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  1. Properties file is unchanged yes
  2. Is this mod still of any use since as far as I am aware a similar mechanic has been added to the game. If not I'll label this deprecated.
  3. I've updated this, I won't promise to keep it maintained as I don't currently play any form of wurm but if there are issues with any of my mods github issues will get to me and if I have time I will try to update them. https://github.com/webba/moonmetalminingmod/releases
  4. So you want less people to play on epic and reinforce the problem of a split cluster rather than merging the epic players into freedom and letting people play on both clusters with 1 character. Rather than being upset that your account is now much lower on the pecking order how about you be happy that more people will play.

    Sure, but if you and a few friends wanted to use plate then it makes sense to make a decent amount of steel and its not that much that you need to grind pas.

    On the one hand iron plate will need re imped more but its much easier to get skill in now. Tbh getting 70 pas and 50 metallurgy / coalmaking wasn't that hard when I did it just means fewer steps now for new people who want to make their own gear.
  7. You should look at the code for moonmetal veins, they are generated like normal veins but on each mining action it checks if the vein has more than 50 actions remaining and then if it does it sets the actions remaining to 50, maybe with some rng either side I can't remember off the top of my head. You could replicate this by doing a check and if it has more than sandstoneCapAverage + sandstoneCapVariance then set it to sandstoneCapAverage + (RandomInteger(2*sandstoneCapVariance) - sandstoneCapVariance) on each mining action and it would mean you could set a range of quantity in the vein for a cap if it spawns wight 10k.
  8. I have yet to see an answer on how merges will be handled when you have played on the same account on epic and freeedom, will you simply keep the freedom skills and any epic skills which are higher after the reduction. If so then yay I just got 90 cas on my priest
  9. It has been suggested before by others but we could add new hunting traps like snares which would catch rabbits or something similar over time. That gives a valid way to grind traps and use them on freedom but would take some new models and mechanics.
  10. Doing a per skill distribution could be an interesting comparison, you'd probably have to ignore any skills under 20 or 30 as they would dilute the sample too much and make a distribution hard to read as a chart. In order to not give too much away you'd probably have to group by 0.1 intervals and release the numbers rather than just histograms so people could see for themselves how middling and high skill accounts compare for each skill, I'm fairly certain action class time isn't logged server side so any hope of looking at playtime is probably going to be full of outliers.
  11. Eve allows the sale of characters not accounts and you pay a fee to transfer a character from one account to another. They also added skill extractors so you can remove skills and sell them to other players and as such the character market is a lot more quiet.
  12. I actually made a mod for wu that implemented something like this, the jist of it was check what you are transferring to if it is a bulk container then if the "as many as i can carry" was selected then calculate the max amount left in the target container and transfer the largest possible amount as 1 enlarged lump of the correct quality as one complaint I had was that it lead to some lag as people would move thousands of items around regularly, which in case you are not aware essentially removes 1 item from the bsb adds it to the other bsb and then iterates untill all items are done. My mod no longer works as I stopped playing and therefore stopped maintaining it but the principal should work of adding an extra if statement for transfers between bulk storage containers.
  13. I fail to see why you grinding on your account is more valid than someone else grinding on an account. I agree account selling is not healthy but its a thing and it is not really the topic of conversation. You seem to misunderstand my point about why a 1:1 transfer doesn't make sense for every skill, the only way of doing it fairly is to calculate the time it takes to get each skill on epic and freedom and then provide an equivalent on freedom. This will mean higher skills on epic (95+) probably don't take too much of a hit as the tick rate is lower but go down a bit if you have literally spent less time on the same skills, but lower skills which are easier go down a fair chunk. Applying this to your freedom character where you have shared skills what I would suggest is work out total time used on skill grinding, or a proxy for this, and work out what that would equate to on a freedom character.
  14. You do know that a bought account is an account that someone has done actions on right.
  15. Ok so people need to stop talking in base skill numbers because that's not really how exponential curves work, flat % increases/decreases are always going to be broken, if you are going to do anything you need to convert the skill into equivalent total skill ticks, then assess the difference in tick rates for each skill, as it is possible to achieve good tick rates on some skills even at high levels and not with others. So you work out the number of skill ticks they have got and then convert it to freedom numbers, possibly with adjustment factors for each skill where tick rates are significantly lower. As far as combining duplicate skills, just taking the higher could work or taking the same approach calculating total skill ticks adding them together and working out the new skill.
  16. Thanks for the fixes, I can pull these changes if you would like or since I'm not really maintaining this anymore I could just add your repo to the op.
  17. This mod was designed to do 2 things and then one extra feature was added due to a request: 1) Remove the hard cap of 50 actions on glimmer/ada veins this is enabled or disabled using changeVeinCap and the new action cap on these veins is changed to newVeinCap this will not override the vein quantity just removes the check for glimmer / ada that then resets the vein to 50 actions. It does not change the spawning of veins, however it could be used to make them useless by setting the newVeinCap to 1, as was said previously setting it to 0 could have odd side effects. 2) Adding random drops for moon metal ores when mining like gems, this is enabled or disabled using randomMoonMetalDrops and the drop chance of each metal can be customised. 3) Removing the quality cap on home server veins, this is enabled or disabled using changeHomeVeinCap and it can be changed using newHomeVeinCap this sets the max quality of ore avaliable on home servers, again this doesn't change spawning mechanics only changes hard caps when the mining action happens.
  18. There sort of was, the main issue of lag that this was causing is when moving items from bsb to bsb it essentially takes one item out and drops it in the other bsb, when moving less than 100 the time to move the items, and therefore lag, is small however when removing this 100 limit it can cause lag when moving thousands of items. I fixed this by checking if you are moving from one bulk container to another, calculating the max moved amount, i.e. min(Total source items, max destination items, count selected), and then moving a single item of a much larger mass/volume. I then had to add some additional permissions checks but the relevant changes can be found here: https://github.com/webba/bulktransportmod/commit/86eec6853b730fac05443ce0ef8599c2bd04cac1 Despite this I still heard of lag with certain things, probably because if you let people move items more easily they will move more items.
  19. WU Mod Site

    This is actually something I started working on with @urban, made a start and kind of dropped it when I stopped playing as much wurm and stopped modding. If no one else is working on this I could potentially continue but it would probably be more beneficial if someone in the community who is still active made the site, http://wurmmods.com/ is what I have so far as a starting point. P.S. Pretty sure none of the functionality works so clicking links/signing in does pretty much nothing.
  20. Glad to see someone is maintaining this now that I have stopped, I just lost interest in WU. If you need any help feel free to pm me and I might be able to help. If my version is no longer working just say and I will put yours in the first post.
  21. Sorry I have been buzy with work recently and am not really playing wurm, thanks to tmarchuk for the fix I have accepted the pull request but for now please use his release.
  22. Sorry for not replying for so long, I've been buzy with work for a while, I will try to fix this later today.
  23. Assuming this is just an alternative to sailing across and the characters stay the same, the portals are what you need. Each portal points to a specific server Id so you will likely have to change your ids to match the ones in the code. I did make some progress on a portal mod but stopped working on it as Keenan will undoubtedly do a better job of it. If he has put this on hold I'll try to finish mine and publish it.
  24. Steam don't usually ban you unless you are trying to run the game without buying it, I'm wanting a developer answer before I do anything since I don't want to do it, get reported for breaking tos and loose my £1000+ steam account