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  1. WTB Courier Enchant

  2. Rare Tools & Rift Items

    okay both sent in the mail
  3. Rare Tools & Rift Items

    okay sent
  4. Rare Tools & Rift Items

    okay sent
  5. Rare Tools & Rift Items

  6. Cheap garage sale

    Spatula Oak Ql 19.37(83CoC) - 10c Clay shaper Oak Ql 19.39(78CoC) - 10c Please CoD to Poshy.
  7. Knarr SOLD

    SOLD 50ql cedar knarr with bronze vyrona rune (7.5% wind speed, 5% vehicle speed) 5 silver PIckup on the western shore of N21 Xanadu. Can deliver to nearby locations.
  8. rope tool (w62,c61) leather knife (c63, w68) hammer (c55, w68) CoD to Poshy please
  9. Everything must go!

    Yes, please send to Poshy.
  10. Rare Tools & Rift Items

    Tools rare maul, iron, 32.44ql, - 3.5s Rift Items rare lump, glimmersteel, 83.62ql, .33 weight - 3s lump, glimmersteel, 80.88ql, .32 weight - 1.5s lump, seryll, 88.46ql, .22 weight - 1.5s lump, seryll, 83.63ql, .22 weight - 1.5s small shoulder pad, cotton, 75ql - 25c double shoulder pad, cotton, 25ql - 25c Sold metallic liquid, 25ql, .14 weight - .5s rare lump, seryll, 89.57ql, .26 weight - 3s rare cheese drill, birchwood, 40ql - 1.5s rare hammer, iron, 74ql, 100 WoA - 4s
  11. Everything must go!

    huge axe, iron 3s
  12. Good custom enchanting, fast service!
  13. Bought some tools yesterday. Very fast service, good selection, fair prices.
  14. You don't need more than 1 templar for most deeds I've been told by the king and queen of MR.