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  1. WTB +90ql Iron Ore Lump

    Found, thanks.
  2. Rift of 19 Nov

  3. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    You don't have things for life, they have to be imped at some point to retain their effectiveness. If players are already imping their own items, they could also make them easily enough if required. If they aren't imping their own items, then there is an ongoing market for this. I guess it would create a higher need for enchants though. A bigger issue is long-time players having high skills in dozens of crafts and a second account they use to do enchants. Changing this would make a lot of these players angry though, so we're stuck. The designers of Wurm probably should have limited the number of skills you could have over 50 to a small number to encourage more specialization and trade but they weren't looking ten years into the future when they designed this game. So now you've got a lot of uber accounts that can do everything.
  4. Newspring starter deed voting!

    Too elaborate for a starter town imo.
  5. WTB Courier Enchant