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  1. can i join you kingdoms? 

  2. Hi, I am Mclovin, this account was perm banned for my own wrong doing in the past over bad language in videos. 

    I was allowed to make this account (Mclavin) after waiting 60 days. 

  3. the only counter is wurm assistant and a sound/alert to pickup the 'true strike' message, then start to dispel that guy before they can hit you - if on boat.
  4. 1-2 hour cool down won't help because who ever is targeted is still going to feel the effects, there is already 3 minute cool down. I think the change that is needed is the way it works all together, it shouldn't be a 100% critical hit but a 100% chance TO hit ONCE or a 50% increased chanced to hit for the next 3 swings, or something similar. Yeah, cool downs won't really help, get 5 of them on you and you're gonna have a bad day, you won't survive the 1-2 hour cool down. Also increase the karma cost from 500 to 1k. Truestrike should be nerfed, i don't think anybody would disagree but plasters won't really 'fix' it. Edit: could be based on the Power so the % you deal damage is depending on the power of the cast, along side 1k karma and a 5 minute cool down, up from 3 minutes.
  5. how much for all, i have war deeds that need building
  6. yes please they look cool btw. And nice job on gloomshade, finally a fitting looking starter deed.
  7. Stealth having a boost vs pendulums is a great idea if nolo'd, that's a fair middle ground. Yeah, the resistance could work well, the numbers would have to be crunched and tested if they chose to look again at locate/nolo
  8. It isn't about being found it's about being known, if you know I'm online at distance which is dangerous for you, you won't take a fight unless the locates put you at an advantage in numbers. See what Meep said. I could type in global or see my enemies type in a global and not even bother locating, ik they're online and if they're active in previous fights, i assume they're going to be there or can be there. The old locate was bad, but this is worse. Because Not knowing is better for pvp than Knowing, especially when it comes to fights/raids/hota. Hota is the biggest thing. Meep and others stated already there would have been more fights simply because they wouldn't have been able to locate and thought they had advantage, same for us and same for kingdoms on Chaos. In terms of Chaos itself, people who hunt on server and get located just go back to deed, why bother. It's safer to travel to Freedom and hunt there than actually leave deed on Chaos and be located away from one. If theres no counter to it, then locate will forever be bad. This system is by far more worse than the old, and if we're keeping a worse system in place because one day a group might wander onto a home server and be hard to find, then we're missing a lot more fights than that meantime anyway. Also, they're hard to find but not impossible, alliances who are spread will sooner or later spot and report allowing you to narrow down the bandit, thats how it always worked before. Sure they'd log off and you wouldn't know about it or not pop up anywhere and not know where to look, but there were counters via community. Casted Nolo SHOULD block pendulums, you're basically taking away the one thing it's useful for right now lol. You can already be seen walking 30 tiles away whilst stealthed, i don't think you need another mechanic siding against it.
  9. +1, how it is now just means you spam locate until you are absolutely certain they're offline. My ring has dropped 11 points yesterday, lol. So somebody wasn't sure of themselves or were just simply keeping tabs on when they could jump me. The old locate is no dream world, so i don't think going back to that should be the choice, i think locate should give the user an unseen resistance after each cast, atleast making it harder the more you try to locate or less vague in the messages you get back. Not really sure where a middle ground is for locate soul, on one hand like Gary says, looking for a player on the map is bad too and with caves/forrests/mountains and ocean is just annoying, but being able to locate spam until you're sure there is nobody there or pin point them to a hay stack, it doesn't support pvp at all. Nor does it allow for smaller kingdoms to do quick hits under the radar. Maybe nolo should be harder to break through, perhaps making the cast power tick down over time, a 90+ cast will basically mean nobody can locate you...80's will be 1-5% chance and it dips down as the timer ticks off. This will make players keep re-casting, but getting a 90-cast will be in times, a good amount of favor, so unless you're willing to spend the favor making sure a 90+ cast stays 90+, then i think it's a fair payoff, and eventually you'll run out of favor or perhaps make the mistake of not seeing the nolo go below 90. A 90+ cast, ticking down to 89 would take 20-30 minutes? maybe less Overall tho; bad change that i guess nobody could see coming, since the old nolo was just as bad. Would be good to think of a middle-ground fix.
  10. Whats the plans for mine doors, tho? Now that I've seen how it works, anybody who's defending a mine hop will see the user of a ram being vulnerable, i can already see rams being abandoned and dragged by the defenders. I think allowing them to bash doors would be pretty fair, tho the damage is up to debate. It shouldn't be a 3 hit wonder, but it should perhaps be the same as 5 people bashing with 80ql mauls, which isn't alot.
  11. masks use to cause eye shots lol even if you had a great helm on, idk i don't trust the whole 'mask' thing because it's been buggy in the past. Also, what would the bonus damage be to the eyes/face? if we're talking a 2-5% bonus, I'm ok with it. If it's something crazy I'd probably not bother.
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