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  1. Can you upload your console.log or gamesettings file so I can try to repro with the same settings?
  2. Please provide some screenshots of the error messages you have been getting, and the progress bar you mentioned so we can narrow down where it fails. Reinstalling Java won't help, as the native launcher does not use system-installed Java and instead uses its own runtime. Only thing I can think of right now would be some antivirus software as that seems to be the only thing recently popping up that has prevented some players from launching the game. I'm not sure what this means though: Did this happen after first being unable to start the game? And successfully run means you actually got through the launcher and into the game?
  3. The crashing on inspecting animals should be fixed now - the client didn't deploy in time before the servers came back up, but restarting the game should do the trick now.
  4. Apologies for the drop in communications, we've been quite busy fixing the reported issues and still revising the general balance of things such as vehicle speed. Vehicle speed is also subject to some bugs (that we believe we've fixed already for the next update), but in general we'll still be tweaking them to make vehicles faster. Expect an update tomorrow fixing most of the annoying things, and after that we'll chase up the remaining issues that weren't confirmed to be bugs yet and either fix those or clarify the intended functionality. The update won't contain vehicle speed tweaks yet, but we'll try to get that in as soon as possible. We're also working on clarifying some of these patch notes, as it seems some of those were taken from an outdated source, mainly regarding the horse traits - we'll clarify all of those here by editing these patch notes and we'll work with Wurmpedia staff to get the confirmed details on Wurmpedia as well.
  5. Thanks for the report, will be fixed with the next client update.
  6. We could use some more information on those crashes, console.log files would help as well - please post those along with some more details in the client bugs or technical issues forum (they usually have a crash log in them right after you crash, so when you do instead of restarting the game find that file in the wurm directory and paste it in a post)
  7. Could you run the client from the terminal instead and paste the results here? All it should require is to navigate to where you have installed the game and do "./WurmLauncher" Hopefully that can give us some clue as to what exactly breaks on your system.
  8. It was a bad idea in the first place, not a kneejerk change. We don't want the "meta" to be keeping exclusively negative traited animals and having to genesis all the offspring - we were more thinking about the individual horses back when we thought it would be a good idea, rather than taking both offspring and genesis into account - as Ekcin mentioned, we didn't fully think through how it would end up on live servers after everything is settled, so the feedback here helps. Fo priests are still ahead of other breeders by a lot with just how it works now, especially after the update that there will be more breeding needed to be done in general to keep those more specialized animals. And no, Genesis runes won't be a thing.
  9. It's nothing huge, we're not adding battle royale The partnership is intended to help us out with organizing a one time competition that's very much like the usual competitions we would do, just with real money rewards to test that out, instead of the usual silvers and premium time. We'll announce that competition soon.
  10. Both will be monitored so either of those places works for UI bug reports.
  11. We'll go through the bug reports and have another UI update soon, but detailed reports rather than "look at it, use it" would help. I've noticed your recent threads mentioning some issues and we'll work through them as well, so make sure to get some more reports in if that's not all of them already.
  12. As many things from those achievements weren't tracked before, there's no way for us to grant them retroactively. This one requires opening a wild beehive, we'll clarify that in the description. The snowball and the honey one are possibly bugged, will look into it.
  13. It should be fixed now.
  14. Can you paste in the crash log here? Or the entire console.log, that file should contain the crash log - it's located in the main Wurm directory, right after the game crashes.
  15. If the mob is aiming at your left parts, you should defend left. If the mob is defending their left parts, you'd be best off attacking anywhere else other than their left parts. The changelog was a bit vague on that part, but the red circle does not show the attack direction itself, it shows where's the opponent that just dealt you a hit - to help with managing multiple opponents or in situations where they might be obscured by terrain or something else. Creature's attack direction is shown on the left of the difficulty indicator (same icons as player attack stance), creature's defense direction is shown under the creature healthbar as a shield icon, if they're defending any particular direction. We'll add mouseover tooltips to the creature healthbar icons to make it more obvious what's what there. See above, all the relevant information regarding your opponent's stances (and with that what should be your target stances) are contained within the creature's in-world healthbar. Special moves as is should do some decent damage, and also deal the additional effects - I feel like those effects might be a bit too obscure feedback wise so it's not obvious that you're actually benefitting from the special moves. As to the mobs dying quickly to your regular attacks, it's important to remember we're not looking at changing the general balance of combat massively with this. If you are highly skilled and have good gear, you won't have much of a challenge with most of the creatures in Wurm before the changes, as well as after them. What we want to see the changes do is give an actual edge in the fights to people who actively participate in it, using the stances system, special moves and other features available to you, compared to just using autofight or staying in the same default stance during the entire fight. We've definitely failed to do enough to make the new stance system obvious enough, so we'll be working further on making that easier to figure out. While we'll be releasing this update shortly, we have several further improvements in the works, such as increasing combat skills' impact on combat (at the same time reducing the randomness) and improving archery. The suggestions here have been very helpful, but please remember that this will still largely be the Wurm combat you know, just with improvements that we feel do improve the readability and interactability of it all - it's on us for not making that not clear with the previous announcements.
  16. It's still open, we fixed that crash today so you should be able to access it fine now.
  17. There wil be an option to launch the new UI in the low memory setting once the old UI is gone.
  18. It's in the UI tab of the settings, though it seems only in the in-game part of it. We'll add it to the launcher settings as well.
  19. We don't have launch shortcuts on Linux, but running the client with a "-c" argument will have the same effect.
  20. Combat Overhaul public testing If you haven’t tried it out yet, make sure to go on the test server and check out the combat changes. With the intention of making the combat more interactive and readable, we’ve changed up a lot - the stance mechanics, special moves, and we gave it all a lot of visual feedback to keep your eyes away from the combat log, and all on the action. Here’s some more details on it! What about content? It's been a while since we've released larger content updates, but rest assured, we are working on some exciting things! The combat update, which we expect to go live as soon as the public testing concludes, is only the beginning. Following the roadmap we released last October, we have two larger content updates coming in the near future: First is an improvement on animal keeping mechanics, slated for this spring (so not too far off!) Second will be an exploration themed update, planned to be released this summer. Exploring the lands will be significantly more interesting and rewarding. It'll happen around Wurm's 15th anniversary, so watch out for anniversary events around the same time! We’ll release some more details as we approach the release of those updates. For a refresher on the roadmap, see below: Old UI client While we’ve always mentioned the old UI client would be going away, it’s only now that we have features coming in that won’t be able to support it anymore for future changes. You should expect the old UI client to be removed sometime between a month and two months from now. There have been many improvements to the new UI since it was released, the most recent of which addresses the issue of it being too bulky - a new “Text scale” option was added, in addition to “UI Scale” that was there previously - make sure to play with that if you haven’t yet. (Setting UI Scale to something low, yet text scale to something higher, allows you to make the UI look less bulky while maintaining readable text) If that doesn’t solve all your new UI worries, please make sure to note them in the appropriate feedback thread, so that we can have another pass of issue fixing on it before the old one is no longer available. Community Manager Role As you might have noticed, with Retrograde’s announcement, the role of Community Relations Coordinator, and related assistant roles, have been changed to simple “Community Manager”. While it’s mostly semantics so far, the intention of this change is to have a less hierarchical structure that can just focus on the developer-player communication and other aspects of community relations, as well as make the position more suited to be occupied by more than a single person at once if such a need arises. For now though, please welcome DemonaNightshade as our new Community Manager! Please go easy on her, at least until she’s hooked in for good Hopefully she’ll be handling the next news posts, and I can go back to the code basement. Meadhalla Make sure to check out Stanlee’s upcoming event, Meadhalla. Puns not optional! That's it from me this week - thanks for your attention, and keep on Wurming!
  21. Yes, critical hits will be enabled on PvE with this update. The balance of those is still up for tweaking, but critical hits are now a damage modifier, dealing 150% of original damage (that was missing in that changelog, will add it now)
  22. Patch for the combat changes was released on test just now, changelog below:
  23. It's still in our plans to improve the support of newer visual features in the client on Mac, but it's not something we're currently working on.
  24. Hi, we'd like to invite you all onto the test server to check out the combat overhaul that has been in the works for a while now. With this combat update, the defensive and attack stances have been separated, special moves have been overhauled, and the visual feedback has been increased to a point where for most casual PvE combat, it should no longer be necessary to follow the combat log. At the same time we did not want to overload the player with information, so certain less relevant information such as glances or parries will stay in the combat log (but you will be able to follow those easily by sound effects) Auto fight has been reworked to fit the new combat mechanics, and it will now attempt to switch both the attack and defence stances when it makes sense to do so. However, it will be significantly slower than changing the stances yourself. The AI of the creatures will also use the new auto fight mechanics, but the swiftness of their reactions to your stances will depend on their strength and skills. Public testing access Changelog Things to look out for during testing We’re looking forward to your feedback from testing the combat overhaul. Other than general feedback, this is what we’d like to hear more about: Accuracy of the displayed creature difficulty - green should be easy, red skull should mean it’s not a fight you can win. When you find a case when it’s not at all accurate, please report it here with details of your skills, equipment and what the creature is. (also, the creature’s condition) The effectiveness of using auto fight (compared to not using it) Any other visual feedback that would be useful, or information that could still be moved out of the combat log into a better place PvP related balance concerns Please note that the details of this are still up to change and the general balance will definitely be tweaked. See you on the test server!
  25. We agree that this is a bad situation, forgive Retrograde's confusing wording. We'll be working to address this, as it doesn't make any sense for decay to work this way. Thanks for the suggestions on possible fixes too @Oblivionnreaver, we'll definitely have to take the effect it'll have on lag into account, as there is a ton of on-deed items on the servers.