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  1. I've received several PMs of offers (but no Price Check responses in the thread yet, lol) that would suggest an initial Price of 150 Euros for the Weapon Smith Mammon and 80 Euros for the Priest-to-be Anunnaki, including all inventory. Does this ring true with you Market-Makers and Merchant Chiefs? I've been out of the loop here for so long, really appreciate any guidance for when I make the Auction or WTS post....btw, should I do an auction or WTS for them when I make the final selling post? I do know that I will put them up individually in their own posts Thanks to all who have sent PMs and posted here! Happy Holidays!
  2. Thanks Proph So strange, i was farming affinities on Mammon in Chaos and I know for sure that there was more than 1 Weapon smithing affinity (because I paid for it, lol). I suppose I am just mis-remembering it, lol. Been a long time
  3. Question about affinities: Im pretty sure that Mammon has a bunch of affinities and something like 2-3 affinities in Weapon Smithing, but the skill dump only shows one...how do I confirm this? Thanks!
  4. ________________ Updated: I accepted a 'buyout' offer for all 4 accounts. This thread can be closed. Thanks All and Warm Wishes! _______________ Hello! I am selling the last two accounts that I've held for quite some time. I have sold many accounts with lots of happy buyers across Epic and Freedom (i used to multi-screen with playing 5-7 accounts at the same time when i did play, and these are the last two of those accounts). Accounts are on Western Xanadu and are not premium right now. Both accounts have high Hot Food Cooking, with Anunnaki at 96.066250 and Mammon at 85.059456 I have no idea what the character market looks like now and would be appreciative of Price Checks so I can make a WTS or Auction post for the characters. By the way, should I do an auction or a WTS when I put these two characters up? I definitely want to get rid of them, no reason to hold them unless some major upcoming patch would have an impact on driving character prices up? The first account is Mammon (male toon) and is a Weaponsmith with other stats. Mammon is Level 9 Thought Eater on the Path of Knowledge for meditation. ***NOTE*** this character is already *ABOVE* Meditation 70 at 70.255646 and is ready for the next question! Mammon has 3 affinities: Weapon Smithing, Medium Wooden Shield, Coal-making. Skills here: https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Mammon The second account is Anunnaki (male toon) and this character i put a LOT of time into building up stats and priest-specific skills prior to priesting him up (stopped playing just before priesting him). At least, at the time, these were considered to be the optimal skills one wanted in the perfect priest. Anunnaki is Level 10 Crooked on the Path of Knowledge for meditation. Meditation is currently 67.58896 and the character is ready for the question (almost at 70 and ready for PoK 11). Skills here: https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Anunnaki These two characters come with two other characters that have previously been premmed (storage alts). Branthebuilder is Level 6 Giving on the Path of Love. Ghanima (female toon) is a Vynora battery priest with Prayer: 36.610016 & Faith: 54.47271. Ghanima is also Level 6 Giving on the Path of Love The characters come with a sailboat and the items in their inventory, which include a couple rare items and some items with high enchants, pictured here. Pics also show the meditation levels and the sailboat: Thanks in Advance for PCs!
  5. Alright, well when I think about categorization of articles and links, this is more of what I would consider a 'Wood Scraps' article: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/713032/Sweden-chaos-no-go-zones-increased-police-lose-control
  6. Omg, the irony here... I post a well written article from games journalism about Moderation in ***TOWN SQUARE*** and it gets moved, by a moderator, to Wood Scraps. Wood Scraps: the place where they send posts to die.
  7. http://www.pcgamer.com/what-its-like-to-manage-a-gaming-community-on-fire/ How do you effectively communicate between dev teams and the player community? What are industry Best Practices? Retro has a difficult and thankless job. Communication has improved significantly since a focus and emphasis was put on the role. Thoughts?
  8. you remember in Warband when you siege a fort, you are outnumbered so you end up killing more than 100 men yourself? That first siege video has me *very* excited to jump in
  9. Wurm is featured in a spread on "Top MMOs" under the category "The Best Sandbox MMOs" http://www.pcgamer.com/the-best-mmos/3/ Discuss...
  10. Wurm 2016

    Just came across this: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/04/19/runscape-nxt-engine-no-java/ Runescape upgraded to an engine called NXT, moving away from Java which "makes it look a fair bit prettier – while running faster than the previous version"