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  1. Stone Portcullis has a messed up wood texture.
  2. Would be fun to equip our horses in the stable with blankets of various colors. Could be crafted with cloth tailoring and give us another use for wool.
  3. Nice! Now we just need emote keybinds
  4. For the invasion events, perhaps they could add some sort of statue you would need to have on your deed to get invaded. If you don't want to participate, just don't build that statue
  5. Plan for a Plan

    Wemp piles need a better graphic more like the one cotton has. The current one gets lost in the terrain to easily.
  6. I wouldn't mind if they added the "lead all lead able animals over water" mod to wo .
  7. Plan for a Plan

    How about an indoor ramp (that's built like a staircase) that a large cart can go up and down? Would allow for us to build some nice multilevel warehouse storage systems
  8. QoL: The ability to key-bind emotes. Would be nice to press a single key to wave at someone instead of navigating menus.
  9. GM can destroy the altar and summon a new one in a different location
  10. I think they only spawn in spring. They have begun appearing on my map.
  11. At first I had problems with that too, but after copying the folder to the new server you have to change the IP address to match the new servers IP in two places. "Local Server" and "Advanced Server Settings". Once I did that it worked fine.
  12. Which files do I need to copy to backup my world and characters?
  13. I don't know where you got those coordinates from as the limit is 2047 for the GM teleport. The teleport for the location you spoke of is at X1180 : Y1048 It is a very nice spot, lot of domestic animals in the area. Also it shouldn't be too difficult to dig a short cannal to connect the lake with the outside world.
  14. Is there a way to give my character meditation abilities like "enchant grass" and "refresh"? I am making a copy of my WO character and have all the skills and gear done, just need her med abilities.
  15. These days I only log on for a short while to feed animals and repair stuff on my deed. There isn't much else to do since the economy got so messed up. I used to love to farm but after filling bsb's with crops that no one will buy, whats the point? You spend hours making something that only sells for a silver or so that you can get by foraging for a while (which is as exciting as watching paint dry). In a game with such a low population a 100% player based economy doesn't work. In the game I spend most of my time playing these days, farming actually means something. You use your crops and materials to craft trade packs that you transport across the world in your wagon or ship to sell to NPC trade merchants for a decent profit. The farther you travel, the better price you get. PvP has more purpose too because to maximize profit people transport several packs at once which can be stolen and sold by other players. If wurm had a system even similar to that, I would actually have some reason to leave my deed....