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  1. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    Just checked my email and the first mention of it is character creation "Daeryn" was in July 2009, and he premmed a couple of weeks afterwards - though that guy has long since been lost to the sands of time during my ill-fated attempt on the pvp server. The character I play now was created in 2011 apparently, though I take long breaks as I burn out then come back again 6 months later or so. In 2009 I remember spending ages on a free to play Golden Valley-esque server, where a guy lived like a king on a tiny island he made. In exchange for manual labour, he gave out a single cotton to newer players so they could make a fishing line (as you couldn't have deeds or anything you couldn't hope to grow anything yourself without fortifications and stuff). The struggle of making absolutely anything was huge back then, as any failures created iron scrap rather than just damaging the ingredients.
  2. Xanadu Community Map

    Please add new deed 3549, -7298 Torquilstone Thank you!
  3. Request - Trees always in season

    Hi, So I'm wondering if a mod already exists for this. I play both Online and Unlimited servers but recently decided to try out a solo game with my own server. The server is my òwn computer and will only be running when I'm playing the game. So the main setback i need to overcome is time - the game will be running 2 / 3 hours a day rather than 24/7; i have crops set to tick earlier, i have an animal gestation mod to make them breed quicker - but it will take forever for fruit trees / grapes etc to come into season. Is there a mod that makes them permanently harvestable? Or a GM command to set them so? I know there's a database entry where you can set the game time, so as a last resort i could use that, i suppose (so long as i figure out the numbers) - just curious if anyone's already come across this and solved it? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Thanks for the replies. I managed to finally get him in the end. Horse now branded, tamed, bridled, and saddled. Lesson learned. lol
  5. Hi, I dismounted my horse (Haltmac) in the boundaries of your deed last night, and because of settlement laws, I can't click 'lead' in order to remount. No saddle, bridle or anything, but I'm kind of fond of the old guy. Hopefully you, or somone who knows him reads this and takes pity on me to let me get him back! I've waited around for over an hour now, and so far the docile bugger hasn't even taken one step, so it's doubtful he'll be moving out of your boundary any time soon. It's like he's taunting me! I play GMT evening times. Would appreciaten a PM or forum post if you can. Thanks, Daeron / Telina
  6. Found boat

    Thanks guys, I'll do that. Let me know if you're ever going to be in the area and want it back Leandro. I guess it'll be put to use as a bit of a run-about until then :-p
  7. Found boat

    Rowing Boat called 'Brasileiro' is currently on my deed 'Wychisca' (P12). It's owned by Leandro and has been here for about a week. It's been parked in an area I'm trying to raise to land level so I'd like it out of my way if possible. I know there used to be a board dedicated to lost boats and salvage and the like, but doesn't seem to exist anymore. What're the rules if Leandro doesn't come back to claim it? Thanks, Daeron
  8. A question to freedomers

    But I don't think it is anymore, do you? Like the landscape, I would safely say Wurm has evolved into a non-pvp game. And craft griefing might not happen now, but that's probably because the wild pvp community is small, and crafters can harvest well away from the crowd. Introduce 1,000 people and all of a sudden your crafters will cry.
  9. A question to freedomers

    Personally I think this game is not suited to pvp, not yet - maybe not even ever. That's what makes Freedom so much fun. It's different than the other games out there. If the gamebase suddenly became PVP oriented it would become just another Darkfall or Mortal Online, where nobody or anything is safe and traders / crafters live with constant griefing. This game is the closest thing to that aging behemoth, Ultima Online (alright, it's not really -that- comparable, but it's still the closest I can find) that we have, and introducing pvp, even good pvp, to the masses would just introduce a mindset that, IMO, would ruin everything. If I want to do PVP I'll just go play one of the other thousand MMOs out there that cater just for that. Why is that all games seem to involve killing each other, anyway?
  10. Reflections

    I for one think the central starting area is useless. I played Wurm about three years ago, and re-joined as a new character about 2 months ago. I spent an hour - maybe not even that - around The Howl, before realising that I wasn't going to get anywhere. It's too crowded, too deeded, and the only thing that keeps you there is the bartender. Kind of a catch 22 situation, really. So I went straight to the recruitment forums and joined a village. I spent a month or so there, working up my skills, then left to make my own deed. Personally, I think this was a perfect way of doing things - but it's not suited for everyone. It required a little patience to get to the end goal. GV was a perfect way to introduce new players to Wurm, and I'm not really sure why they changed it. What everybody seems to be asking for in this forum is Golden Valley redone, just in the central part of the Freedom Isles. It seems to make sense. So why not just go back to the original way of it? Either that, or have three of four starting zones spread across the world - and bartenders in each. You could even have player made Inns pay for a bartender writ or something.
  11. Tundra and you - a discussion

    The problem with destroying tundra is that everywhere will be one step closer to looking identical, and if left as it stands Wurm will have lost a nice little geographical feature. The idea of tundra being only at certain heights, howling winds etc is truly awesome - but current speed of development / other projects being worked on would see this implemented by about 2015. A short term fix of dropping tundra dirt to make more tundra seems more acceptable to me. People can pretty much do as they want with it then. It might not seem "right", but then neither does dropping sand on grass to make desert. That's just Wurm. In my short month or so spell at a village near tundra, I saw no less than three settlements / homesteads go up on it, so something really does need to be done I think. It's not your fault, and who's to say you don't want to build a nordic themed winter home? You pay just as much as the rest. I do think it'd be sad to see it all eaten up, though. Good luck on your new home.
  12. Winter time

    Didn't even know we had winter graphics in Wurm! That's awesome.
  13. Noob Solo Survival

    Exaggeration. Casseroles made from foraged/botanized can feed you quite OK once you get a few points of hot food cooking. I fed myself and a friend purely on foraging and botanizing for about two weeks, and while it was certainly more time consuming than using meat or fish, we had time to do plenty other things. Agreed. Foraging and Botanising are perfectly fine to do whilst doing other things. You want to chop down a tree; forage and botanise on the way to the tree. Take a different route back and forage and botanise there too. Within an hour of doing this you'll soon come up with enough stuff to make twenty casseroles, and that'll keep you fed for the rest of the rl day once you get hot food cooking around 10-15. The best advice I can give has already been said though. Self-Sufficient is -hard- the first few weeks. It's frustrating and potentially enough to make you want to quit. Join a village that offers you free food, spend a few weeks there training up skills (hot food cooking being the primary one - once you can reliably feed yourself then the world is your oyster), then explore the world. Coastal areas are tough to find if you want to place a deed, as they require so much space. Last Sunday I spent the entire day looking for a place on the coast to deed and it took me about 8 hours (I died and had to start over again :-p, but you should always plan for such) to find a place I could do something with. It's not perfect, and there's a lot of terraforming to do, but I followed my own advice by joining a noob-friendly village and learning hot food cooking to about 15 before I moved on. Time is now on my side, and I can make meals that fill me. If you're not planning on deeding, small coastal areas are moderately frequent to find if you're willing to do a bit of terraforming. You'll probably have to go up to the far north or as far from the starter area as you can, but it's certainly possible. Just realise it might take a few hours of hunting to find a place. Good luck!
  14. lol @ server

    Did the server roll back to a few hours before or anything? Or did we manage to save everything?
  15. lol @ server

    No I'm down in the UK, too. I lost internet the first time, as well. How weird??