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  1. Haven't actually been ingame for a while, so nope haven't tried that. Thanks alot, i've tried writing to her/him on the forums. I hope it'll yeild some result, starting to miss doing crazy projects in game
  2. Still looking for the current owner of Guruen, if anyone have any ideas on how i can get in contact with the owner please let me know. TY!
  3. Yeah i haven't played guruen since september 2015, and i've been trying to track the different owners of the since then. From what i can see Mrslady sold it to someone in december 2016. I haven't heard back from Mrslady so i'm unsure who he/she sold to. Haven't seen any new listing with Guruen since then, so i'm assuming whoever bought from mrslady is still the current owner. But it doesn't look like the char is actively being used anymore. So there might be a chance i'm coming back, if i can get a hold of the current owner
  4. Yes i still have the name of the one who bought from me, but i'm pretty sure i've seen it been sold at least one time since
  5. As the title says, i'm looking for the current owner of Guruen. If anyone knows who owns him please let me know. Also wondering if he's still being actively used
  6. We have a winner. I'll PM you to sort out the details
  7. *bump* less than 5 hours to go Supreme horse shoe alone is worth quite a lot
  8. I'll try this again, previous winner hasn't been around to pick them up and doesn't look like it'll happen. So i've been trying to sell these items 1 item at a time, but seems people has lost interest or the prices are to high. So this time i'm gonna auction it all off in bulk! That's right all of this can be yours, cheap! Disclaimer; Item HAS to be picked up at Deliverance, Blacksteel Estate (H22 ingame map | X41Y16 comm. map) There will be no delivery available. Tools etc Gems Starting bid: 30s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 65s Reserve: None Sniper prot.: No Euro accepted at 1s/1e rate. 10% discount on bid price if you pay with euro
  9. Updated discount on larger (1g+) orders =)
  10. Grats on the win. I'll PM you to work out details on pick up/payment =)
  11. Less than 1 day to go, and still going very cheap. Way under normal market value!
  12. Still loads of silvers in stock, get 'em now
  13. less than 2 days on all these beauties! The price is low, the items are awesome, what's not to like?! Get a bid in now, before your neighbour