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  1. Hedges and their height

    It would be a nice option to be able to prune hedges and lock them at that height but it should be tied to either Gardening or Forestry skill level. Say 50.00 skill in either would give this option. Keep it away from potions (alchemy skill) and definitely Not a Priest ability as they have no relation to this. =Ayes=
  2. The new way of uniques!

    I always like to use more words. For me that is the fun of expressing ideas or even obscuring them. So yeah in the latter case it may not really help in communicating an idea with clarity. Think of it as an inside joke which only you get. If you are satisfied with that then stating a lot of words in a post that may be meaningless since they contradict eachother, can be enjoyable. Going off on tangents lead to other paths of thought as well. In the end we only tend to reinforce our own points anyway so "communication" might not be happening due to not wanting to change our own viewpoints. You see? I already went elsewhere. =Ayes=
  3. The new way of uniques!

    True enough the words I presented did go off into a different direction than you intended or wished the responses to be; however, they did add something to the discussion in another vein which I took the opportunity to diverge into. Many times commenters will take the opportunity to do this so it is not uncommon but I can see how it may be irritating if you wish to only address what you want in the OP strictly speaking. Even now there is really no need for me to make these additional comments but what tha heck I feel like it at the moment. Beyond this, although I have just above admitted to diverging from your specific points and been a bit facetious in stating that "Yes I agree" with a point that you did not really make in the first place, I am still sticking with the points I did make about selling these items in the Wurm Shop. In the end it was all in good fun for me but seemingly not so for you. What more can I say but have a good day... =Ayes=
  4. The new way of uniques!

    Drake and Dragon armor sets should be sold in the Wurm Shop. Who would this hurt then? Only the Dragon hunters who sell these finished products to others. If anyone else doesn't want to pay for this in the Wurm Shop then they can still go hunt these Dragons for it same as now. Nothing changes then but the profit potential of individual players, who of course will object to this because their RL money income will be reduced. Do they care that the game can profit more with this system instead? Ha, no way. Yes I agree, simple as it has always been when it comes to the ability to make a RL profit from playing the game and those will use it to their advantage with whatever tactics they can get away with. Otherwise everyone should agree that Drake and Dragon scale sets should be available to be purchased in the Wurm Shop. Great idea! Simplicity exemplified and executed. =Ayes=
  5. Fair game play hits a new low

    Cat's out of the bag now. Slipped on its own butter instead of escaping. Actually early on in this thread you incriminated yourself by providing details of what you did instead of just remaining silent and letting others assume wrongly or creating their own imagined circumstances. A common mistake of those who speak with law enforcement instead of just sealing their lips in a smirk. Best just go now and lick off those buttered paws before you leave more footprints of your deeds elsewhere. *chuckles* =Ayes=
  6. Havens market deed

    Well I sent one of my guys there and saw you are doing great work and accomplishing a lot anyway. So I do hope you can contact Sila to get the permissions needed. That mayor you listed is just an alt, which I would guess is rarely logged in or even has a forum account. =Ayes=
  7. Amadee has nailed it here and I am surprised that you haven't noticed this. So blatantly obvious at times with certain associated groups on posts "Liked" that have that have the pertinent content of a ... =Ayes=
  8. Pretty much a S&I section post but I will say that Wurm Unlimited offers a lot of this diversity. Wurm Online is just not capable of offering so many different type of server options. As for making new servers and "isolating" them from the rest this has been done already and now they have just been added onto the rest. Even for the year or so that they were isolated (Pristine & Release) a core of the current playerbase made alts on them and dominated the playstyle and markets on them anyway due to their knowledge. Any purely "new" players were still left in the dust competitive wise. =Ayes=
  9. Fair game play hits a new low

    No. The intent of this thread was for Velvetsun to describe this situation and express disapproval for what happened. Accomplished within the OP. If afterwards any mud that was slung about by whomever *stuck*, then the surface it adhered to was appropriate for the *sticking*. The fact that Obie tracked down this creature, saw it was contained within a deed and then gathered his compatriots together to attempt to free it for their gathered slaughtering points to the fact of the "intent" here that they had for doing such. Simply put it was to take advantage of a flaw in the deed design that had put their claim upon this creature within it. A common practice easily understood by all these unique killers, that being to contain it within a mine deed. Usually things carry on from there with the group who placed the deed killing it as they decide. The big difference in this situation is that after this deed group had already contained this creature Obie and compatriots sought a way to take it from them. Here is the doh-ifference for those who wish to gloss over it. I seem to recall some few years back before some of the justifiers of this situation were in existence here that there were some peculiarities in deed settings that allowed other players to take advantage of them to abscond (steal) some items from the deed. It could be done so what's the problem that they then complained about with such outrage? Same as this situation it seems to me. To take something from others that they had already laid claim to by game design. Common decency it seems can not be taught within the game. You either come to the game with it or not. Greed is not learned within this game either. It is within the character of the person who enters it. There are degrees of this trait of treating others fairly and I sort of doubt that after playing the game for any amount of time there will be much improvement within the character of those who lack it. As you can see here they will only attempt to justify their actions with statements hard to connect to reality or a feigned lack of concern. We are all far from perfect but some are a lot farther than others, it seems to me. Online games loosen the restraints of real world actions and from that I think you can more clearly see the character of others. Although we are all fellow Wurmanites here, those you associate with and support reveals a lot about yourself as well. Maybe showing more respect for others playstyles might help us all. =Ayes=
  10. Please consult the Red Red Robbin (I mentioned in another thread you would have to ferret out if interested) as the delightful creature seems to have mastered this movement and transformed it into a joyous effect. Until then, yeah less is more. =Ayes=
  11. Love in Wurm

    Don't forget now we already have the Path of Love in Wurm. Maybe those who follow it should then have some special attractiveness to other characters in the game. Of course we wouldn't want them taking advantage of others with this power somehow. Hmm, a dilemma there. Then again if you are a Path of Love follower and you don't care much for certain people (or anyone really for that matter) what happens? Nothing really as the significance of character Love in Wurm has no effect that can be rated on some skill level and rewarded accordingly. Maybe then what really matters is the Love you might have/feel for other players on a personal level rather than some symbolic representation introduced into the game in an attempt to try to convey its meaning to another. Sometimes unfortunately there is just no equivalent game substitute for reality and we must be drawn back into it for the deeper significance emotions of life. Taking things too seriously can have its drawbacks as well I guess. Or am I? Never mind... =Ayes=
  12. Were were presented with one if present. Presently it may not be present due to that absence. The advice then being gleaned is that although presents may be presented at times there can also be a precedent set that may deter their presentment. Then again this could be a mere predicament of dissatisfaction the absence of which would prove little provided insight into further speculations but then again again I am not sure what you are getting at here so I refrain from further brief comment. =Ayes=
  13. Wurm Online Shower Thoughts

    I had always thought April to be the best time for showers but it seems that in Wurm they may come at any time and are quite unpredictable. The nicest thing about them is that even though you can see them falling softly there is no wetting effect. If you were to even get chilled from them it would just be an effect easily removed by a slight mind readjustment back to reality. Still, I don't think about showers in Wurm much at all and perhaps that is the best approach. =Ayes=
  14. Give Hell Scorps Coal

    "Give Hell Scorps Coal" Naw, they would just burn it up and waste it all. Then all you would say is "Aww ...." and it would be just the same as if they never had it anyway. Counterproductive. =Ayes=
  15. Computer Citizens

    This suggestion would surely lead to the end of Wurm as we know it! These sneaky "CC's" would eventually plot to take over Wurm and eliminate all the player characters from it due to their upgraded productive efficiency. With all the silvers they would make they would either buy up all the character accounts and put them in animal transport cages for display or simply lure the stubborn holdouts to monetary lure into the deepest of mine dropshafts from which there would be no escape, since they would readjust the respawn points to exactly the spot where they died. Beware the automatons! (actually I am suspecting that you are one of them yourself!) =Ayes=
  16. Love in Wurm

    The funny thing is that I was just shortly before commenting about Muskrats and now I see this post about "Love in Wurm". Well not funny really but just an odd coincidence. Surely we must have Muskrats added too then for their loving inspiration? *chuckles quietly* =Ayes=
  17. I have a question for the Devs

    To state that there are zero woodchips in the game is incorrect. I once saw (in a sort of timer induced vision) an extremely rare creature in Wurm that no one had ever mentioned before nor since. I would liken it to a Woodchuck mainly from the fact that although it resembled one the convincing feature was that it was chucking wood. During this delightful procedure (to itself I suppose) there were woodchips flying everywhere around the air and they completely littered the ground making it very spongey to walk upon. As I gave this "Woodchuck" a stern look of disapproval for the mess and shook a nagging finger at it, from a safe distance of course, it hastily ran around the whole area creating a sort of vortex which all these woodchips were sucked into like a huge inverted vacuum cleaner. Immediately after which the "Woodchuck" jumped into the remaining sputtering vortex and vanished from sight. As my reclining chair shook on it's dilapidated and sagging frame I had thought the "Woodchuck" had the last laugh on me with a few departing gnaws on it; but, the sad part was that there were no remaining woodchips in the game with which to prove the veracity of timer dimension distortions which were in fact subtle revelations about the unprovable truths of Wurm. Short tales such as this are more suitable to muskrats anyway and there is their love to be added to them. Chips off the old block they are too! Happy Trails =Ayes=
  18. Havens market deed

    You might try to PM Sila on these forums. He is the person who controls these Glasshollow mini-markets and posts on these forums frequently. =Ayes=
  19. Farming Animation/Action

    Naw, I turned it off before I even logged in. Settings gear click option on login screen is handy for such things. =Ayes=
  20. Excellent work and congratulations to *all* involved in it. My guy visited there a few weeks back and was very impressed by being able to see the vast time consuming terraforming that was done. I am sure others will marvel at the determination it took to achieve these results and will also appreciate this whole area project for that, as well as the functionality it serves for ships passage. I look forward to taking a jaunt over there again soon to see these latest additions. These nice screenshots encourage that too. Well done! =Ayes=
  21. It is not really about killing sheep but a Rorschach test of the significance of a broken heart to the individual that perceives it through this visual representation. Look carefully at the outlined center of that broken heart shape. What do you see inside of it? Perhaps a snarling baby sheep head of an unborn sheep that will never be because of the hasty impertinence for killing the potential parent? A lesson of caution perhaps to those who would kill these poor hapless denizens of Wurminion? Are not all sheep really followers at heart? Ah ha! =Ayes=
  22. *agrees* After watching that short vid I am not even going to log in with it on to see as I can edit the settings from the login screen. I think the Red Red Robin must have inspired this *bobbin*. A cheerful enough accolade and sung nicely with the Dean's slightly intoxicated tone to it but for Wurm the only thing the Robin would need is worms instead. =Ayes=
  23. Starting about a month or two ago I have noticed my CoC tool enchants are rapidly wearing down compared to the past. I am not sure if it is just my imagination or maybe because I have been doing more mining with them but they start at 94 and after a few sessions they may be down to 89 already. Then it's not long to 83 and time to buy another decent 94 or so again. I noticed my less used ones on rake and grooming brush took a -1.00 too. I just sometimes examine them to see if they are the same as labeled by me. So I am suspecting that some increased enchant use degradation has been sneakily applied to them. What says youze? =Ayes=
  24. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Not liking that crops never turn into weeds like on most WU servers. Not liking that bins don't sort by increments of 10 QL like on many WU servers. Not liking that I don't gain some skill from every meditation (without even moving) like on some WU servers. List to be continued..... =Ayes=
  25. Valrei International. 077

    Whoa! That animation movement is terrible! I will certainly be grateful for the ability to toggle it off. Fruits and berries on trees and shrubs will be nice though. =Ayes=