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  1. Rifts used to always spawn behind and next to another of my deeds and destroy all the forests that I had planted and replanted there. Then some time ago another person placed a fairly large deed next to that area which thankfully blocked those rifts from spawning again and they were moved farther away to another location. So it seems to me that the only way to intentionally block rifts that have been spawning persistently in some location is with deeds, which includes their perimeters which a rift "area" is not allowed to intrude into. So take the size of a rift area (51x51?) and make another deed next to an existing one just far enough away from that one that a rift will not fit into that space between them. =Ayes=
  2. Yes, I do wonder at times if some poster's intelligence is artificial but it just may be the artifice of their constructs that make it seem so. No way to tell really just from reading words posted that can be produced and then processed by various mechanisms, the human mind being one of these. Another thought for another day that simply makes the time pass away..... =Ayes=
  3. Good points made Steveleeb about being oneself and expressing viewpoints from that unique perspective. Too many people let themselves be molded by others by conforming to their idea of what is acceptable to present. I prefer more those who venture off the beaten path into vistas of ideas that I might not have considered myself or streams of contradictory thought that may make no sense other than to get you to realize that yeah, that's the point. The old brick wall that we smack into will clearly make its point but what about that shiny object on the bending path just before it. Perhaps it was a warning message or just something cleverly placed to stop the momentum of charging forward so blindly. We all have our place here and the differences just make it all the more significant. Easy enough to ignore those we don't find of interest, especially upon these forums. Then again you never know who might appreciate "absurd suggestions" and the mind of the one who thought to make them the center of attention, if only for the moment. Yet of course we will not appreciate everyone so kindly but they too will appeal to someone else who just seems to get their own vantage point and relate to it from the safety of these written words so distant from their rainy sky's or sun shinny days. When the light fades who will remember or even know that they have gone..... =Ayes=
  4. While I was reading the OP I was reminded a lot of Second Life. I played that game for a short while years ago because it had some interesting building mechanics but the money making aspects of it really offered no attraction to me. I could see that the game was really centered around this part with people making their "shops" to sell merchandise that they had created, mostly a lot of clothing options. Then there was the "real estate" part of it where players would try to purchase new properties in "choice" locations to later resell for a profit. Some few even "invested" in buying their own islands, then subdividing them to resell or develop with "nightclubs" or other gathering places. The whole "markets" were over saturated with these things with everyone trying to make $$$$ from everyone else. My opinion is that online games can never simulate accurately real life economies in a sustainable proportion to create enough money making capacity for any but a niche portion of those who are playing the game. There will simply be too many people selling similar objects and services to one another. If there is any freedom to make a choice of professions those with a focus upon making a living from playing the game will not have the discipline to proportion out these professions to benefit the whole system but rather seek out what will make them the most $$$$ income. The way RL economies have developed have taken 100's of years to meld into the current world economic functioning. Anyone who believes that they can create this within an online game which in turn will be an alternative source of income not tied to the world outside of it is just letting their imagination run away with them. The main attraction of online games is as an escape from the world outside of them. This is what makes them popular, so to attempt to return people to reality within them is defeating the purpose. If this happens to some game then fewer people will play it and seek their escape elsewhere. Wurm offers its own unique escape back to a more peaceful world without all the problems of the outside world intruding into it. If your crops rot no big deal, just plant some more. The rain won't destroy them either by saturating the ground creating mold and fungus problems. Want more trees to create your own forest environment? Just pick sprouts from existing ones and plant them. They never even die when old, they just turn into young ones and it all cycles through the ages once again. This is no place for reality or destruction of all progress made by character death or destruction of your Village that you have carefully created over years of time. It all remains unviolated if you pay the small price for it. No natural disasters here. This is the attraction of the PvE servers. Let's just keep reality to the minimum here, for few of us want any of that. I would agree that Wurm does not need any "saving". What it really needs is to continue to offer what it uniquely does in it's own particular escapist way. It is like an island that can only sustain so many people with its resources. Let the big city folks seek out their crowds and keep far away from here. If they come and then depart this was not the place for them. If RL intrudes with its demands then they best see to those first for with those more pressuring matters they can not afford to idle away the hours here. Responsibility is a personal issue that the game has no obligation nor intent to fulfill. Always the doomsayers appear with their grandiose plans of transformation of the game to their approval under the veil of good intentions. Perhaps we would prefer never to have to gaze into that face and of course within Wurm you never do..... =Ayes=
  5. Journey, I can relate to your feelings. I remember some years back when it was first added to the game that mobs would then have a chance to attack your horse while you were riding it if fighting them (even if your horse was not tamed). Actually there is still a chance of this but at the time it was new and a surprise when it happened to my horse. Freaking out and not really knowing what to do my poor horse was soon dead. After killing the mob I picked up my dead horse corpse and carried him back home to the village deed. There I sadly buried him in his farm pen where he would always happily graze away after we returned home. Not the best traited horse but I will always remember Osioosio with his funny repetitive name. I even made a post here about it at the time too and not liking this change either. Ahh well, our faithful friends will live on in our memories of journeys taken and time spent together. Perhaps they have indeed now found greener pastures elsewhere... Happy Trails =Ayes=
  6. Well we don't really have trailers in Wurm so I guess the best you could do is build some one tile shacks and dump a lot of junk around in between them. Maybe dig some pits between them too and just put a few pavement tiles here and there. Some unfinished large and small carts could add to the effect but unfortunately corpses of dead animals will decay away too fast and we don't have those small flys either, so what can ya do..... =Ayes=
  7. So, what if tools never had their quality reduced from use? What if enchants on items never lost their power from use? Wouldn't this be better for those players who purchased these items for what is in effect real $$$$ and thus makes the game more expensive to play? Why should silver coins be "money sinked" out of the game? Would it not be better for players to pay less to play the game then, rather than create a system as presently where these things wear down so other players must pay someone else to re-imp or re-enchant them? Now out in that other world we mostly live in there is obsolescence built into items, which then creates profits for the manufactures of them and employment for others. New and improved designs also create a demand for those products with the same result as above. This is a real world "economy" out of necessity for people to be able to live. To attempt to design a game such as Wurm on this basis only makes it more expensive for players as there is otherwise no need to have this Wurm "economy" sustain anyone's ability to live in the outside world. I would much rather that in Wurm items always kept their original quality and enchants kept their power than to have the current system that benefits those who improve and enchant these items. Why should the game be setup so that they can make $$$$ from other players. Remember we are talking about a RL expense here being added into the playing of this game. In contrast, players draining Traders or pursuing the various coin drop give-backs cost myself and other players nothing since they are taken for a portion of the game's profits based upon deed upkeep percentage. Remember, some player will originally still have to create or enchant these tools and they will be purchased from them if the player is not able to do this them self. After that there is no real need to have these items degrade, other than the obvious desire of these producers to make more $$$$ by providing a further service that would otherwise not be needed. A game system that rewards other's greed(?) is perhaps not the best design to attempt to justify as a positive aspect of the game? =Ayes=
  8. This seems a very dire situation to me. If as you suggest I find a Wurm hole to live in and all these containers fill to overflowing then they will fill my livable hole with this liquid and it will no longer be habitable. No, no! I am moving to higher ground immediately and thank you for this timely warning. Maybe I will even build an ark too! Well, at least a corbita anyway. Come to think of it I already have one of those so when I see the lake water rising I will just quickly pack up everything and live aboard. Maybe this water will never go down though if people continue to arrive so it's probably best to discourage more people from playing. Ah ha! I discovered your clever plot here. Very devious... =Ayes=
  9. Yes, I noticed too. Quite disappointing is the lack of his quirky yet tolerant experiences being so soothingly presented. Again I agree with you here. Few can tolerate this creepingly slow blue slug sneering at them as it passes before (under) their eyes in a promise of never ending torment should they make the valiant effort to defeat and deflate it's impact with hours/years of game play. There with nothing better to do with my time would I have been gone as well..... =Ayes=
  10. Do not tamper with the master's (Bloodscythe) work!!! =Ayes=
  11. As_I_Decay, although I agree with your OP in many respects I have noticed that you have been off exploring new vistas in that other world that we escape to here from, which no doubt is where you have come across that last nail. There will always be people of self interest like this that will take advantage of any opportunities to enrich themselves at others expense. There really is no way to avoid them other than to be vigilant in your defense and elusive to these wolves pursuit. Then again, I further read that this mystery house has just as magically disappeared without not so much as a drop of stardust left behind. Possibly someone with a conscience tied to a shred of decency has read your post and realized that the impact upon you of what they have done is not worth the price paid in removing a place quiet retreat from someone who has had your many years of enjoyment within our Wurm other world homelands. At any rate, beyond all this you have a good long run of it here so I can appreciate a desire can grow to leave it all behind in the past yet taking those memories with you into the future. If this be so, feel no regret for what you leave behind as those who remain will remember you fondly for many diverse reasons, even if they only be for your challenging comments upon these forums. Follow your own visions in your younger years for all too soon they will be behind you where you can never return again. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  12. If it was "super easy" to fix this issue it would have been done long before your arrival on the scene. Since many players have complained about this in the past (justifiably so) it is not from the Devs being unaware of this, which leads me to believe that there must be some complex problem preventing it from being resolved. Unfortunately mine doors aren't able to be constructed on these wide openings (but I have seen 3 wide mine doors of 3 sections on some WU servers) which would keep them out. One of the sad and frustrating facts of Wurm life that we have to live with I guess.... =Ayes=
  13. A wonderful series of videos by this new player to the game presented in a pleasant manner of discovery and enjoyment of the whole process. So many wrong choices made had taken him in the wrong direction from which he would have preferred. Clearly we can see this as experienced players but the game is really about learning over time to be able to make decisions more beneficial to our progress. Yet he preferred to go out on his own on this journey of discovery and accepted what would come along the way. That is the great thing about our fond game of Wurm, so many options open of directions to travel to fit each individuals desires and personalities. I hope that Bob(?) will continue to enjoy the game and find his home within it, be it near or far from the present moments passing. This open sharing of his experience is a very positive asset to the game, as well of course as the player himself. Hopefully we shall see more of his vids that bring us memories back to our own early days and enlighten other new players experiences as well. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  14. WO Steam Discussion

    As Finnn and Belrindor mentioned, having these new Steam WO servers isolated for some time will restrict all the newbie chaos and naive destruction to them. So for that I am happy to have all the newbies toddling along there until they learn that their actions have consequences on others enjoyment of the game too. The broadness of the Steam younger audience will have a lot to do with this I would imagine. =Ayes=
  15. So the main game of WO is attempting to hold onto players and draw new ones to it by restricting some of the new developments from WU. This seems unreasonable somehow? Now don't get me wrong I have played on a number of WU servers and actually preferred playing on them in comparison to WO but it seems to me that the main game needs to look after its own best interests before those of WU. It seems that the WU players are just finally realizing that this is what is happening. I think they also need to take this approach with the new Steam WO servers in restricting some appealing aspects to the main game of WO in an attempt to eventually draw some of the Steam WO players to it as well. =Ayes=
  16. You idea although interesting is not what I had in mind at all concerning a "Jackal Hunting Server" as it would have nothing to do or connection with the current Jackal server that these topics cover. Maybe some time in the future myself or another will make a post in the S&I section about their ideas concerning this with more specifics. Pretty much it would be the same old idea of a "Hunting Server" connected to the others with the Jackal theme to it with certain adaptations. =Ayes=
  17. "Provoke offense and you shall have it!" "Hide behind a fence and have none of it." =Ayes=
  18. Jackal is a hard pill to swallow with its total loss of *all* positive progress that has been made there as stated (wiped after aprox 6 months). Any objections to this or "compensations" expected for playing there just prove the point that the game is about retaining your progress in its various offered opportunities. In this respect many come to the conclusion that they are just wasting their time there since it contributes so little to their main game; thus they abandon it to its fate and return home seemingly disappointed with the experience. Better to just make a Jackal style "Hunting Server" and let players portal there through the current Jackal Lodestone system, returning home the same way after time spent there. Not going into any details about it here but I would say that it would be a much better option for the current players and even those to come. It could even be a feature exclusive to the original WO and not available to the coming Steam version, which would be another draw for players into the current servers. =Ayes=
  19. Although it would be beneficial to the players to be able to have 5 Premium characters (in effect) per account subscription with the "restriction" that they could only play 1 at a time, the game would loose money by enabling this since as is currently people need to pay for additional subscriptions/Premium accounts to play them. This why I would think that the game is satisfied with the current subscription model and sees no reason to change it since Premium accounts are a main source of game income and this would potentially eliminate having to pay for 4 of them per player. =Ayes=
  20. What really makes the game of Wurm expensive to play is player RMT (real money transactions). If all that is removed from Steam WO (and all "market" game functions that contribute to it, as example enchant decay/use reduction) then the rest of your suggestions will have a positive effect as intended. Otherwise players will just use the RL money making potential of the game to take up any reduced cost benefits of what you propose and pocket the difference. =Ayes=
  21. servers

    How about servers for servers then? These types of people work hard in various professions and are often underappreciated. Even here you are overlooking their contributions to make life more enjoyable for everyone. A smile and kind word in response warms the heart much more than the cold feel of coins. Still, I can't agree that "no one" should be left out. Always better off with a few "some ones" excluded but who is to say who? Here at the heart of your suggestion is the implied dilemma, with all seriousness aside. =Ayes=
  22. A bad idea in an attempt to enable crafters to make more money from other players at their expense. Those who play the game with this focus (making $$$$) and then propose ideas to enhance their capability to do so are the problem here. The "market" should not be designed to benefit their focus upon playing certain aspects of the game for profit as other players who have the choice removed from them to be independent of their control will shortly tire of it and either do without or just make their own items more frequently. Always remember that when you attempt to design the game to the advantage of your money making ability that there are others who will have to pay the price and they being the majority of players will not be happy about it. The new WO Steam servers should not be set upon this path of *playing-for-profit* corruption but rather designed to lessen it from the way the WO currently contributes to it. =Ayes=
  23. We need sirens (like those tsunami warning ones in Hawaii) in game for these types of alerts because by the time you post them here the person is long gone. Maybe add some mental (sp intended) detectors too for periodic admittance to the general use areas. =Ayes=
  24. Full Steam Ahead

    "Wurm Classic" seems too much like returning to the beginning of Wurm with all the goofy old images, avatar styles and game functions that some people advocate to return to with a server. WO or Wurm vs Steam WO seems pretty simple. Let the new guy Steam be labeled differently not the current game but yeah I don't at all like ogwo and don't use the term. =Ayes=
  25. Reinforced tiles that are off deed can't be mined. If ore veins off deed are able to be reinforced this would then prevent anyone from mining them. Griefers paradise for off deed public mines or any off deed ore tile. I think this is why ore veins can't be reinforced currently. How do you propose to solve this issue? =Ayes=