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  1. If they dont get punished they will use the next exploit and the next and more and more people leave the game (again, after coming back due to steam). Be glad your not on a pvp server, here its even more shitty.
  2. Yeah this is clear abuse of game mechanics, people should get banned for this in pvp.
  3. Bumping again, same thing happened when we destroyed a tower on the new Elevation server.
  4. Map marker Bug

    Same issue, windows 10, old client (not on steam). Relog helps but especially in pvp situations this can get very frustrating.
  5. please delete

    Blacklight is on the rise and JK is steadily increasing in numbers =)
  6. please delete

    Some more videos of the server, from day 1 to now (36ish days later):
  7. Got a similar problem (not reproducable tho). When i drove a passenger through our eastgate on my cart he got three "ouch that hurt" messages in the span of one sec and died. The eastgate had 2 stories above it which had wall plans (unfinished). The floor was simple stone slab (not the real floor).
  8. +1 doesnt sound like it would be hard to add and makes quite a few people happy (or at least happier)
  9. 1) That there will never be a map with "your current location" 2) That we get access to the new crafting interface a bit earlier (althought itll be more buggy, i can live with that) with the option to use the old one 3) Fix the Valrei Map and take a hard look at the missions 4) More transparency when it comes to bugfixes and gamechanges, atm there is a lot of gueswork involved 5) Interesting Xmas Present (that fits the lore, unlike the santa hat and garden gnome)
  10. Indeed, i think theese events are a very good oportunity for change. You can either adapt to the new terrain (like using it as a moat) or move to a brand new spot and avoid the mistakes you made with the first deed (there are always some even after you played a while). If one of theese would hit Zwergenbucht we would simply pack our stuff up and build a new and better town somewhere else (most likely Elevation).
  11. Might be related to the missing missions we had lately, i hope the fixes work.
  12. like fencejumper, snoo (well maybe) and nosfirebird. Neither is realy lore friendly (like 80% of the names out there).
  13. Zwergenbucht end of September: