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  1. I've been using the poor man's version of steam deck Wich is steamlink on my phone and a gamesir X3. Controller mapping works fine for wurm that way for those looking for other options.
  2. Pm me here or in game at Darklicorice please. Thanks!
  3. One of the things I did mean to mention was having skills and rewards not apply to anyone over a set number to assure that it can't be exploited.
  4. These are some items and suggestions from discussions that I've had with friends trying to get them to come back for the steam launch. Item Creation, Failure and Timers: Speaking to the group of friends who have played and never stayed one of the larger issues that they always present is the time things take to build. Which for me is not a concern, and it never has been. What has been a clear frustration for them is the failures. Mostly when they occur at the end of a creation timer. It seems that nobody cares if something takes two minutes to create. But it becomes a problem if the item can fail any time in between. Especially at the end. If failures were moved to the beginning it would ease if not all, then most of the pain of waiting two minutes for a timer to complete. Some of this has been addressed already by making some items impossible to fail. Combat: I hear the same thing over and over. Combat is boring and unsatisfying. I sometimes wish myself that it was a little more engaging. I joke with myself that I can leave the game running and nothing bad will happen ever, short of starving. With the new UI and floating text it would be nice to see combat information above the creatures. Like who they are targeting and where. As a long term goal it would be nice to see a tab target hybrid incorporated. The baseline is already there with focus and block, along with some enchants. It would be nice to see harder hitting skills which could be chained for extra damage. Allow both systems for those who are happy auto attacking. It would automatically randomize the skills known during combat. I think that RuneScape 3 is an example where this works. If animations lined up with strikes the illusion would also be more firm. PVE activities: Newbie dungeons it would be nice to see a mine or rat infested building for new players to grind their fight skill before adventuring out toward the wilderness. It could reward small amounts of coin per kill or on completion. It would give the illusion of a quest and earning coin in-game from a non player source. This could be build upon and use a similar system as the rifts to spawn random dungeons throughout the server. Each holding different rewards and difficulty. The idea crossed my mind to utilize the highway system and have bandits spawn along it to hastle the players traveling it. Guards should engage creatures automatically and vice versa. It would make the world seem more alive. This can be seen with some creatures already. Things like trolls, goblins and spiders should be aggressive to all creatures NPCs and players. Another thought was to have a higher able guard for new players. Having it be free while the newbie buff exists and cost a few coppers to maintain after that. It would follow them around and help them survive while they find a place to settle. This guard would be weaker than the ones on tower's but would help them survive against early mobs and hold agro while they try to escape. Premium bonuses: One suggestion that I have is removing the paywall for un-named, non-traited horses. It would give new players something to work towards before buying premium, but still encourage them to do so. The same could be said for large carts. Only allowing them to command a cart lead by slower animals but still allowing them to be effective enough while making the decision to purchase premium.
  5. Could i get the 4 woa horse shoes COD to Brutis
  6. It could be just as simple as a different build option that has a bottom with wood beams. It could act in the same way that it does we add and remove the trim from stone walls. Then it wouldn't interfere with the times where you want a large open peak. Flat roof just needs to be a floor with the graphic on both sides and include weather collision.
  7. Doesnt need to be fancy, just going for the look. Please PM with me with prices
  8. Looking to purchase the above dyes to paint some armour and brarding. Please pm me with prices. Thanks!
  9. Would like the mountain lion pelt. How's 95c? Cod to Brutis if it's good.
  10. That works for me! I'm not fussy on wood type. I would love to arrange having it delivered. Keep me posted!
  11. looking to buy a Corbita on Xanadu. Paying extra to have it delivered. PM me with prices Cheers!