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  1. What do you look like

    Mount Desert Island, Maine. Reminds me of when I was there maybe 30 years ago on a drive up into Canada along the coast. Stopped also at Mount Katahdin at the start of the northern end of the Appalachian Trail to climb up a short ways. In October there was a chill in the air and in a sort of high valley I came to a spot where I crouched down to see fog like clouds swiftly being pulled down into it and then lofted back up over the higher mountain tops. In the stillness with no one around I found this movement to be very soothing, to know that in isolation peace could still be found in the more remote settings of the world. A wise move to see more of the world in your youth when strength and time remaining in this life provide the best opportunity to do so. I found the cliffs along the shore of the province of Labrador to be even more dramatic of a sight with their high rocky drops into the Atlantic shoreline. If you enjoy remote locations where few others live in small settlements this would be a compelling journey to make. I wish you well in your travels and explorations. As for me at my time of life, although it may seem strange to some, the Wurm worlds provide much of this same experience of quiet reflection and peace; therefore, I am content with what of the world I have seen and what of Wurm I see now. Although we each must walk our own paths in life, we may still know something of what others are experiencing as well. Some are just less prone to share it all. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  2. Desiderata

    Although I find this verse to be full with wisdom, it opens forth a lofty path upon which only the saints of virtue can trod, one careful foot at a time placed before the other. After having fallen to the rocky shores below all too often, in the silence I gazed upwards once again and wondered why I had even ventured there. Yet a new path beckoned me onwards with the thought that somewhere up ahead just beyond time's horizon the answers lay, with a welcome finally to the home that I never knew I had forgotten. For in the end we all must open that door, alone... Anyway, thanks for these words shared that provide the impetus to introspection. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  3. Remove the seals

    What about seals of approval? Say for instance if someone *likes* your post or agrees with it. This blanket approach of removing all seals is not the best one, I say. Come to think of it we can also seal some containers to prevent decay of contents. Remove this "seal" also? Naw, this "seal removal" is a bad idea and doesn't get my approval (if that is of any concern, other than the sight rhyme here,). =Ayes=
  4. nerf iron, buff steel / new metal type

    No! "Nerfing" iron as your post title indicates should not be done to benefit steel use. Iron is the main crafting material for all metal items and this suggestion would diminish the current effectiveness of all those items. Steel items already take less damage than iron anyway so I am not too sure that it even needs to be increased further in comparison to iron. A very bad idea to punish all players that use iron items just to benefit the steel producers. =Ayes=
  5. Keybinds are the way to go. Hit F1, at bottom type in, bind m mine_forward (or key of your choice), hit enter. Done! Look at the response in that window that shows the bind was accepted and you are good. Also when you bring up the screen to log onto the game there is a "Settings" gear looking thing to click and in there you can choose many keybinds to set quite easily. As for Guard Towers to settle near you just need to wander around to see, unless someone knows area specifically and will respond. Always best to settle near one so smart choice there. =Ayes=
  6. I think a big problem that we have in terms of a Wurm "economy" or "market" is that there is no precise definition of it layed out beforehand so that the issue can be addressed accurately. Everyone seems to have their own idea of what this means so they go off on their own interpretation of it. In the terms you have stated, yes Wurm can have an "economy" because many people will prefer not to create and obtain items on their own game time so they will purchase them from others. I see no problem with this *if* anyone with sufficient effort could do this on their own if desired and no skills or abilities that are gained over time are artificially designed to decline to benefit this "market". The big bugaboo here is when players come up with schemes to benefit their specific ability to dominate some aspects of this "market" because then it comes at the expense of increasing the costs of playing the game for all the others. The "market/economy" should always be secondary to the opportunity of all players to become participants within it or not without increasing their game playing costs disproportionately, which unfortunately I think many of these player suggestions to improve the "market/economy" do (increase costs). Then fortunately on the other hand few are ever adopted as being beneficial to the game anyway. =Ayes=
  7. Nexus Gates

    Those of us who play on some of the WU servers that have Portals for traveling have seen the positive aspects of getting to other far reaching locations swiftly. They work in various ways on the different servers but my favorite is the lightweight Teleporter that is carried in Inventory. With this then you can add your deed to it if wanted or if not then you can still teleport to any other deed that has added theirs to this system. You can even add your name too and players can then teleport directly to your location. It gets recharged with Favor but anyone can be a Priest there with all spells available and no penalties. Can even create Favor recharging items from rock shards. I am not suggesting that WO go to this extent but as Amadee mentioned, even just Portals in every server Starter Village to every other Starter Village on all PvE servers would be very beneficial to all players wanting to gather for player created events or just to visit other servers. Just simplify the system like this without any player need to create or maintain them. Minus the mob infestations too of course. =Ayes=
  8. Alliance Upkeep Menu

    Great suggestion! As KillerSpike mentioned it would be a convenience for those of us who own several deeds and have made them into an Alliance. Also yes, the mayor of each deed should be able to opt into this and even then set those within their own deed to be able to see these upkeep balances or not. =Ayes=
  9. I think you got lost in the forest of OT to make this post; but along those lines I must say that trees are the best part of Wurm. Better that this type of tree killer was felled than the trees. I have most likely planted more trees over time than they have cut down anyway. It's just that when this type of slaughter is advocated more maniacs (good labeling) join the cause, more trees shed their tears of sorrow to water the sproutlings under them. Anyway, WU is a better choice for tree hugging as some servers seem to cherish their presence. =Ayes=
  10. I am not much interested in what you do with your rares in the privacy of your own home. Beyond this, what captures and sustains a players interest in the game starts to diverge from this thread topic so I don't want to get too far off track into that direction other than as it pertains to the "current market". I will say though that what you describe as your motivations and satisfactions are not my own that have held my interest in the game all these years and continue to do so. In my view it has only improved greatly in these areas of my own interests. =Ayes=
  11. Legacy statues!

    Stop the archeology greediness! These are/were created from Masonry skill out of stone shards and if brought back should remain available to be created that way. Add creation from marble too would be great. =Ayes=
  12. Peanuts!

    I think these are farm crops on the outside so it would seem to me that the same should be here. Not that I really see much need for them though. =Ayes=
  13. Nexus Gates

    No way this should take place within starter towns. The location should be in some isolated area far away from them and difficult to get to. This location is even worse than Rifts which can still be quite close to active deeds with their mobs and deforestation. Denied! =Ayes=
  14. listening

    Yes were are out there just wishing. I think Donovan sang it best in *I wish I had a wish to wish a wish away* but it was in corduroy and we don't have that fabric here. Wishes are just illusions anyway but sometimes they can become unreal ones in this game. Not that I am being suggestive here... =Ayes=
  15. I would remind players in general that a "declining market" as touched upon here means cheaper prices for those who pay to play the game out of their own funds/income. I sort of doubt that they would complain about a "declining market". If this is the case then who would complain about this and come up with suggestions as to how to "improve" it? What does this "improvement" mean then? Perhaps to those who see this as a problem in the first place it would mean ways to increase the costs of the items that they sell? If the cost of these items is increased then they would make more silver to spend to supplement their expenses in and out of the game while the expense of playing the game is increased for those who pay from their available funds outside the game. Why would this situation be beneficial (a better "market") for new players who will pay for paying the game out of their own available funds? It would seem to me that a "declining market" would be more beneficial to draw them to the game, unless of course if they were lured into it by the prospect of making money from playing it to supplement their in game expenses or make an excess of funds to spend outside the game. Even those who do play the game to make money from playing it are never satisfied with the amount of money they can currently make so these diverse scenarios of doom are perpetuated to enforce the "necessity" to "improve the market" from its decline or else the game will never survive another 12 or so years as it has stumbled along doing in the past. Another supposed flaw of the game is allowing players to "grind" up their skills and then gradually develop self sufficiency so that they can supply themselves with these items and abilities and not need to purchase them from those whose focus is making money from playing the game. I would suppose that many players other than myself take this same approach to playing the game and yet we would be vilified as a detriment to the game because we do not participate in this "market" that others would like to capture as exclusive to themselves. Still, I/we purchase some items and services from other players simply because we don't want to spend time or are interested in "grinding" those skills up ourselves. In this respect player trade serves a useful and desired purpose since it is based upon a real demand for these services and not an artificial one perpetuated for the purpose of those who play the game to make money from playing it. I would suppose that there are many more players who purchase items and services than there are those who sell them. If this is the case then a "declining market" is a benefit to them because of lower prices paid for playing the game. Sure, players are not "forced" to purchase any items or services from others but just as in RL life these things make the game more enjoyable to play for those who purchase them. If a few of these "sellers" leave the game because of a "declining market" little impact upon it is had since others will soon replace them to supply these same goods and services to other players. Maybe we are even better off... =Ayes=
  16. Player Impact on another Player

    Quite the exaggerated ending to your psychological analysis here. If any individual has a propensity towards some sort of socially unacceptable behavior labeled as "mental illness" it certainly is not brought on by playing Wurm in such a way that they get more satisfaction from it than the other world out there. Rather on the contrary it can be a soothing escape from the problems and interactions of the other life. If this is the case then playing the game could be looked upon as just the opposite of your warnings of doom, that being a sort of healing place of refuge for some period of time in terms of any anxiety. Lets leave these speculative mental health assessments to the professionals who attempt to do it on an individual basis by dealing with those in need who think they might benefit from their advice. Any sweeping statements such as the above have no bearing when thrown out on a see-who-they-stick-to basis. The only time I see a problem with playing Wurm Online is when people neglect their responsibilities in RL and even in that case it is not my responsibility to lecture them as to how to arrange their lives. I think you have strayed too far from the path of this Thread in your warnings of the road to madness that Wurm could become. At the worst "Player Impact on another Player" would knock them both to the ground and knock some sense into them at the same time. Cured! *laughs* =Ayes=
  17. Quality lock on containers.

    So I take it that this is to provide a sort of restrictive QL sorting mechanism? I see it as being very inadequate as compared to the one on many WU servers where these bins "auto-sort" anything dropped into them by 10 QL increments up to 90 QL which then sort 90+ mats by 1 QL increments (90-91-92-93-etc). Then some even offer the ability to toggle this option on and off on the bins/crates. Why not go with this much better option? Also, what happens with all the existing bins that already have locks attached to them as I see you state that the only way to disable this is by the lock. Maybe some bins have locks on them with the keys destroyed. I guess the lock can still be removed though (?) which then would allow it to be disabled for sorting. Anyway, all this does really is set a variable maximum standard for what is dropped inside which additionally is problematic for those players (most?) who can't make high QL locks. A sort of strange option to be added to the game with some abstract diversionary obtuse thought connected that makes me wonder who came up with this as being a practical idea in contrast to what some WU servers offer as I mentioned above. =Ayes=
  18. If men had periods...

    Just an old thread about punctuation marks be they exclamatory or terminatrix. Arising from the ashes makes their use no less or more, merely dusty from lack of dots. PERIOD! Yet this is still not the end despite the insistence of the demand, I bet... =Ayes=
  19. Transferable Affinities

    NO to this. Affinities are basically now a nice surprise bonus that you get sometimes from playing the game. One of the few things that you now can't buy or maybe you can still "harvest" them by killing other players (which I hope they would remove too). The ability to sell them off like this (face it that is what many/most will do) just adds them to the pile of making money from playing the game opportunities. They should be kept as is as small surprise rewards for playing the game. You are given this special gift and then want to sell it off. A sad, sad suggestion... =Ayes=
  20. A bin specifically for sand and dirt

    This strikes me as a pretty good idea since it would be restricted to just sand and dirt. I know on one WU server I can cast BoH on bins (crates and many other containers too) and they can hold 10,000's of items then, so I am not unacquainted with mass holding capacities in contrast to WO. Yet here this special bin could maybe hold just 10,000 of those items. Then I guess you need to increase the mats required to create it but not so much as comparable crates volume would hold. I envision it as being a bulk bin about as tall as a crate rack with the square size not much larger than currently so that it would only take up that much space on a tile. Then you could have a few of them on the same tile if needed. =Ayes=
  21. This would be a good suggestion to add to it which you didn't actually make as such. This would seem to make this "Food Stall" even much more desirable. Almost a well done for that then. =Ayes=
  22. new vehicle - woodsman wagon

    A nice model might be a sort of flat bed wagon which when 1 felled tree was placed inside would then convert the graphic to a bed of stacked de-branched trees on it similar to what you see on those RL logging trucks. Sort of like what happens when you make a stack of logs. =Ayes=
  23. Another Release type server

    The content of these two posts pretty well sums up the situation with the Pristine/Release servers (yeah Pristine came first) and why another new "isolated" server along these lines will not accomplish what the OP supposes that it would. Another point to add to this that was not mentioned was the ability of current players to channel their in game funds into P&R through the Epic portals which then gave the current playerbase another advantage in purchase powers for creating new large deeds in prime locations with purchased Traders that they could setup there to then start draining even more silvers from the establishment upkeep of all the new deeds that were created. *waves fondly at Protunia (the original one) wherever you may be* <<-one of these types of advantageous players. Anyway, all this aside, now the discussion has evolved into the direction of the "market" (new players being able to compete with the older players to make money from playing the game). When the focus for playing the game shifts into this direction then certainly older players with both their knowledge of how this so called "market" functions and the types of characters that can take advantage of these functions to the best advantages due to their skill sets are the players that will make the most money from playing the game. So whenever this "market" is mentioned you can bet that this is what these players are talking about even if they try to mask it under different shadings that would attempt to seem benevolent such as drawing new players into the game. If then new players start to play the game with this focus and intention they may very well get discouraged because there is only so much "market" here to go around for these types of players to make money from playing the game. My contention is and has always been that the game is not really about making money from playing it but rather playing it for the enjoyment that it provides. So if this is the intent then the game (Devs) should not focus upon bending (warping?) and shaping the game mechanics with this goal in mind (making money from playing it) but rather focus upon making the game an enjoyable experience to play for the content within it. I do think that they do this to a great extent and all this "market" player draw is just proposed by those players who focus upon making money from playing the game. The curse that the game now has is this "market" ability to make money from playing the game that it can't rid itself of since it is too well ingrained into the whole of the game systems and I think that still the true god of Wurm (Rolf) looks upon as a beneficial aspect of "giving something back" to people who play the game. Yet look at the road down which it has lead us and if your focus is not making money from playing the game you might see the situation differently. Therefore, any proposed solutions that attempt to "level the playing field" for new players in terms of creating equal "market" opportunities I reject as being detrimental to the game both for the fact that they only worsen this situation of playing the game to make money and will not resolve the situation in terms of making more money available for those who want to make money from playing it. When this objective intrudes upon the concept of drawing new players into the game it distorts it into that direction rather than making a game available to them that they will enjoy playing apart from this money making ability. Possibly the surprising idea to some is that many (most?) other mmorpg games do not provide the opportunity to make money from playing them and yet they draw +1,000's of players to them. Their in game markets for player trade are not distorted by this, nor do their Developers need to reduce the abilities of more experienced players for some kind of "equal opportunity" in this respect. The longer that players play those games the stronger they become, justifiably so because of the time they have put into it. This is true within Wurm as well and should not be thought of as something to nerf/reduce for the sake of the "market" (making money from playing the game). Is there some solution then to draw more players into the game? Well I don't know what it is but I know what it is Not. Can you guess? For that matter can you make Wurm into something that it is not, by that I mean a game that appeals to the masses that these other true mmorpg's do so well. Let's face it we are just a quaint little town here where the country mice can dwell and munch contentedly upon their cheese while a few others scurry around gathering the scraps to sell to the other mices who prefer the mixed varieties. The city mice will not find what they desire here unless at heart they are not one of them but a lost soul who has finally found their way to their true home. Then the dance will continue between those who are enjoying the cheese and those who sell off the scraps.... Happy Tails =Ayes=
  24. Deer devs can we have deer colours now

    Hey dears look here. They soon may appear! =Ayes=
  25. new vehicle - woodsman wagon

    I think a regular wagon already holds 65 felled trees as its capacity was increased slightly not too long ago. So this 100 number is not much of an improvement. Lets go for 200! The thought of a "woodsman's wagon" is a pretty neat one too though. =Ayes=