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  1. Looking for up to 4 (update: now 3!) new players to join my village, Nivellen. I am an old Wurmian, with around 8 years of experience (on and off), and am growing lonely in my existence. I would very much like to provide a free, safe space for new starters to train their skills and learn the ropes, hopefully allowing them to have a good grounding before founding their own deed. Nivellen is around 10 minutes walk from the starting area of Haven’s Landing on Independence, on the northern coast of Bearshark Bay (R19 for the in-game map co-ordinates) . It’s on the highway and the coast, and I can provide a pickup service if required. The deed comes with a community sailboat should villagers like to go out exploring (though your own individual one can be made if you’re interested in providing some raw materials as a project). To the north is the established deeds of central Indy, to the east is Haven's Landing, to the west is the large (mostly untamed) expanse of south Indy to explore. Finally to the south is open water and the promise of adventure in the other maps. You will be provided with your own stylish 3x3 2-storey house, either furnished with the basics (forge, oven, food storage bin, bulk storage bin, chest and a bed) or unfurnished if you’d like the option to do everything yourself. In addition you will have your own private 5x5 plot of land for growing crops along with a small strip for any livestock. We have a mine with iron - and a whole mountain to expand into to look for the other ores. Clay, peat and tar is all less than a minute away. Meals will be provided in a communal crafthall building (still having the top floor built), and you’ll receive a starter pack of seeds to get you going on your own journey to master the culinary arts. A guard tower is nearby should you get into trouble. The basic idea is that you come, you have a safe environment to learn enough about the gameplay mechanics and have enough skill points to feel confident you have what it takes to survive by yourself. Then you head out into the wide world with a sailing boat or cart stocked with supplies, allowing another new player to come and learn the same skills you did. However take your time - Wurm is not a game you can rush, so there is no time limit on length of stay; I am open to longer term residents if you decide you’re comfortable. Reach out to me in game (Daeron) or by posting on here if you're interested in joining.
  2. I don't know if anyone here has ever played Lord of the Rings Online. I used to and I used to play on the roleplay server. One of my fondest memories of the game is visiting the Prancing Pony and watching / listening to real people play music on their in-game instruments - they did this by equipping their instrument, and then certain keys on the keyboard would play different notes. If I remember there were even websites dedicated to giving instructions on how to play certain songs. Wurm seems the ideal game to have something like this. Imagine being able to craft musical instruments; carpentry, fine carpentry, rope making, smithing, jewellery smithing, more uses for reeds, all these skills could come into play. I'd be less keen on skill-based playing of instruments - that would take away the fun of player skill / experimentation on the keyboard. Then imagine travelling the land with your lute entertaining the masses with renditions of the latest greatest hits, or your local village / alliance having music nights to add to their social calendars... Daeron
  3. Yep - more clothes of any sort would be excellent. Plus more options for female characters; skirts etc. (or for those male characters who might like to be a little more erm.. expressive)
  4. So I was farming my fields last night and my inventory became full. Instead of trudging all the way back to the cart I dumped all my potatoes onto the ground to keep harvesting. To my delight I saw we had a neat looking model of a bag of potatoes which I'd never seen before. So I did it with grains - and we get a bag of grain. Pumpkins is a pile of pumpkins neatly stacked. Cotton comes in a really nice bale - all of these models someone has spent time making we never really see because we dump them straight from our inventories and into FSBs or BSBs. It got me thinking it would be pretty awesome to be able to have these out on display - imagine your storeroom with your BSBs and your FSBs, but with stacks of goods artfully arranged to add to the immersion. You could do it now, but you'd probably have to replace the goods every week or so to combat decay. I could see me doing it once, maybe twice before it gets old. So how about some process where you're able to turn something from being functional to being decorative only (to stop useable potatoes from having infinite shelf life outside an FSB). You take a potato, cast a spell or do an action and it's no longer a potato but still uses the same model - then we can place all these cool models we never get to see and actually get some use out of them. Just my thoughts. Thanks Daeron
  5. Can I get the: QL 85 Shovel - Iron w89 (70c) Mail to Daeron Many thanks!
  6. BUMP! +1 Was going to make a new post about it, but see there's already several. Walking around with sword out all the time is dumb. I could put it in my inventory, but then during combat I've gotta find it and in that time the troll has smashed me to goo ... Having a sword on your side just looks way better, and gives more for leatherworkers to make! New gameplay features AND new models - what's not to like??
  7. Good lord - this saved my quarantine! Intel UHD Graphics 620 on my (coughworkcough) laptop, and turning GLSL off kept the fans quiet and the rest of the applications on my laptop working perfectly! Now I can mine AND work Glory days!
  8. Thanks for the tips! Looks like I have a lot of backpack crafting ahead of me...
  9. So according to my character I've been playing Wurm on and off for around 8 years, but my Hot Food Cooking is still abysmal at around 26 or so. I usually just make 3 meals (pumpkin, potato and meat) every other day or so. Sometimes I get a skill tick, sometimes I don't. What's the best food / recipe - and the best method - to gain some skill? I tried a very small bulk cooking session the other day and made around 15 meals but didn't even get a single skill tick! Thanks, Daeron
  10. Delivered to Indy R19 (Nivellen) Deed on the south coast - very picturesque this time of year - and connected to the highway network. Don't make me dig all that clay when I can pay YOU to do it for me!