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About Me

Perhaps you have ventured here wondering about me, or maybe it was just a miss-click that brought you here so unavoidably swiftly. Nevertheless, you will find no answers here so clearly presented to reveal my intentions and innermost thought processes. I leave the mystery to your imagination to create who I might be within your own expansive universe, be it microscopic or unbounded.


Upon the side of the road less traveled I sit, awaiting another passerby who might be of interest to spend a flickering light of recognition upon, for lights are precious you see, even if you don't. Yet there your reflection might be seen within the imagination of another who long ago traveled this road in disparate reality, unhinged from time's constraints. There too would you be if not for I.


Then again, I ask no understanding from eyes unseen to me, perusing here for some sense about what I can't imagine motive wise. So I pull the veil lower at your inquisitiveness and merely trickle these drops to quench your thirst, for I still would not see you perish for lack of forethought.


Farewell for now. Perhaps the rain will fall once more and further thought will spring to life out of the realm of impossibilities. Ask me no questions and I tell you no lies, perhaps.....