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  1. Still a few left, message me in game this morning.
  2. Available lists have been updated. Still some really nice deeds to pick up.
  3. I will be in game this evening if people want to discuss the deeds there.
  4. They vary in stages of completion from basically undeveloped to fully functioning villages, most of them are coastal with a lot of potential. Each one comes with the 20% Upkeep reduction. See Maps for locations and pm offers and questions either here or same name in game. Inde Deeds https://imgur.com/a/ojmKhgo Deli Deeds https://imgur.com/a/fGaykwB
  5. When I walk around leading my horse harvesting the horse equipment will occasionally close. Is this intended for the range to be so short you can't even lead your horse and keep them open while walking?
  6. Wouldn't it make more sense to have less items, less clutter in the game by having 1 rack hold 100 planters? Can you please explain how this is a good change?
  7. Make it a quality based feature added to compasses over 70 or 90 quality and require special mats that involve woad if you want them to be challenging to make. Add an additional hover text line showing wind speed and direction to the existing compass reading hover text when you hover over the compass. Of course the needle would also appear and disappear depending on if the compass is settled or not just like the heading needle does now. A nice contrasting color signifying wind would be azure (#007FFF) or vivid electric blue (#3ECAE8) or even deep sky blue (#00BFFF).

  9. I have checked a few deeds of mine and the non citizen role settings appear correct so far, it would be really helpful if this message would be more clear to as to what the problem was that should have been solved with this fix.
  10. Surely in this day and age we can have things larger than a byte, no?
  11. A lump of coal would be more useful, 3 years in a row of useless christmas gifts...