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  1. My first MMO. Sad but these things need to happen.
  2. >no Gratsalot My wifes son is crying right now, hope you are happy
  3. +1 or atleast have them get the proper flag
  4. Its not even noon and this guys on the bottle. All I need to know to +1
  5. WTB 2 gold

    -Sorted. Thanks-
  6. Nah seems accurate to me.
  7. pm Kabill and tell him you are ready to hold some corners edit: Play DD if you want to leave deed and pvp. Ebonaura is for people who like sitting on a mountain acting relevant.

    Ohh look, Niki is making the thread about herself. What a suprise... /s memba Archery at the start of the map?

    Pre Fight-fix goblins unicorns and trolls would only spawn in one zone of thee map. Trolls were the best to train on. Start of map, dont found village despite enemies founding deeds, find trolls, spend all time crossing entire map without gear or skills to found deed. Found deeds all around spawns for both unis and trolls, blocking the enemy. Proceed to spend next month defending deed suiciding trolls into enemy attackers and getting ganked by trolls moving around off deed. -Mining under spawns to force mobs to spawn on cave entance -Using a shield/bow as weapon to gain skill -Dual small mauls
  10. I'll take them. Will send pm
  11. Basically everything that was said here. Also, how did you spend over a year on this cooking update? Its going to imbalance the game and generally wasnt all that well done imo.