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  1. Merchant Hsb Chain has been restocked with full sets of 80ql armor. All sets enchanted.
  2. Currently there is full set pricing, 80 ql single item enchanted armor and 1 discounted Barding on Merchant at FOE Canal Market, get it while it lasts.
  3. HSB Outfitters has re-opened the Chain Shop, now on Exodus! Full armor set base pricing: *no coif* 60ql - 1s 70ql - 2s 80ql - 3s Barding: 60ql 75c 70ql 1.5s 80ql 2.5 s AoSP pricing 30-69 power - 1c per power 70-79 power - 1c per power + 10c per piece *full sets special order* 80-89 power - 1c per power + 20c per piece *full sets special order* 90+ power auction only at this time SPECIALS Full enchanted sets only: 1 silver off base price first imp to initial ql free! *all pricing pick up only with alternate pickup site on Chaos Please also visit Merchant Hsb chain at the FOE Canal Market for single item pricing
  4. I have placed a Merchant to sell enchanted Iron chainmail goods in The FOE Canal Market weapons/armour building. The merchant Hsb Chain has been stocked with chain armour and bardings from HSB Outfitters. Orders welcome!
  5. Even if some consider it an ongoing problem that absolutely has to be addressed, this is no solution and the proponents have admitted as much. The actual outcome will be a bunch of legitimate merchants being looted and items currently being raid-proofed on merchants moved elsewhere. The only real advantage to a sudden implementation is if it's a win to catch people unaware.
  6. So suddenly some items being kept in deliberate safety on personal merchants requires an immediate change allowing merchants to essentially be looted...and it needs to happen right now? Now personal merchants are killing PvP on chaos? While it may well be a problem in a few cases I do not think I am going out on a limb in saying it would be a minority of merchants on chaos. It sounds like a great way to allow a few groups to run around like crazy and empty a bunch of items from merchants around the server. Just see how it goes ...but keep the loot right. How does allowing a little more loot in a few cases for a weekend justify negatively impacting the majority of merchant owners? Nonsense imo.
  7. ok, I must not have waited lo-time and thought I had, tried again and it was fine.
  8. I am unable to log in an alt that is freedom kingdom on chaos to invite to a PMK. I am wondering if this is intended to affect default freedom players. If so it seems problematic.
  9. The way I read it it means on a 5 size (11x11) you would have an 8 animal limit. Still crowding at 3 per tile.
  10. I had roof and floor sections that gave the message I could not remove them due to sections that would collapse for some time and was awaiting the fix. These were not supporting anything and considered a known bug. I did not build any wall sections below then but instead completed the floors and a roof. I was then able to bash these after which they disappeared plans and all. I was quite pleased and it was well worth the time and materials to complete them. I thought I would pass this on as I was unable to find this work-around posted anywhere. In addition I had 3 wall plans that I was unable to remove and after I took care of the unfinished floor and roof plans the level below I was also able to remove them when the "remove plan" option suddenly returned. Not positive this was related but I see no other explanation. I of course cannot guarantee this will resolve all issues of this type but thought it worth posting.
  11. I hold the writ for a structure and have rights via a role in the Village in which it stands. I have been adding parapets this morning including the planning of them without issue. When I try to build an already planned floor I get the message it is not allowed by the village. I have checked and rechecked all settings which sometimes clears up permission issues for me but the problem remains. *edit* I am now in village now but things are still weird. Even though I got the message building the floor was not allowed when attempting before, the only option now is to continue even though there are 2 slabs and 10 mortar needed. So it appears I was allowed to lock in a slab floor but no material was added. I was able to continue the floors and complete once I was a village member.
  12. This is not listed in the known bug list and is a problem that persists. I have 3 wall plans pictured here that support nothing and have no floors above them. I am not getting the remove plan option at all, only destroy or plan options. I have tried to destroy and get the message that the last part of the walls come crashing down yet plan remains. I have never added materials to these plans. This presents in the same way as floor plan issues in that there is not a remove plan option, but with the floor plans you receive a message as soon as you try to destroy and no action is performed.
  13. I can see adding code to prevent floating walls and floors but none of the plans I am attempting to remove would create this. All floor and roof plans next to the ones I tried to remove would still have structure adjacent to 3 sides. I do agree that the current situation is very restrictive and hopefully it will be looked at.
  14. I am having trouble along the same line and hopefully this is not working as intended. It might make remodeling any upper floors impossible. If floor and roof plans cannot be removed it should at least be possible to alter the plans from roof to floor or from floor to floor with opening and such. In my case I need to remove roof plans above an atrium to add another floor, so I cannot attempt to build walls below as a work-around. I am unable to remove any floor or roof plans without receiving the message about collapsing sections.
  15. well +1 to the 66%, at least I took time to search and find the right topic