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  1. If you like a casual game with some real challenges (many mobs, a terraformer's dream, custom map) then you should check this place out. Not many people here yet, but the ones we do have are good friendly folks who just want to enjoy the game and maybe say off-color stuff in chat. That last part is usually me.
  2. He did mention off-deed lamps, and while you can use tar to fill lamps, a Templar will not use tar to refill them. There was nothing at all vague about his post.
  3. I bet they make you blow bubbles when you fart.
  4. As much as I'd like to submit a design I'm already working on my sanctuary/asylum and if I start designing right now I'll end up redesigning my tower again, and I already have a screwy spare wall plan I can't delete. I've no idea what server you're on, but if you're on Indy gimme a yell and you can come see the place I'm building. Chances are you aren't on Indy, or at the very least aren't interested, but good luck with your project nonetheless.
  5. I was going to report this a week ago but completely forgot to do it, then I tore down the arched walls for a redesign, remembered to report it right after and had nothing left to screenshot.
  6. One man's corpse is another man's treasure. I won't interfere unless she admits to having a problem.
  7. Boats tend to have their names painted on the hull near the bow or across the stern. Apparently carts have their names etched on the inside edge, like when you write your name in your underwear. +1 for writing your name on your underwear on the outside so others can see it.
  8. A simple enough solution, I think. Allow bridles to set ownership of a horse, much like a boat or large cart. In this way, you could change the settings on the bridle to allow or disallow other players to lead or ride your horse. Removal of the bridle would of course let the horse be freely traded. If the horse dies the bridle will decay eventually unless reclaimed by the original owner. The bridle can be traded such as a cart or boat can be traded. The bridle can be renamed and that name would be displayed on a mouse-over of the horse (with all naming guidelines and rules enforced) just like a boat. The bridle would allow the owner to remove, repair, and replace the horse's shoes, barding and such without the need to tame the horse. The bridle would be visible whether the horse is ridden or not to show that it is owned. The bridled horse cannot be killed on a PvE server by other players, but mobs, age, etc. would be able to kill it. There we go then. Make bridles have an actual use.
  9. I'm fairly certain that, given the number of high-level diggers around (considering how easy it is to raise the skill) that someone knowledgeable of the intricacies of leveling, flatraising, etc. will be happy to drop by and give you some pointers. If you ask in local, or in the kingdom chat, someone nearby may stop by and show you how to do it, perhaps explain it, and maybe even lend a hand. I got into digging because I was trying to dig down to a mine and had little to no skill. Smejack, one of our GMs (not at the time though) heard my laments in chat and came by to not only dig out the mine with amazing speed and little effort, but explained how it was done and inspired me to do the same. It's one of the best skills in my opinion, and remains my highest skill to date, though only 96.something.
  10. Would it be wrong of me to point out one small fact that seems to have been overlooked? This is not Earth.
  11. Any fences could be used as outer walls. Interesting. So I could build an entire house of, say, 7x6 tiles 5 stories high entirely out of curbs and stone brick floors. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be a bit unrealistic? Also, hideous and impractical. Okay, I will grant you that game mechanics force you to put at least 1 door on the ground floor so you can't build yourself into a box (thank goodness, as I almost did it once) but I just can't see this happening. We already have massive skeletal frames with "impossible" rooms already, but an entire structure supported by fences and a single door would just completely ruin multi-story houses. I am in favor of using fences for walls on the ground floor but there would have to be a mechanic in place to make this a viable build, such as... No more than 2 fence sections together without a supporting wall adjacent on either side unless that fence was tall enough to reach the next story. Also, the addition of joists or arched/curved support lattices below floors that are unsupported by a lower wall structure would go a long way toward making a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing house. I can't fully support this idea without a mechanic in place preventing someone from making a 10 story boxing ring with rope fences and a door.
  12. Honestly, it doesn't matter if it's a good or bad idea. Arowhun has to post a suggestion a day minimum. Nobody seems to know why, and honestly 99.9% of his ideas only have merit if you want a good laugh.
  13. More gravestone varieties would be excellent. I'm dying to see what you come up with.
  14. I don't get to fish as much as I'd like lately, but that's... okay.
  15. Just Cause 2 is on sale on Steam right now for $7.49 and I just got it. Yes, it's an "old" game but I'm having an absolute blast with it. That's my recommendation.