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  1. Some good some bad, I don't like these safe zones... I could put all my ###### into a deed in the safe zone and reinforce the mine to a horrible degree - put a ton of guards - pick a raid window I know the enemy kingdoms don't have people on. Also: People are gunna die really really quick, not sure if that makes it better or worse
  2. I'm not knocking you, I'm just saying I'm cool with a map reset, separate via portal to homeservers (aka no gear transfers) and a smallish map for this first "reset" After that, if you don't wipe it clean to start over with a clean slate - you're spinning your wheels going no where.
  3. Skill reset? Yeah I agree
  4. You need 2% for titles to work, 1% on PMK gear is reasonable. Don't think many fledgling kingdoms worry about flags and wagons before they get a foothold. Literally just a cash grab, kinda gross.
  5. I have a bunch of accounts on every server with tons of items/skills - Just let me keep my toon's name. Its a game... I'm not selling my Wurm toons or valuables for retirement. Freedom will never be reset, Wurmaggeddon aside. "Chaos" or Wild has been around before some Wurm players have been born. Its an awesome great spectacular map, had a ton of great memories there... but there comes a point where you need to refresh the map. The only way we're going to get that fresh experience is with Epic. Anyway....these servers shouldn't be live for years and years. We get it "legacy" "history" etc etc Lets make Epic different than Wild please.
  6. Second hand information isn’t reliable in a game like Wurm, especially PvP. If you want to get a complete view.... Join a kingdom on Chaos that: You like the PMK gear they designed or You like that one guy or gal who you bought something from (or sold to) or Whichever kingdom’s trolls you hate less or You want to join the winning side or You want to join the losing side Just don’t say people are toxic and wash your hands clean of PvP. Most guys on Chaos will drop what they want to do just to help you out. Imagine not helping out people in your kingdom and expect to win ? No kingdom would ever last like that. I’ve been apart of alliances on Freedom, nothing to this day has compared to kingdom comradery
  7. Map is pretty big, How many camps will actually be spawned at one time? Can two or three kingdoms actually have 4 camps each?
  8. Freedom GMs that haven’t been in a PvP environment and need to learn mechanics to understand support tickets are useless for Chaos. I don’t want to teach a GM what are supposed to be features or what doesn’t work right on Chaos. Positive and Negatives to everything, just don’t have GROSSLY biased people on the GM team?
  9. @Retrogradeyou do a good job with communicating changes and patches with what the dev team gives you from what I can see. If anyone that plays thinks the GM team communicates their rulings regarding disciplinary actions and the process they use, get some professional help. Played this game for 14-15 years. People view their decisions as non uniform - more harsh, more lenient. Don’t just fix the optics, fix the policies please.
  10. Celebration Map

    X11 Y45 Replace Willowfen Downs with Richard's Halfway Inn
  11. Really heartbreaking... Winter was always a great guy, he definitely was a unique kind of dude. R.I.P. Winter
  12. I invest in those bars that don't have windows for some reason. And I recycle the cans I bring of course, make a decent amount back!