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  1. Animations is acting wierd.

    Is it fine after you disembark?
  2. More first person games have the camera follow animations than not. It's a toggle, you're not forced to use it. Some animations will still be adjusted, I know Saroman is working on the idle standing one so that it doesn't float around.
  3. Valrei International. 077

    There's no third person view, but the camera-follows-animations feature is a toggle, as Retrograde mentioned. With it off, it'll stay as is now.
  4. I haven't heard of any issues with installing the game itself - must be something on your end, make sure to just run the .jnlp file you downloaded and it should run fine. As for the targeting issue, only other thing I've got right now is try disabling FBO in Compatibility settings. While you mentioned the video drivers being current, they're not - the console log you attached to the first post indicates that.
  5. You can fix that by removing Wurm Online clients in Java Control Panel (should be a shortcut called Configure Java in the Windows' control panel) - click View under Temporary Internet Files (General tab), press on the separate clients installed and press that X icon to remove them. Running the downloaded .jnlp files should now install them properly. Other than that for the targeting issue, try updating your video card drivers, since you're running pretty outdated ones.
  6. Kicked for being Idle

    Sounds like the client is crashing, I don't think there's any afk auto-kicking happening other than if you don't move on login. Make sure next time that happens, instead of running the client immediately again, get the console.log file from the Wurm installation directory and paste the contents here or in the Technical issues section of the forum, should be something there that would help us identify why it crashes.
  7. Latency when booting client before login

    It's a different version of the client with some performance improvements and memory optimizations - if it works for you, should be pretty much the same as stable but better. It hasn't replaced the stable client yet just because some systems have issues running it, but that affects only a few configurations.
  8. Do you have DPI scaling enabled on your system? It's under Scale and layout in Display settings, should be at 100% for the game to work properly. If that doesn't do anything for you, try using the preview client
  9. Latency when booting client before login

    This is not an issue anymore on the preview client -
  10. Underground lamp light duplication

    That does look like multiple light sources in one place. Can you repro it?
  11. [Preview] Shadow Oddity

    Known issue when the shadows are 'too long', will be fixed soon along with some other shadow changes.
  12. [Bug] Door animation

    Thank you for the report, will be fixed with the next client update (probably within a week). Closing this since it's also reported here:
  13. Doors Animation bugging out

    Thanks for the report, will be fixed with the next client update.
  14. Empty Journal

    Try relogging, it was a client bug but should be fixed now.
  15. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    I don't think it's fair, the changes to fix that are ongoing. It is, however, unfair to compare staff-staff and staff-community communication - both are very important but they are very different, and I just wanted to mention how he failed at the former one.
  16. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    You may be right, but everyone here is very quick to jump to assumptions, and Keenan was just providing some insight into how a team should work as a team, it's not everyone with their own projects for themselves. Myself I found out about Sindusk quitting from this forum thread, so that speaks for itself. Are you a part of a team if players know about you quitting before the rest of that team does?
  17. Messing with the lighting affects everyone, not just deed owners. I do want to do this, just once it won't have any downsides.
  18. That's how a sand tile looks with the sun at noon, a 70ql lamp on the ground, and a lantern in my inventory. Lamps tend to overlap a lot in some deed designs too, mostly the ones that were made before the modern renderer (so you could only see 8 lights at once). I'd like to avoid having too many situations like this, even if it's an issue already. That's the problem, people can make the game look terrible with a couple dozen braziers on one tile and it's a lot worse during the day.
  19. I agree that shadowed areas during the day could use some lighting, but sunlight is generally so bright that in a lot of cases, the lamps would mean you'll have a blinding-white area there, if that place just happens to not be in a shadow that moment - and most places aren't in the shadow the whole day. We'll be allowing permanently turned on lamps with the introduction of HDR rendering (soon), which will allow us to have a lot of light sources overlapping without the nuclear meltdown effect.
  20. [Fixed] quick keybind issue

    Bugfix for this went out with the update an hour ago.
  21. Keybind on Key Press Toggle It was just added! It's in the Game tab of the settings.
  22. [Fixed] quick keybind issue

    It's a bug with the preview client, will be fixed with the next client update.
  23. @Jikuu @zethreal This was possibly fixed in the today's update. Can you verify if it still crashes?
  24. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    This is not true. Forum bans are completely separate from ingame bans and they can be carried over to the game only when the banned person actively evades their ban by creating new accounts. It's more often the case of certain people breaking both forum and game rules, not just one of those.