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  1. [Fixed] Animals crossing to Chaos

    Could this be moved to the server bug section?
  2. [Fixed] Animals crossing to Chaos

    Lol, no not freedom on Chaos, and neither horse was either branded or cared for
  3. I ran into an issue that the horses crossed servers very well, but once on the Chaos side I could not bring the animals onto deed. Each time I did , the guards attacked and killed the horses.
  4. Name and Shame: Consolidated

    Fevfev ingame is not the same as Forum Fevfev, btw. I think there may be some misunderstanding on that one.
  5. Slow change of focus

    In one of your next projects, could you make a scifi version? I could really see digging a base into the side of a mountain and defending with a gauss rifle
  6. Patch Notes 16/AUG/16

    Being Iron Plate, I would think you would still need to use Plate Armour Smithing to create and imp it, so it does not really take away from chain smithing. If it protects against piercing damage better than chain, but glances less than steel it should just fill another armor type. I would however, like the weight of steel armour, weapons,, and tools lowered so that movement is faster with steel than iron.
  7. Price check on rare saddle

    Would like a price check on a 90 ql rare saddle with 81 WoA
  8. I have rare and supreme longspears about 76 ql. no enchants
  9. PC for a 54.30 kg lump of supreme steel

    I hate to point out the obvious, but you would most likely use this lump to imp rather than create
  10. PC for a 54.30 kg lump of supreme steel

    You have to use lump to get the chance, yes
  11. like the title says, i would like to know what something like this is worth. Oops, forgot to mention that this is 84 ql, 54.30 kg
  12. Portcullis only opens from one way

    Walking or riding this does not work for me