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  1. When I walk around leading my horse harvesting the horse equipment will occasionally close. Is this intended for the range to be so short you can't even lead your horse and keep them open while walking?
  2. Wouldn't it make more sense to have less items, less clutter in the game by having 1 rack hold 100 planters? Can you please explain how this is a good change?
  3. Make it a quality based feature added to compasses over 70 or 90 quality and require special mats that involve woad if you want them to be challenging to make. Add an additional hover text line showing wind speed and direction to the existing compass reading hover text when you hover over the compass. Of course the needle would also appear and disappear depending on if the compass is settled or not just like the heading needle does now. A nice contrasting color signifying wind would be azure (#007FFF) or vivid electric blue (#3ECAE8) or even deep sky blue (#00BFFF).

  5. I have checked a few deeds of mine and the non citizen role settings appear correct so far, it would be really helpful if this message would be more clear to as to what the problem was that should have been solved with this fix.
  6. Surely in this day and age we can have things larger than a byte, no?
  7. A lump of coal would be more useful, 3 years in a row of useless christmas gifts...
  8. Re-calibrate the way boat holds work. The recent boat changes were great in regards to looks and collisions but you can't access the hold unless you are very close to the commander spot. Larger boats, like the caravel, are almost impossible to load by yourself because you can't target a crate that is close enough to be loaded.
  9. Please PM your price for your rare sailboat.
  10. Why should trader income be reduced? I paid 50 silver per trader to have the opportunity to make more silver over time if I utilized them correctly. Who are you to say they should pay out less? They are not damaging anyone's game play and Rolf hasn't raised the cost of the game to compensate for one of the best tools for player retention I have ever seen in a game. You have made the right choice for your gameplay, you have joined a server where traders are public, please stop complaining and offering solutions for something that is not a problem and by no means affects your enjoyment of the game.
  11. If you want to talk about something other than trader factors then make your own thread. Traders are not an exploit.
  12. The don't like traders because they think Rolf is destitute for some reason and they must attack every trader thread made to save him from himself. This discussion was not meant to be about traders yes or no, its about trader factors. Can we get a mod in here to clean this up?