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  1. server

    A Trade transfer would also be cool^^ If that is possible, since the Bot messages transferred ingame start with <DiscordName> and Trade chat requires a WTB/WTS as first word..
  2. server

    Would be awesome to have that Option. Giving your Bot Admin will "fix" that ( ) tested and worked fine on my end
  3. server

    Wogic applies here, you have to crash Steam Client Bootstrapper & Gameoverlayui thru Task Manager so Steam doesn't know/think Wurm is running - - Both from my Main Steam account.
  4. server

    Thanks, got it working.. now our server can be spammed with a Automessager bot with neat Informations, awesome Mod! Edit: - Apparently the Bot doesn't like Bot messages, any help? :/
  5. server

    Looks neat, i wish i knew ###### about Discord bots to test it and use it maybe..
  6. server

    Looking at the Config file, you have to Activate Water (Or the Container?) and then use it on a Tree
  7. server

    Thanks for the Mod, sounds interesting and the crafting of Tabards works fine.. but apparently they are missing Textures I put in an Image of that into the Spoiler (Tried it with all of them, only the "Kingdom Tabard" Works, since this is a Freedom Server)
  8. Awesome Mod, but what i'am missing is (For the randomMoonMetalDrops action) is it seems to be that these random drops aren't affected by a Rare Pickaxe... do you think it is possible to implement this?