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  1. absolutely cannot believe i was snubbed in the recent update
  2. attention followers and fans: you may have noticed i recently acknowledged a warning from moderator "shakys" that was issued in august of 2020 for THIRTY points, reason: "Trolling." please understand that the post i was warned for was serious and NOT trolling, and i do not actually acknowledge the warning. shakys is most certainly a dumb retard(and maybe autistic?) to have misunderstood, so please do not harass them over it, it's an honest mistake. i was also cleared of any wrongdoing in-game by the gms that investigated me the day after. all that being said, i noticed i was very severely snubbed in the recent stone textures update, and need to bump my old suggestion with a ###### post. thank you for understanding. god bless you all happy new year.


    9( '_')9,


  3. Will anything be done to prevent alt abuse from soiling the new PvP server?
  4. The detail box, as in the second one you hold ALT to see additional info, where I think more information makes sense. Currently it just expands acronyms and says what the spell does. I personally don't care about item signatures, but I know there are many in Wurm who do, and including more of the examine-only information would make the box useful.
  5. I think this is well formatted, and visually pleasing, but absolutely unnecessary and just adding clutter to the inventory screen. It's probably super useful for objects in the world, but in the inventory it's redundant. Right in the teaser you can see the stats in the box already visible directly above it. Only the enchants are useful information there since they normally require an examine and looking at a separate window to see. The base mouseover should just be a simple one line box like it is now, but showing enchants, and all the extra info can be in the alt-press detailed box(maybe add an option to which one you want as a default as well). Also add item signatures to the detailed box.
  6. the staffs hard work at banning toxic pvpers is what keeps me around
  7. WO Steam Discussion

    If you do end up removing the f2p hardcap, I'd suggest keeping priests to premium only. Have the softcap start at 50. I'd also strongly recommend launching with a pvp server. I have a feeling most players coming from steam are going to want a less restrictive environment to play in. Assuming the work is still being done for epic that was aiming to be released around December, it would be wise to just release that as a new epic cluster on steam.
  8. I don't see any reason why allied deeds shouldn't act like a personal deed with the 0 second timer. I also can't imagine it would really take much time or effort to change that in the code. Not to mention, if you're sleeping at a bed your client DOES stay running as you watch the log out timer. Definitely inconveniencing at that point.
  9. I like to describe wurm as a medieval peasant simulator.
  10. I think something y'all are purposely overlooking is the fact that while the update made priests not feel like alts, it made it so there's no reason for pvpers not to be priests. At this point crafters are the new alts. I know some you nerds will jump on this saying you're still not a priest but that doesn't change the simple fact that priests are 100% better for PvP with no drawback. I was a priest long before the update, so I'm not upset that I have to become one now to keep up or anything, just think there needs to be a reason for pvpers not to priest up.
  11. i personally don't want renamed items to be craft-able by players, but big lmao @ everyone itt acting like gm re-named items took any personal effort or have meaningful history to them. i'm sure there's an exception or two out there, but lets be real here "yeah so i was in the right place at the right time, got lucky, and that's how i got this named item!" wow hella epic can't wait to tell my grandkids +1 to franks suggestion tho
  12. The anaconda model should be significantly larger than it is. Anacondas are huge, and the model is the size of any ol' run of the mill snek. their description is even "An over 3 meters long muscle, this grey-green snake is formidable." and they are clearly not even 1 meter. thank you for your time and god bless