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  1. Would be nice to not see them stick through floors
  2. That necroe guy stole my summer hat and sold it to himself, wat a jerk.
  3. BEST IMPER IN THE GAME, guy will even imp things he has no skill to imp because he boss.
  4. Used supreme string of cloth to make a book and had no rare roll at all.
  5. Lately when repairing things that are in my forge and or moving things in or out of bsbs its not updating. This spear was repaired and the ql didnt change and it still shows damage even though it is clearly repaired.
  6. Allow us to cast it on a metal item or lump to heat it to glowing.
  7. #gheyforkj Degratz Viremental Congrats on becoming a dad though! Also Cambro best Grand Princess ever!
  8. +1 so polar can stop complaining about it already. Nah for real though I would love to see some update to it.
  9. This man harasses me daily, he once oR1 locked me in a building with all open walls on bottom floor and forced me at spoon point to create 5k bricks. I am constantly scared that he will build another oR1 wall to further trap us inside this underground prison we call a home. I once tried to reach oR1 Viremental inside the deed and this man intercepted me and escorted me to a sandstone vein to be removed. Terrible person avoid at all cost lest you become a slave to his crazy dirt fetish. oR1oR1oR1
  10. Would be cool if this could be used in tandem with treasure maps to find location they mark or list. Also wouldn't mind a generic this far away from message like we have from pendulums but obviously a shorter one.