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  1. Server is currently down without warning, and its the only one down.
  2. Ok Wonka, to put it into pure gameplay terms... Why have priests other than Nahjo if Nahjo priests can do all the good priest stuff? What purpose does that serve from a game perspective? Why have options when a single option is far and away better than the others? In game design terms and balance terms, this is called Power Creep. Its when newer added aspects of the game invalidate previous aspects of the game. From a design perspective, if an addition to the game invalidates more of the game than what you're adding, its a negative thing. Again, from a game mechanic perspective, Nahjo removes any reason to have priests of Fo, Vynora, or Magranon. It also invalidated the characters that were priests of those gods. A priest of Nahjo is purely better than a priest of Fo, Vynora, or Magranon from a gameplay perspective. Imagine a class based RPG where a class gets added that can do everything all the other classes can do. You're arguing that its fine.
  3. The Wurm Cooking update document says the following; And further; Can someone confirm that these statements are true? When a wild hive has two queens, the quality of the empty domestic hive does not matter for the second queen to migrate. Also, that migration is guaranteed. Thank you for your time.
  4. Other than roleplay, right? But who does that anymore anyway...
  5. I see her on Valrei, but she has no missions, has named no demi-gods, and has not won a scenario that I can remember recently. In fact, I don't even think she has moved since 2015. Whats happening? What will become of her followers, like myself?
  6. Hello there, I live in Q25 as well and would like to come take a look. Message me here or in game.
  7. I am a mostly casual player thats looking to stay for a while at a new coastal deed, preferably established by a new-ish player. I enjoy watching new people set out into the lands of Wurm and see their enthusiasm as they make their mark. If you're fresh to Wurm, or newly starting your own settlement, I would love to be your villager for a while and watch things come together. My name is Arcadies in game, but feel free to message me here with the location and name of your place. I'll sail anywhere but Chaos.
  8. Some of you are truly awful human beings. Its disgusting to see people speak so crassly and so poorly toward others that are only trying to help make a more entertaining and enjoyable game. Its almost as if some of you have no shame and no compassion at all, but plenty of ego. Plenty of ego that you're willing to use to talk down and be condescending toward people that truly don't deserve it. I bet none of you would even talk to a dog that way. I would feel sorry for you... I really would. But you probably feel entitled to that too, just like you feel entitled to a perfect game experience made by perfect people, all for you... the perfect player.
  9. But you CAN make ponds... I think what you're really asking for is the ability to have water at places other than the water table.
  10. Exodus Deed Map

    So, Lake Esert is gone. Its been filled in by "New Esert City". I believe this completes the Esert area's transformation into a shithole.
  11. I have a couple deeds in a local alliance. I'm at x23 y9, just west of where you are. The alliance currently has six member settlements all around eachother. Our alliance usually has a few people around at any given time, and I've seen around 10 or more at times. An alliance member that was farming a deed has recently expanded to her own settlement in the alliance, so I've got farm plots open. I currently have three 9x9 fields unused. Nearly everyone in the alliance, and all six settlements area very new. I think the highest skills are in the 50-60 range. If you wanted to come live here, I have a village forming and could provide you a 2x3, two story, thatched-roof cottage. There is dock access, mine access, and plenty of resources.
  12. I can't check the updates where I am. What are the update notes?
  13. What's included in the update?
  14. I've got $50 on Paypal that I'm looking to turn into Wurm silver. If the price is right, I might buy more. Message me on the forums. EDIT: This has been filled, thank you!