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  1. Othob, The term "kiddie proofed" may indeed point to the inferences you named; however, that doesn't change the fact that it is an insulting and demeaning term to use, as are the words peppered throughout your response. Still, I won't take your bait and try to trump your defensive, arrogant and demeaning response, as I have witnessed (on the forums) your tendency to wish to engage others in this manner. I would suggest you try to learn some tact, as you do present some good ideas at times but this attitude of yours tends to sour them to otherwise receptive ears. My points stand for those who have the discernment to understand thier implications. =Ayes=
  2. Aggro movement

    Terrible blunder of an update to animal AI. Deed holders pay for the protection of their deed walls and now Rolf has (most likely without realizing these consequences) removed that protection. If this is indeed intentional, which I doubt, it is a very poor business decision to alienate the majority of the people who make you the most income. People who enjoy the fighting acpect of this game have the choice to participate in it. We who enjoy the creative aspect of the game are having it damaged by his change. As they loose nothing from this bashing mechanic, I don't have any interest in weather they enjoy it or think it's a positive change. Furthermore, I find their attitude offensive in that they find it amusing that we deed holders are having our work destroyed by this foolish change. This bashing mechanic should be removed and reverted to the previous state as it was before the "update". Put all this crazy overdone animal AI (bashing, excessive spawns, increased aggro range, increased movement, making mobs harder to kill) on Exodus as an option for those who want to participate in it and reduce the protections they can have against it. These changes are only negative ones for the majority of the player base on the Independence and Deliverance servers. =Ayes=
  3. Schwanke, Sorry but you are obviously not a "new player". Please move your questions to the proper forum. =Ayes=
  4. bdew, No I am not overreacting, I am dealing with and experiencing this nightmare of overdone aggro animal AI and commenting on those referenced who imply that it is a good thing to "unkiddie proof" the game. Weather or not it is a mistake in Rolf's coding or not remains to be seen as he has made no comment upon it. I hope he will revert the animal spawn rate, aggro range and bashing to the norms of Independence, there and on Deliverance; however, the indications have been that he wants these heightened aggro powers as has been already exhibited by making the aggro's on Independence much harder to kill a month or two ago. This change was met with the approval of the high level FS players to the detriment of the majority of low to poor FS players. To me, this newest "enhancement" is just more of the same which is why I do not view it as a mistake on his part; but nonetheless a mistake to do so. All this indicates the continuing resurfacing of his make it unpleasant and dangerous to play this game PVP substitute mentality. When one creates a MMO it will be most successful to cater to the majority of the gamebase, which in this instance is certainly not those who consider this game to be too "kiddie proofed". After you have satisfied those types, then fine, create an environment (Exodus) for those who need to feel that they are not being "kiddie proofed" and let them partake in it. This way neither group will be enforcing their game play styles on the other. Choices are always best, with no one telling anyone to "get off my server" as they are certainly welcome to stay there and play under the designs of that particular server. Then again, if Rolf just wants to have fun doing his own thing without consideration for the majority of his paying customers, he has every right to do so. =Ayes=
  5. I want to say that this new bashing and excessive aggro spawn and pathing AI is not in any way "exciting" nor is it "dangerous". It can all be avoided in various ways and I will use them all until Rolf finally gets frustrated that they are avoidable and codes them to be unavoidable. What they really are, are a nusiance and an annoyance. This is merely Rolf's PVP game mentality resurfacing in another form being reinforced by some old style players who use the derogatory term of the game being now too "kiddie proofed". Really an ignorant reference to make when one has no way of knowing another's experience in life as it proceeds to an older age, so it holds no validity as it is being used in this context anyway. Perhaps Rolf will some day be capable of doing the proper aggro AI coding to enable the divergent playstyles to enjoy their appealing aspects of the game. Sadly he is not in the position (capable) to do so now and has let this Frankenstein creation run amok. We all pay the price for this but the deed holders much more so with our increased repairs, extra guard cost and the annoyance of not being able to continue our projects in peace. We are the ones who create and enhance this world out of the wilderness and it saddens me to think that Rolf does not see our benifit to his creation in the work we do but rather seeks out ways to make it even harder for us to complete and maintain our projects. =Ayes=
  6. Terrbile senseless update to the aggro creature AI and spawn rate. You can easily discern those who enjoy it, high fighting skilled people who have little interest in building and maintaining their own villages. Seems that Rolf is missing the obvious here, in that we who purchase, place deeds, buy guards, and pay an additional fee each month for this maintenance are the ones who bring in the coin for him; not these aimless wanderers who's pursuit is killing this overdone animal spawn. I will always avoid them in the ways available to me. They are just a nusiance to my building pursuits. This overkill in the animal spawning AI and bashing should be confined to Exodus where the uber fighters can have a fine time hunting them. Why impose this aggrivation on the >majority< of players that have no interest in it. There is no reason to other than perhaps Rolf can not code this animal AI to different intensities for different servers and locales (which I suspect may be the case). =Ayes=
  7. This whole aggro system is contunually escelating to the point where it makes us "peaceful" players (those who are not in it for aggro combat) frustrated that we can't go about our affairs unassalted by these nusiances wandering about disrupting our projects. Friday I was working on my deed near the new Green Dog spawn area with a newly premiumed person who also was having fun building on their little free area that is adjacent to my deed. Then these goofy green trolls started spawning on the mountainside, running up and down it in a crazed fashion. One comes down to the deed and enters, my spirit templar attacks it, I assist it, it kills the templar, I jump into the water to avoid it's overpowered bezerk rage and by the time another spirit templar spawns, this ugly green thing has regained 2/3 of the health that we took from it. Rinse/repeat, rinse/repeat, on and on. My newly premiumed friend took a few wacks at the troll but recieved bad to sever wounds that gradully sucked the life out of him. Add another green troll coming down onto the deed and there was nothing to be done but for me to craftily avoid their wrath. Of course during this time frame all the other mobs that infenst (!!) the area were also respawning a few minutes after they were killed. Now hopefully this was all just some coding for Exodus that bled over to Deliverance, as I had never seen so many green trolls (I didn't mention the 5-6 others that were running around on the mountain side) in our poor fighting skill newbie area. The thing that is good about Exodus is that those uber fighting skill people can actively make a CHOICE to go there and confront these aggros to their hearts content. Please do not try to force the remaining vast majority of us who have no interest in this pitiful aggro combat to have to engage in it. WoW has a sensible approach to the various forms of combat in that they do not put level 85 mobs into level 1 zones and beyond that, they do not make the strength of the aggro's that are in the lower level zones beyond what those level players are capable of handling and even defeating. Not to mention the pitiful combat animations, gear and options that Wurm offers in comparison (but I just did anyway). The combat system is not Wurm's strength, nor will it ever be due to the vastly superior and unique environmental transforming options available to choose from. The crafting system plays a poor second fiddle to this and the aggro combat system is in the dark ages in comparison. I really wish Rolf would realize this and focus his attentions to making the game more enjoyable to those (the vast majority) who enjoy the unique environmental aspects available. When a person travels the lands they are not much impressed with the insane aggro's running around trying (and many times successful) to kill them. Their gaze wanders around them at the majestic environments and the various player created villages that they pass through on their journeys. This is creative effort that takes time and experience to design and build, not some mindless aggro bashing players heads in and leaving their corpsed strewed along the way. I rest my case (for now). Anyway, my new premium friend any myself finished a guard tower shortly after this madness died down; so to all of you who enjoy other players being killed in the game because they are not "uber" fighters such as yourself, tough luck. Head over to Exodus to have your enjoyment of killing aggro's and emit your mighty roars of triumph over there; it matters not to me, just do not try to inflict your desires to see destruction to those of us who have no desire to partake of it. The pen is mighty'er that the sword, as the saying goes and it has deeper implications than that. P.S. Please do not allow outside aggro's to be able to bash fences/walls from outside deeds, as this would be another poorly thought out mechinism endorsed by those who want to see the "peaceful" non-elete fighters harassed. Those types should seek out their own opportunities for aggro conflict just as we should be able to avoid them if not interested in those mundane activities. =Ayes=
  8. Hello Gatwick, I would like to buy this item: 4s99 70ql Pickaxe WoA96 CoC76. Please send COD to Braedon as I am in Deliverance and the mail system is buggy to there. I will just have this guy mail it to me once things are resloved. Thanks. =Ayes=
  9. Guard Towers

    Hello Drpox, Thanks for the pertinent information. I can see this could present a problem if 2 people were building a tower within close proximity of eachother and one was completed shortly before the other. I had thought that on Independence that as soon as a new tower was started it would reserve that 50 tile radius even though it was freshly dropped there. Well anyway, it is good to know that they do spawn guards that act when called upon. =Ayes=
  10. Guard Towers

    Hello All, I am wondering if guard towers will function on Deliverance; meaning, will they spawn guards on the same basis as on Independence. The reason I am asking this is because I started one, added a few bricks and was able to start another one 5 tiles away from it. This leads me to suspect that they are either bugged or serve no purpose on Deliverance, other than to act as decorations or a cruel joke on those who spend their time building one to completion. =Ayes=
  11. Hello, I have a deed south of the lake next to Green Dog Village (spawn point) on Deliverance and would like to have a mailbox constructed and then have a low courier cast on it. My alt deedholder is too poorly skilled to build one is the reason I am asking for this to be done. Anyone available to do this? Zen is contact name there. Thanks. =Ayes=
  12. Hello Elwood, I have an alt with a deed on the lake south of Green Dog (spawn point) and would really like to purchase a number of tools for him but the problem is they have neglected (intentionally?) to create a mailbox at Green Dog. If I could find someone to make a mailbox and cast on my deed, I am sure myself and many other new players would make use of it to purchase items from merchants such as yourself. Most new players heading south wade across the mountain side of the lake and then pass through my deed, so that makes it a good place to have one available. Be a good spot for a merchant as well if someone wanted to place one there, as I am not interested in selling goods myself. So if you have anyone interested in doing this just let me know. Alts name is Zen for contact there. Thanks. =Ayes=
  13. Hello, Could you tell me how to get to your merchant from the token at Green Dog. I have an alt there and I would really like to purchase some decent tools for him. Also, what is your characters name there so that I can send a tell to see if you are available. Thanks. =Ayes=
  14. WoW has a huge staff and big bucks but when they put out a expansion or large patch this same type of situation occurs. You think Rolf can do better with his small staff in comparison? Dream on. I would like to enjoy playing the game and exploring the new landmass as well but I wasn't about to jump all into it without waiting to see how it all panned out. The only thing to do now is wait until he gets some problems resolved and the servers back up. After that, expect more smaller issues and delays to arise. =Ayes=
  15. Tamorlane, Thank you for answering my question as I presented it as that is the information that I needed to know. Since that is the case, I will just pack up and head to the tutorial in ND and proceed from there. =Ayes=
  16. Kediec, Thanks for the response but I want to take this character that is on GV to Deliverance not Independence. I just stated what the Freedom Isles stone message was when I clicked it to see if it would be available to go to Deliverance instead of Independence. Only options I can think of to do that would be to wait until Deliverance is online and then click the FI stone in Glitterdale; or go to the tutorial and see if I can enter it to then go to Deliverance from inside there. Not sure if I can enter the tutorial from outside of it and if I do I am wondering if it will let me keep all the items that I have on me after I am inside of it. So I am asking this to see if anyone has done that and what happened when they entered the tutorial from GV.
  17. So, my friend has an old account that is in Glitterdale on GV (not in the tutorial). How would we get that character to Deliverance? There is a Freedom Isles stone there but it says must have premium to use it to go to Freedom 1.
  18. New server coming!

    The concept of new additional small Freedom servers is a great solution to the growing population and new player additions. I am familiar with it in Ultima Online and World of Warcraft where they have many servers based around the world. As this is the first addition to the Freedom "complex" of servers, we will just have to experience it and give Rolf time to work all the details out with us as test subjects; however I think is is an excellent idea and am looking forward to seeing what Deliverance has to offer. As time goes on and more servers are added, I think communication, mail and transit options will need to be more streamlined; but that is still in the distant future and I am little concerned about those details at this time. =Ayes=
  19. Order received promptly. Thank you. =Ayes=
  20. Hello Amiti, Please send me the following item: 60 QL tool belt 50c COD to Ayes, Thanks.....
  21. Hello Boston, Please send me the following items: Rake: 30ql C58 = 68c Grooming Brush: 30ql C66 = 76c COD to Ayes, Thanks.....
  22. I will probably make an alt to have a look around there but I enjoy working on the deed that I have and living upon it. As for some of the other points brought up: No! we do not need any increased decay on Independence! I am sure many of us have fenced perimiters that are enough maintenance for us as it is. If anything is done in that respect, just increase decay on things made by players that have not logged onto their account on Independence for 30 days (except deed tiles of course). This would be a more fair and equitable solution. Also, enable catapults to be used to destroy ovens, forges, ect for faster removal of unused items. I think Rolf has come up with a good solution for new accounts to spawn upon this new Deliverence server, which can always be expanded upon in the future by creating more linked servers accessable in the same way. Portals should not be added between them or from the tutorial server so access to the different linked servers will take the added effort to sail to them, if people think they would rather live there than the one they spawn upon. This will keep the impact of new players lower upon the already established servers. =Ayes=
  23. Hello Tizzy, I would like to make you a offer of 4 silver + COD for this saw: Saw 70ql coc75 woa98 If acceptable mail to Ayes. Thanks.....
  24. I am seeing some very bad ideas presented here such as: Make roads have accelerated decay rate. No! Roads are what enable people to spread out into new areas. They take time and effort to build. We already have the ability to destroy them, so put in your own time and effort to do so if you feel that they infringe upon your privacy. Have guard towers decay at an accelerated rate. No! They take even more time and effort to build. They are useful to protect people who need that help. If you don't want that help, don't call the guards. Have walls and fences decay at an acclerated rate. No! They take time and effort to build. We already have the ability to destroy them, so put in your own time and effort to do so if you feel that they are an eyesore or block your plans or access. I think what we do need is the ability to destroy off deed houses when 1 wall has decayed away. The security of the house is breached then and all items within it can be taken; therefore, I see no vaild reason that the remaining walls should not be able to be bashed and catapulted away. This would resolve the problem of those "eyesores". Also, forges, ovens, bsbins, ect, ect player built items should be able to be catapulted and bashed away off deed. And I stress that the use of catapults should be able to be used on them to shorten the time it takes to remove them. I enjoy seeing raw land being developed by players. Some designs may be poor choices in my opinion but it is not up to me to dictate to others how they should build areas up that they settle in. The nature of this game is to develop the wilderness and see the land changing around you due to the efforts of other players. To present ideas to return the environment to wilderness by "land erosion" or enhanced decay seems to me to be counterproductive to this purpose. As we build and reshape the environment it adds to the character and interest of Wurm to inspire others to do the same and adds value to this raw envirnoment and concept that Rolf has created. To put mechanics into effect to destroy the hard work and effort of others that enhance this raw environment seems an absurd concept to me. Let us destroy the trash through our own efforts and not seek the easy "decay" way out of the mess. Ayes