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  1. My plan. Make it so uniques destroy any "pens" they are put into. Then they go around destroying deeds and camping players until a big enough group is made to defeat them. If the unique destroys the whole server, so be it.
  2. Would storms be able to sink a boat and all of its cargo too? That could be cool. We could then have cargo insurance companies. And insurance fraud. And insurance fraud investigators. And insurance fraud investigator bribery.
  3. 1. Civilization 5 2. Age of Empires 2 3. Roller Coaster Tycoon 4. Grim Dawn 5. Distant Worlds: Universe 6. Transport Tycoon 7. Warcraft (RTS or early MMO) 8. Anno 1602 9. Sid Meier's Alpha Centari 10. BattleForge
  4. It's very strange how they are handling the pvp issue. Sometimes they appear like they want to drive every single pvp player away from the game so they can shutdown the servers. Yet they've put in effort to overhaul a lot of the pvp systems such as HoTA, towers, priests, and armor. These overhauls amount to nothing though if no one is playing.
  5. Add a new skill that lets you create buildings like lumber mills or stone works that auto produce a small amount of materials (such as planks and bricks). The higher the skill, the better quality mills and works that can be created. Add a few new elaborate wall types (and other things perhaps) that will take extra materials to balance out the additional production. This will stimulate the economy, add a new industry and skill, and give players new things to put on their deeds.
  6. Yeah, but this is already occurring all the time.
  7. How much more? Are we talking 1% more or 30% more? How much less decay? Generally, I'd so no to increased upkeep fees.
  8. You are right, we need glassworking to go along with our balloons.