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  1. WTA Best looking gear set in game!

    81 euros
  2. Launching 2-3 more servers would hurt, it is not the answer. That has been tried and proven to not be the solution. In fact it can quite convincingly be argued that launching a few more servers greatly contributed to Wurm's demise. Operating within the confines of the current state of code and dwindling playerbase, investing to achieve a lagless Xanadu does not have an interesting ROI. Basically, pray for Wurm 2 (Kickstarter? Come on devs!), live with the lag, or move. I am on Xanadu so I feel your pain but there is no viable solution else they would have done it already. All hypothesis of course, but seems logical and obvious to me.
  3. Mystic Highlands Roleplay 1x 1x 4090x4096

    I wanted to drop into this thread as I recently started out on this server with 3 very old WO players that i was still in contact with on Steam. It has been just like starting WO for the first time, a real challenge, and I am loving it. If you miss that day one feeling from WO, definitely worth giving this server a try.
  4. News #70: Wurmpedia Improvements

    Ok so instead of criticising a forgone conclusion I am going to make a suggestion. I would like complete transparency in all applications, acceptances and rejections. Either: A ) I want a say in who gets to feed me information. I think all applications should be public and/or voted on in a poll limited to one vote per IP. This would enable us to avoid the (Im going to call it conspiracies so my post doesn't get deleted) conspiracies regarding the selection process. or B ) All reasons for acceptance / rejection are posted publically under the application in an open forum - so none of this "yeah mate apply, just put your name don't bother filling anything out, I got your app" or "that guy dissed me in a post 2 years ago, 'reject'". This would also help to assuage the "censorship" sentiment that seems a prevalent feeling at the moment
  5. Travelling by air (fly)

    *Sniggers* - you should probably avoid clicking the "map" button. +/- 180 degrees is 360 degrees .... *Sniggers* Just saying. Edit: Oh and on topic +1 to jumping if it is an easy implementation with warning for people to replace low stone and wood fences. Flying is sso far beyond scope right now I think we have more critical matters that require attention.
  6. News #70: Wurmpedia Improvements

    No sorry you misunderstand, it's not that I don't understand what is being said. It is just I don't believe it. Simply having a more rigorous application process will reduce the amount of editors. In any case, Wossoo did specifically state, and I quote: "we will be reducing the number of player accounts... Of course it is going to make it worse, you are attacking the fundamental principles of a wiki, which if you did not know by definition is: "a website or database developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content." Adding in a new process to apply for an editor account is going to make things worse because by definition it is not longer a wiki it is simply a badly written manual with no input from the developers. EDIT: This is of course just my opinion not fact, I just think we either need an open wiki as per it's definition or we need a development driven manual of sorts. The current suggestion just seems like a non-effective middle-ground to me. I was just referring to Wassoo when he wrote: "Some of the knowledge became lacking substance, mis-informed" I have noticed this in passing as have many others. I dont have a specific page in mind, but hopefully the new editors will find these.
  7. News #70: Wurmpedia Improvements

    I very rarely post which hopefully will add to the emphasis on my following point. As I see it, Wiki wars is natural way of contesting the given information. You have either: A ) Large volume of testing to prove the mechanics or B ) Release of mechanics from development Wurmpedia already misleads on numerous subjects, in instances deliberately. By reducing the number of Editors you are exacerbating the current problems with A) by reducing the quantity of input. The solution is B ). The crux of the matter is, this change is going to make things worse and I am absolutely astounded it is not obvious to everyone.
  8. Hollow Springs Market Place! UPGRADED!

    Hi Griper you may have to clarify how far west you are coming from? It is a region with a lot of mountains and deep water in front of the cliff faces. It is possible to get to if you can hit the long road heading north from Linton. If you travel this road until you come to the final crossroads before the road goes down to the bay, take the east road. This cobble path will turn into a packed dirt path. If you keep following this keeping your eyes peeled to the left (north) you will eventually see a broken packed dirt path heading north. This is one of our hunting trails and will take you right into the south east corner of Hollow Springs. Please note once you hit the chestnut forest I suggest you do not leave the dirt path as it is highly likely, unless you are an experienced navigator with a good compass, you will get lost forever and the trolls will attack you when you are dying of thirst.
  9. Hollow Springs Market Place! UPGRADED!

    Oh for anyone wondering, Linton to the south will have a road to it built so deeds inland there will be able to get to the market easily. Glasshollow area can be reached by boat in the bay or by leaving the bay and going to the outer sea, and the lake south of Vrock is accessible from the canal. This is about as centralised a market as can be expected for NW Xana. See you all there!
  10. Just a minor mix-up, he meant you need to cross Deli and Exo to get to Celeb (if they use the links suggested): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/184089123/WeeklyNews/2014Week22/FreedomXanadu_TravelPathsL.jpg It is still quite a journey.
  11. Some interesting points made, my frustration lies in that given the timeframe given: "at least a week" - preparations were started. Now when you have a deed eating 20s-30s a month it does not take long for decay to set in, so the timer has started, there is a pressing need to have concrete information because there is no way I am throwing money into the deed until I know one way or the other when I am leaving. I suspect there are people in a similar situation, so while the ambiguity of the connection date was something that was understood, the lack of further communication is worrying because this lack of communication generally means what the team needs to tell us is not what most players want to hear. When I see a post like this I think of my time in Customer Service, and I am appalled. I would like to suggest that you do more than "look at" and "do your best". This language is so utterly non-committal I am mortified (and this is not personal Retrograde I know that is the closest thing to an answer you are able to disclose). It is 100% apparent that all that is being asked for is concrete facts so the rumour mill can stop spinning. My suggestion would be simply a list containing the following information: Factors Currently in Consideration Relating to Connection Date Other Higher Priority Work (stuff more important than connecting Xana) Expected Connection Date (reviewed every few days, with one liner reason) At the end of the day I would guess the situation is is that the Dev team is too busy working on fixing other more important things at the same time as preparing a system to load control when all the links are made and it is taking longer than expected. Or the Devs are a little tired after bringing Xana online and want a breather to target some bug fixing that piled up whilst preparing Xana for launch. I am fairly sure if someone from the team just wrote a post explaining a little bit, and had a small sticky with information we could avoid this whole horrid affair and get on with preparing to move or settle in for a longer wait.
  12. Indeed well said. Some valid points and well written. If it is feasible to code these, then the suggestions seem like the most constructive solutions.
  13. Lets Compare Statistics - Action Per Hour And Such

    But but but - this doesn't take into account sleeping at keyboard???? 26 actions performed. You have played 50 days, 20 hours and 24 minutes. I think I dont have my original logs.