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  1. ISnt it about time we had ceilings?

    It could be just as simple as a different build option that has a bottom with wood beams. It could act in the same way that it does we add and remove the trim from stone walls. Then it wouldn't interfere with the times where you want a large open peak. Flat roof just needs to be a floor with the graphic on both sides and include weather collision.
  2. [Please Close]

    Doesnt need to be fancy, just going for the look. Please PM with me with prices
  3. Looking to purchase the above dyes to paint some armour and brarding. Please pm me with prices. Thanks!
  4. wts rares/items/ just make an offer

    Would like the mountain lion pelt. How's 95c? Cod to Brutis if it's good.
  5. WTB Corbita [please close]

    That works for me! I'm not fussy on wood type. I would love to arrange having it delivered. Keep me posted!
  6. WTB Corbita [please close]

    looking to buy a Corbita on Xanadu. Paying extra to have it delivered. PM me with prices Cheers!
  7. ill guess it was u that wanted that dye i sent it to u, its hotfix on server but i sealed it in a barrel ql 90,35 rgb 9 that what i was able to do in short notice

    1. MrCoolMan


      + i sent it for u aswell

  8. Purchased Please close

    Please close
  9. Sold

    WTS 19 Sleep powder on Xanadu. Will find my way to any starter town.
  10. -Please Close-

    Sale Completed.
  11. Solved

  12. [Released] Texture Pack v1.2 Update

    The ground textures are somewhat easy. It is as simple as finding the right size image, or close to it on google and using a program like photoshop. (CS2 is free) to edit them and save with the same name. from there just upload the file into the graphics.jar and be on your way.
  13. Just wondering If this works.

    Great, gates will swing though? or do those need to be outside?
  14. Just wondering If this works.