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  1. RIP to a great contributor
  2. Cndo's Investment Hole

    I invest in those bars that don't have windows for some reason. And I recycle the cans I bring of course, make a decent amount back!
  3. What has made you hate Wurm?

    The stress dealing with conflicting personalities.. Grind sucks but its the game, the people usually make me hate certain times
  4. Wts Wand of Seas

  5. Take it however you want, until I actually see some substantial efforts actually put towards PvP your posts mean nothing. Played the game for far too long to get hopeful on a few developer’s posts. It seems like you are trying and I applaud that, but again, its just talk. Good luck and hopefully you actually make PvP more active all around.
  6. [Fixed] Fix The King Robes

    -1 King's Robes shouldn't be cotton its unrealistic and unfair to people who aren't King. Grab cotton Mclovin!!!
  7. WTS Vynora Priest

  8. WTS Vynora Priest

  9. WTS Vynora Priest Level 12 on the Path of Love 700 something Karma Send me an offer worth a reply, I'm seeing how well the market is with priests.
  10. PC Two Accounts

    First Account - String Level 12th Deva Path of Love Vynora Priest Second Account - Rory Pathless on Freedom Splendid on Epic Cluster Vynora Priest on Epic Cluster Just looking to see how much these are worth. Thanks... Will probably end up selling.
  11. close

  12. close

    Wow, 200S take it and run! I was interested in buying it if you're selling it... Not for 200E though
  13. Tunnel Project Southwest Steppe

    [13:57:55] The lava cools down and turns grey. The entrance tile is not lava anymore
  14. Tunnel Project Southwest Steppe

    Been busy with work but I’ll lend a miner and a priest to get rid of a vein and the lava tile
  15. Auction ended 2 days ago almost exactly, Don't exactly play the game hours upon hours especially on a weekend. Real life is a bigger priority to me. I got an offer for a 45 silver buyout in the beginning of the auction, within literally the first 10 minutes of posting this thread. Sorry for not posting quick enough. Next time I'll make the auction a week or something.