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  1. Xanadu is about bringing in more people? What a stupid plan. There are no people in Wurm because the main point of this game is to work your ass off for as little fun as possible. If you want people- take stupid things out of the game- like animals packing grass tiles. Or the endless pointless battle against decay. Maybe there's only decay on the PvP server if you want. And add content- like the sheep I've waited almost a year for, or birds of all kinds. Add more fun things to do- like things to do inside buildings beside fill them all with bsbs. I want more interior lighting options and furniture options (and all of them should have a function). I want to decorate my house with tapestries and window (instead of having holes). I want dogs that guard my property and go hunting with me- not the useless generic mute mutts. I want random events in PvE like npc bandits on the roads, or packs of wolves- or zombies. The xmas zombies were the most fun I've had in this game because they were a surprise. Why not spawn those randomly like the eagle spirit attacks on Epic. You need to add some adrenelin to the PvE side. It's so effing boring. I think Epic should be removed. I think all PvP should happen on Chaos and the ocean close to the shore of Chaos. I think all the PvE servers should be connected by sea, and by portal- just like the Epic portals that now allow me to teleport between Release and Pristine to Desertion. The portals between all the PvE servers should have the cool down removed and they should take your horse and cart through with you. The current segregation hurts the game. There's a lot I like about Wurm. But devs often seem to focus on the wrong things (like sharks) and neglect the obvious existing flaws. And they seem to neglect PvE most of the time. I don't understand why because it seems like PvP is wrecked. From what I've seen there are a few cliques dominating and it's dysfunctional at best. It's so bad, I gave up wanting to try it after moving to Desertion. I'd suggest making PvE much more fun, and finding a way to balance PvP so cliques can't run things. For example, what if there was respawning treasure on the PvP server in random places and on mobs, and instead of sieges- there were battles over loot instead of destroying deeds- which is BORING. Instead of kingdom cliques, people from the PvE servers could only form small raiding parties and fight against each other and whatever dangerous creatures were on that server. Maybe there are limits to the size of raiding parties and extra vulnerable buildings to discourage setting up permanent forts there. When you are tired of it, you can take your loot back home to your PvE deed until you feel like killing people or special PvP server mobs. I feel like radical changes need to be made for this game to become more than a refuge for a few narcissistic masochists. In my opinion, a new server will only make a bigger mess.
  2. Don't want anything. Just wanted to say good luck and take care of yourself. Your invitation to the alliance is the starting point of our most worthwhile adventures in Wurm. Thanks for the fun.
  3. Same problems. Trying temporary solution. Thanks
  4. Hi! @ red "x"- Please remove: Belly Acres x16,y11 It has been disbanded. @ blue dot- Please add... Settlement name: B.A.M. Location: x15,y12 Here's an image... B.A.M. is actually Belly Acres Mercantile but BAM is easier in chat. Many thanks for your map! Stackus
  5. Grrrrr. In a knarr in the ocean SE corner taking best weapons to be imped.
  6. Release down again?

    This sucks. 3 of us are in a knarr in the ocean in the SE corner
  7. I'm usually carrying a lot of things that slow me down when I'm off my horse. Even when I'm not, it doesn't take long until I'm overloaded with logs and wood scraps from the unwanted trees and bushes I've cut, so I walk slower than max speed. I just want to ride up within range. Stop. And then whack them down with my sword.
  8. Not trees --- saplings and very young trees. I'm thinking of the wurm equivalent of less than 2 or 3 inch diameter trunks. These are actually easy to cut (Diagonally at least) and theoretically could be cut with a sword or axe from horseback. I have used a brush hook many times in real life. It's great for whacking nuisance trees. It is kind of like a sword or axe. @ Ryamu- the only thing you said that made sense to me is the part about collecting sprouts or pruning trees from horseback. My point was that even though it's illogical, we can butcher and bury animals while galloping- so we should be allowed to chop tiny trees while stopped. Galloping means the horse moves from point A to point B. You'd need a l-o-o-n-n-n-n-n-g shovel. I know there are a lot of other injustices in Wurm that seem arbitrary- I have lots of stone fences, too. But I'm just talking about this one particular pain in my a_s today. Unlike sprouts or stone fences, I have to clear these things constantly. It's a daily or twice daily job because I have chosen to keep some lawn areas. I'm punished for that already because I have grass packed constantly by cows and deer, so I just wanted to stop getting off my horse every ten feet. Who does this change hurt or how does it adversely affect the game?
  9. Volunteer Trees = All the new growth that volunteers to make my beautiful lawn look like crap. I can butcher and bury animals while galloping on my horse, but I have to disembark to chop the relentless tree and bush saplings that overrun my lawn areas. It makes sense that I could stop, lean over, and chop them down until they are mature. Please make this change if you can.
  10. Nusty, Thanks for imping so many weapons at once. 80ql was worth the wait. Too bad it wont last long. See you soon Stackus
  11. Fuji- I would like to order 100 iron lamps 50ql. Plain yellow- no dye Thanks!!!