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  1. All items arrived! OMG! So so impressed - well done Thanks so much! Taedin
  2. Hey - do you do more...complex.... items? Looking for 70CoC on Grindstone Cheese Drill Fruit Press Hit me up (Taedin) with a price if you do - you've sent me some really good stuff in the past so would like to throw it your way if I can! Thanks,
  3. I broke my pick not paying attention to the damage Can I get a Pick, Clay Shaper and Spatula, 70's CoC CoD to Taedin. Thanks!
  4. 70s CoC please - 3 for a Silver Leather knife, awl, needle, Scissors, knife (cooking), Sickle CoD to Taedin Many thanks!
  5. Everything arrived same day, which for a large order like that I wasn't expecting. Great service Will be completing the rest of the tools in a few days I expect.
  6. 70s CoC please - 3 for a Silver In order of importance: Set 1 - Pickaxe, Hatchet, Rake Set 2 - Carving Knife, File, Mallet, Set 3 - Hammer, Grooming Brush, Sickle Set 4 - Meditation Rugs (x2), Butcher Knife 4 silver + Delivery CoD to Taedin Many thanks!
  7. Is it? The difference in category sounds to me like a script to macro one action repeatedly vs something more complex to macro up to five different actions. The end result is the same - a skill you've gathered while not really playing.
  8. Wurm, when played by itself can be tedious. This is known. It's a little known fact, but Netflix moved to a streaming service solely because the CEO was a Wurmian and couldn't stand staring at a timer for 4 hours without distraction. If you don't have a second screen, get a cheap tablet, or prop your phone up next to you while you play. Don't cheat, it ruins it for everyone else who has spent countless hours getting decent skills (whilst watching Netflix) to have you pop up seemingly overnight with something comparable. The community is special because of things like the grind. If we all followed your footsteps everyone gets top Weaponsmithing skills etc without effort, grows bored and moves on to another game. Sorry you can no longer play, but at least you owned up to it so points there.
  9. Sword received and at a better price and better enchant than I expected! Thank you! Great service!!
  10. Can I get an 80QL Iron Longsword with an 80Ql Life transfer? Also how much extra for Nimbleness? Sent to Taedin
  11. Can I get 70ql Shovel -> 70WoA -> 1.50s Delivered to Taedin. Many thanks
  12. Can I take the: Shovel 76woa - 1.3s Post it to Taedin Many thanks!
  13. Nivellen 1708,3114 Thanks!!
  14. Can I get an 80QL iron staff please - send it to Taedin Thanks!