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  1. So this check treeGrowth is a special implementation and not the usual time based Treeaging, i guess. Do we have informations about how often each tile is polled by the server. Or does someone now how to display a debug message here to see if a tree is polled maybe get the first time a tree is polled save the tile and put out a debug message each time the saved tile is polled again... So i may implement a method which generates a chance value of 1 if the tree is below desired age and a timebase has passed... only questions is where to save this timebase for each tree there should be an database entry for eacht tree last growth i guess ... is the tile data synced with the database or is it pkaced in ram an batch saved at an intervall to the database?
  2. Hello, I tried extremely high and extremely low values neither motivated my trees to grow. Neither did i set it to 0 as this stops growing and despawns sapplings, i have seen this in the code too. And it seems that this value controls tree spreading. And an extreme groeth rate would cause that the trees would be overaged fast The effevt which im aiming is to have trees grow with a reduced tick till a certain age then with the worh the normal rate. Just like the creatureage mod
  3. Hello, I'd like to implement a mod for argos modloader which behaves similar to the creatureage mod but with trees. I play on a server with my friend and the server is turned off if we aren't playing. And planted tree sprout seem to never grow actually. So i digged into the server code and discovered the TilePoller class in which the PollNextTile Method which works on a global variable in this class which seems to be set from the outside before the poll next tile method is called; as observed from the poll gm action in the TileBehaviour class. The pollNextTile method calls the checkEffects methods after some more calls which checks if this tile is a tree then checks for age restrictions and calculates a chance at which the tree may grow age++. This seems like the time constant in which a tree may grow is not determined in the poll call but in another loop where this method is called to only execute the tree growth. This behaviour is observed when a gm calls the poll method on a tree tile as it grows immediately. Now i'm searching for the code which determines the time span after which a tree tile is polled... This seems to happen in Server.run but my decompiler is not able to decompile this method properly and neither was i able to locate any constants which represent the growth times for the different tree types. Is there maybe a more experienced modder which can enlighten me with the workings of tree growth
  4. Hi i have ~1,8 k dirt at silent hill mist lake What is ur price with and without delivery?