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  1. +1 we need this for the steam release to succeed
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    If you do end up removing the f2p hardcap, I'd suggest keeping priests to premium only. Have the softcap start at 50. I'd also strongly recommend launching with a pvp server. I have a feeling most players coming from steam are going to want a less restrictive environment to play in. Assuming the work is still being done for epic that was aiming to be released around December, it would be wise to just release that as a new epic cluster on steam.
  3. some views from my home on chaos
  4. I don't see any reason why allied deeds shouldn't act like a personal deed with the 0 second timer. I also can't imagine it would really take much time or effort to change that in the code. Not to mention, if you're sleeping at a bed your client DOES stay running as you watch the log out timer. Definitely inconveniencing at that point.
  5. I like to describe wurm as a medieval peasant simulator.
  6. I think something y'all are purposely overlooking is the fact that while the update made priests not feel like alts, it made it so there's no reason for pvpers not to be priests. At this point crafters are the new alts. I know some you nerds will jump on this saying you're still not a priest but that doesn't change the simple fact that priests are 100% better for PvP with no drawback. I was a priest long before the update, so I'm not upset that I have to become one now to keep up or anything, just think there needs to be a reason for pvpers not to priest up.
  7. i personally don't want renamed items to be craft-able by players, but big lmao @ everyone itt acting like gm re-named items took any personal effort or have meaningful history to them. i'm sure there's an exception or two out there, but lets be real here "yeah so i was in the right place at the right time, got lucky, and that's how i got this named item!" wow hella epic can't wait to tell my grandkids +1 to franks suggestion tho
  8. The anaconda model should be significantly larger than it is. Anacondas are huge, and the model is the size of any ol' run of the mill snek. their description is even "An over 3 meters long muscle, this grey-green snake is formidable." and they are clearly not even 1 meter. thank you for your time and god bless
  9. Good to know it could be considered after release! I'll expand on why I think it might be worth looking into. With the 3x mine door bashing and slower guard re-spawns, breaking the chain is going to be mandatory pre-raid. Well maybe not raids intended to go straight to the token, drain, and leave. Now that's not inherently a bad thing, but consider one of Wurms major issues with PvP/raiding - time zones. It will make overnight raids far more destructive. Overnight meaning when the would be defenders are expected to be asleep, at work, or otherwise unable to log in. I'm fairly sure the majority of the player base would agree being raided while offline isn't fun, and it doesn't promote PvP for either side. Between sleeping, and potentially going to work in the morning, attackers might have half a day with no or very little resistance! It won't be fun to come home from work to have to fix a deed, and build a tower. Especially since all your mine doors will be broken into at that point, and you may not have any resources left to rebuild with. Larger kingdoms will be able to bully out smaller kingdoms from deeds. TC could easily bash newly built towers, keeping deeds in a near perpetual state of decay. No one will stay long-term on a deed where they have to constantly repair everything. Yeah that's kinda the point of this update, but in my opinion destroying the same tower over and over to burn out the enemy isn't much of a conquest. Should take many towers in the chain, or long-term sieges to the deed to make defenders burn out and leave. And last point I just thought of after seeing that you want cool fights, and players to potentially make risky decisions. If there were a grace period that defenders could use to fix the chain, the attacking kingdom would need players keeping an eye on the area so they could prevent the new tower from being built. As this would be occurring in enemy influence, it could be quite risky, especially if this was over the course of 12+ hours. Open PvP away from deeds is significantly more fun and exciting than gate/mine hopping!
  10. When the influence chain gets broken, are the towers/deeds affected immediately? If so you should probably consider a "grace period." Maybe something around 12-24 hours.
  11. +1 make a new bulk container for it, the amount of rare resources i leave on the ground to decay would make freedomers faint
  12. I never played alongside Tich, heck I don't think I ever had a conversation with her. But ever since my early days in Gold 1, I was always impressed with her dirt projects and got genuinely excited seeing updates on the forums - this was back when small pyramids and basic dirt bridges were an impressive feat ? After becoming a dev she implemented all sorts of features that were once deemed impossible with Wurms engine, truly an industrious person. For someone I didn't interact with, she sure did as lot to improve my time playing. RIP.
  13. The water looks really nice, but is it applied to all water? Will look pretty goofy on small lakes and ponds ?
  14. and to all the idiot pvpers, since i know you can't handle change??? the new types can just share the current damage values. ROCKS ARE ROCKS METALS ARE NOT-STEELS WOOD IS WOOD
  15. apology for poor english, why have mine doors been ignored with all the really cool texture updates?????? we need SLATE we need MARBLE we need SANDSTONE. rendered! pottery brick! can i get a holler for (ornate? something not rock-tile) rock?????? slap some tree-type on wooden doors for all them subtle flavours. electrum hellooooo? why not every metal type! very good excuse to add all sorts of stylistic flare to the game and your deed. thank you for your time and god bless
  16. wurm online pvp is absolute dogshit in so many aspects, but it is unironically one of the most thrilling and fun pvp games around. you see a lot of pvp players complaining about every update, because pvp content is(was?) largely ignored, and all changes to the game completely disregard pvp balance, or how different aspects of a pvp server will be affected. as for WU, i've never really bothered it, but from what i have heard from friends... the main issue is that the servers are rife with hackers and macros. the lack of longevity/uncertainty of servers is also a concern i'd like to know why pve players care so much about what pvp players think?? ? i can understand maybe epic-home players or in the wild/JKH/MRH days when raiding was a thing. but ya'll are on freedom, why do you care what we do on chaos? making balance changes separate from chaos and freedom is ezpz as far as code goes
  17. To those opposed to arrow packs - what if the packs improved slower than individual arrows, just to throw a number out, say 1/10th. Or maybe requiring a master fletcher to bundle the packs? Creating and imping 41 items really is too tedious, especially when you can fire them all out in a minute with no guarantee you'll see them again.
  18. Voted yes to everything but imping placed mine doors. I don't think that feature should be removed, but blocking it while enemies are in local would be good.
  19. I completely agree, but the PvP servers are never going to gain population at this point without a lower barrier of entry. Short of fresh maps with fresh characters, there really isn't much that can be done in that regard. The gap from 70-99 fs is still fairly significant, as is having archery or multiple weapons skilled, so I think there still would be some level of "wow" for the truly strong accounts. Besides, wouldn't it be interesting to see an account name in local and be afraid because "that dude has a reputation as a really skilled pvper," and you can have a goal of outplaying them, rather than "that dude been grinding longer than me and i have no chance to win". As a somewhat recent example, when Proph came to Chaos on Doctorchaos/Kix/Thornbush(which are all fairly mediocre stat-wise), he was destroying other kingdoms in pvp(don't travel on highways alone lol). It was because the dude is a goat pvper, not the account being Dadd-tier.
  20. tbh characteristics should have 0 impact on pvp combat so new players can get into it. you can get the bare minimum standard of 70/70/70 combat skills in like a week if you have some guidance
  21. Instead of removing hota it could be reworked into something more interesting. Say make it global with a min/max height so no water/cliff pillars, x tiles away from deeds. Give them a big light beam like rifts where the pillar is spawned somewhere in x radius of. Hota ain't over until all pillars are capped - not by one kingdom, just none left neutral. Maths and a curve to divy winnings based on how many pillars a kingdom has at the end. Ezpz
  22. what wurm needs to do is find a way to appeal to kids and teens again