floor. Was able to haul it back up and hitch the animals back to it across floors. The CM contacted me after the /support call asked that I report it here though
  9. I'll be able to ferry people across from the mountain peninsula in southwest i25 to the impalong location. Follow the valkyrie highway until near the coast until you see a sign pointing to New Mortopolis, follow the road north and east and up the mountain. Contact me in advance (in-game name is Mortommes, with a double m) so you'll know if I'll be on on time for you.
  10. Calling Adratha

    Yesterday I found Adratha's corpse near my deed (in southwest i25). It has 90+ plate armor and a 90+ great axe on it. Today when I passed the same spot the corpse was gone, with the weapon and armor left behind. I've tried to contact him several times but he was not online. I've taken the weapon and armor for safekeeping. If anyone knows or sees him, please tell him to try and contact me (Mortommes in-game) asap.
  11. Xanadu Map

    Are there plans to switch the community map to the recently released map dump? I guess you would have to wait until they actually release the image file(s) itself.
  12. Yes, but they can still catch you off guard if you don't pay attention to the time.
  13. It would be nice if we would get an orange-text warning in advance of the daily backup lag, similar to how planned takedowns are announced. Should be pretty easy to implement and can save a lot of hassle
  14. Messing with highways is bad, mmmkay?