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  1. Player Impact on another Player

    A very well worded and thought provoking post you have made here Bloodscythe and yet of course the response is so obvious. Yes, Wurm is more than just a game because there are people behind those avatars controlling them. To attempt to justify any actions right, wrong, good or bad without taking this into consideration is just not dealing with reality. Yet the distance between physical interactions offer a shield to otherwise negative behavior. Ultimately in Wurm and online our true personality is revealed, more so even if it is a negative one since there can be little recourse when taking certain actions that would otherwise result in a punch in the face or isolation from one's neighbors. For those with good intentions towards others the game can be a liberating and enjoyable experience since they may be able to extend good relations, feelings and opportunities that otherwise out in that other world they might not be able to offer. Also when meeting rejection here while good intended, it is easier to retreat from that individual and gradually or even abruptly end contact. So in this respect it is a safer environment than "out there". Even for the cautious individual delightful people in game can be observed in various ways from a safe distance and appreciated. Then whether to approach them or keep a safe distance, the decision can be made. For the troublesome ones in game I have always found the best way to deal with them is to pay them little heed, clean up the messes they make and eventually they will move on to seek their negative attentions elsewhere. If one is good at playing the waiting game of weeks, months and years there is triumph in seeing them fade into the recovering woods of time, planted with the forethought that as they sway in the gentle Wurm breezes they sweep away the remains of their disturbance. True as well you say that we both create and leave parts of ourselves within this game. The longer time spent within it doing such the more imbued with the memories of this passing time it becomes. This is the value of the sort of unsure permanence that it provides. Even for the player who prefers more isolation, the passing of others is evidenced by the smallest of transformations that they have on the lands. Just a felled tree in the forest lets you know that someone has recently been there and somehow you have missed knowing their intentions. Maybe it is best that only the tree has suffered from their axe rather than yourself for their presence. We are at heart who we are. No preaching will ever change anyone as the core of our being has long ago been formed. All we can do is to choose to temper our faults or let them run riot and blame the outcome upon others actions. I say the game reveals our true selves. Then we choose which ways to express that to others by either guise or truth, with all the accompanying shades that entail these ends. Still, the opportunity for personal growth in a positive manner can be a result, or struggle to overcome. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  2. Xanadu Server Portal

    GM should put a sign there. Something to the effect that it is 1 use only with no return. Maybe when you click on it that sort of message comes up already? =Ayes=
  3. The Screenshots Thread

    Lookeet the bear swimming! Seems in a rush to reach rainbows end. Perhaps it will lead to his own demise though. Foolish bitey creature! Still, he looks happy to be swimming there. =Ayes=
  4. Wurm Back to Nature

    Yes, I agree it is good work but the game should not do this for us. The game is all about players transforming these lands. These abandoned places are their "remains", sort of like corpses with memories tied to them. If old paved places are unpleasant to look upon anyone can remove them with some effort. This is justified and its own reward. Let's just be cautious about removing roads that seemingly lead to nowhere as they are actually paths to somewhere for some others to follow. If at the end there are a lot of paved patches or even huge ones then these are great candidates for removal. I remember another thread like this not long ago, so this is a nice revival of the idea. I find that a high woa shovel helps cut down the timer a lot and makes the task not so time consuming. Then perhaps plant some trees or just gaze off into the distance thinking of the meadow that will cover the ground after you are long gone. Maybe forever, even..... =Ayes=
  5. How to kill your own game tutorial

    "How to kill your own game tutorial" Cater to your pvp players in a PvE centered game. Spend a disproportionate amount time on their suggestions (complaints) in proportion to their number of players. Reduce the abilities and options of the greater proportion of your player base to enhance the smaller proportion of your player base. Give this smaller proportion for your player base exclusive options not available to the larger proportion of the player base. Then condemn the larger proportion of your player base when they point out these discrepancies. Then deny that this is actually what is happening. =Ayes=
  6. A decade (very nearly) come and gone

    The Independence anniversary has now come and gone with nearly a whisper. Now an active celebration of some sort is postponed until who knows when. Yet those who remain have their memories to cling to, such as the time you snuck into my deed through a wall a Troll bashed down to admit your curious entry. As I was working around there repairing a few other bashed/bumped Troll fences in its frantic attempt of the new "escape" mechanic, I heard you mumbling something in the distance when I greeted you to the effect: "How do I get out of this hell hole?!!" Needless to say I was not pleased with the insult so I quickly escorted you to a gate, unlocked it and when you departed never had the unpleasant experience of interacting with you in the game again. Yes, some old memories remain of those days. Mostly pleasant ones though, of good neighbors, roads expanded and improved and deeds built, both my own and those nearby. I missed the start of it by one year but have never regretted the time I spent within these lands, nor most of the people I have met, despite our possible differences. Some though just rub you the wrong way I guess. Those I find best to leave in the dust of the decaying ruins that they have left behind in various ways. Ahh well, we all have our faults. None more than myself I suppose but time spent within the game has a curious way of healing old wounds. The callouses can be a bit scratchy at times though..... =Ayes=
  7. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Although this is how it should be the opposite is the situation. As long as I have played the game the game has endorsed the ability of players to make RL cash profits from playing it. Now over the years the Devs have dealt with the results, be they positive or negative. Mostly negative in my estimation. As for Silver and Account sales I see no intent to change the current situation. When I log onto the Wurm Shop the Xsolla payment options are listed first above PayPal. Xsolla offers many more ways to pay than PayPal such as gift and cash cards, as well as credit and debit cards. Yet the big/best difference is that you can pay in US Dollars (other currencies too) rather than needing to convert to Euros as PayPal will do and then charge you an additional fee for doing so. I suppose Xsolla has this cost priced into their model but I still find them cheaper to use than PayPal with their prices listed in US Dollars. There is no need to have an "Xsolla account" as they just process these payment options, so don't be confused into thinking you need to create one to use their option since an account with their company is just needed for those such as Code Club who collect/receive these funds. This is unlike PayPal where you can create an account with them if desired and then use for various purchases. I have used the Xsolla payment option ever since it was offered in the Wurm Shop some years ago and am a bit surprised when others who deal in US Dollars and other non-Euro payments don't mention their preference for using it over PayPal. I think it is from just misunderstanding it (Xsolla) or being unaware of the simplicity and benefits of it. Also, per a gold purchase it is surprisingly close to what other players sell gold for anyway (maybe within $10-$20) with the benefits of a safe, fast transaction and supporting the game profits in the process. Yet if players would rather "save" this small amount buying from other players, you can realize how much they really care about the future of the game. Take the added risk too. Not the brightest bulbs I guess... =Ayes=
  8. Valrei International. 086

    When you add in a big money making opportunity into a game that allows you to make in effect real life money from playing it you have the current situation of these "Uniques" within Wurm where making these profits is the primary motivating factor. This is not really that hard to resolve if the intent is to do so. The idea is to either remove some of these items from Uniques or reduce their value to a similar basis of other player created items. Take for instance Drake and Dragon Scale armor. Players should be able to create armors of equal stats from the commonly available mined ores. Then these Unique armors would be of equal desirability to player created ones, only preferred because of their different design and status of victorious fighting. Take all the "Bones" off of them and distribute them through the common activities of game play. Bloods they could keep since they are not big money ticket items. By these few steps Unique "hunting" is reduced to the supposed "challenge" that some others claim is their reason for pursuing and fighting them. Those who actually just enjoy the activity for its own sake of fighting these mobs then still have the same opportunity to do so. While you're at it ship all these "Uniques" off to this mysterious Frontier where they can freely wreak their havoc and not destroy current deeds on all the other servers that players have put most of their time in the game into creating, improving and maintaining over all these many years. This is the heart of the game and not these money making mobs which profits have gladly been harvested and vested interests protected all these years. Not at all surprising that when you offer this opportunity to make some extra bucks that some will make it their focus to take advantage of. So the fault is yours (Devs) for offering up these easy cash *Cowies* as well as those who rush to slaughter them to line their pockets. The least you can do is attempt to protect the interests of those who have no desire to participate within it. I think each player can determine into which category they fit, as well as getting a good idea of others. I don't see these few steps mentioned in the OP as having much positive effect resolve the current situation. Perhaps in the end keep in mind that the game is about creation and not destruction, as is evidenced by the lands transformed by caring players hands. Well, fingertips really... =Ayes=
  9. Bar stools

    I like the idea of taller bar stools and would prefer their look/use but I think the effect would be the opposite on the deaths and personal damage issues as when people get too drunk they would have a longer fall to the floor. So maybe these short stools are just a safety precaution for shattered skulls, broken arms and such (especially for Emoo). Few can afford that extra damage to brain cells. =Ayes=
  10. Remove/reduce merchant 10%tax

    *agrees* The 10% tax just decentivises the use of Merchants. I know that when the mailing cost was reduced to 1copper I made many more purchases and would more frequently send items to others back and forth. I think the same results would be for Merchants use/sales as well. =Ayes=
  11. WTS Super Cheap Mailable Items

    Please send 1 Picnic Basket = 1 Silver to Ayes. Thank you. =Ayes=
  12. Valrei International. 085

    Congratulations to Rolf, the Developers, Wurm Staff and Volunteers that have made all this possible! Although I missed the start by a few years the rest of the journey has been most enjoyable to participate within, for without the above people there would have been no in to be. Uh huh! =Ayes=
  13. (basically *agrees* with Killroth as I was making this post while he did the one above) Probably the PvE players contribute a lot to this situation by purchasing these PMK and other items from Chaos HoTAs. Some years back Chaos was isolated from the Freedom Isles PvE servers just like Epic has always been. When Chaos was joined into the Freedom server cluster due to some "reasons" then the door was opened for the Chaos pvp players to profit from this arrangement. Then Chaos was given items that could only be acquired and/or produced there. Now this is attempted to be justified by the higher costs of playing the pvp side of the game. To allow any of these types of items to be produced on the Freedom PvE servers will create an equal competitive environment which will then reduce Chaos pvp player profits from "playing" the game. Nope, not gonna happen. This one sided financially beneficial system will continue to be protected by them while the majority PvE side of the game will suffer for the lack of the same opportunity. Yet the PvE players can effectively resist this situation by simply not purchasing these items. Seems that's not gonna happen either... =Ayes=
  14. Valrei Invasions

    Pretty dum-dum to tell me that PoK protects Fighting skills loss too and label it as "wacky antics". Then when I correct your mistake with facts you don't admit you were wrong and go off on this silly imagined tangent. Better to just zip it up while you are only this far into the pit. =Ayes=
  15. Building taking unexpected damage

    Trolls can bash down walls on deed if they feel they are "trapped" under certain circumstances. As they "bump" into other walls they will damage them too. So if Trolls can enter your deed I would put the blame on them for this and try to find a way to keep them out. Sometimes if a steep hillside ledge is on your perimeter with an on-deed wall against it they can "fall" over this onto your deed and bash other walls (house walls too) in a blundering attempt to escape from it. Once on Independence I had an open deed with Trolls in the area and they entered an arched passageway, bashed one wall down, damaged a few more on their way just passing through it. Another time a Troll spawned in my mine, exited through the entrance that had no door and bashed some fencing down to "escape" from the deed. This was some years ago after the Devs gave them the ability to bash walls on deed to prevent players from just fencing them in there for fun or whatever purposes. =Ayes=