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  1. ill guess it was u that wanted that dye i sent it to u, its hotfix on server but i sealed it in a barrel ql 90,35 rgb 9 that what i was able to do in short notice

    1. MrCoolMan


      + i sent it for u aswell

  2. Purchased Please close

    Please close
  3. Sold

    WTS 19 Sleep powder on Xanadu. Will find my way to any starter town.
  4. -Please Close-

    Sale Completed.
  5. Solved

  6. [Released] Texture Pack v1.2 Update

    The ground textures are somewhat easy. It is as simple as finding the right size image, or close to it on google and using a program like photoshop. (CS2 is free) to edit them and save with the same name. from there just upload the file into the graphics.jar and be on your way.
  7. Just wondering If this works.

    Great, gates will swing though? or do those need to be outside?
  8. Just wondering If this works.

  9. I want to build a barn or stables. I am wondering if this works or if I should re think it before I go ahead with building. Thanks, Brutis.
  10. WTS adamantine lump (Price change)

    ill take the iron pads if they can be mailed.
  11. [Released] Texture Pack v1.2 Update

    @Caduryn I am still working on it, it is a spare time project for me and the holidays are very busy. Im working on the smoothing between tiles and also converting the winter terrain as well. @Nappy I am not familiar with the modloader enough to know if it is possible, or to do it myself. Id like to say that if it can be done I will do it, but completing the pack and making it run smoothly is my top priority at the moment.
  12. As the title says I would like to see a button in game to toggle 3rd person view. I like it for fighting and other related things, but its hard to craft with it and have multiple boxes open at once. It would be nice to be able to toggle it on and off.
  13. [Released] Texture Pack v1.2 Update

    Update 1.1 with better transition between ore veins as requested. Update 1.2 converted all textures to .dds I am looking into making this a mod loader plugin for those who are interested. Gallery Texture Pack Update 1.2 for .dds textures *I am releasing a texture pack that I put together which includes 3 textures from ByblosHex found here. The rest were either taken and compiled by me or edited to fit the scale.*