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  1. Hello, Looking for an few items CoD to Sussermans please shovel blade, iron, 31,20ql, 72woa - 1,00s spindle, oakenwood, 2,60ql, 74coc - 1,10s scissors, iron, 41,80ql, 80coc - 1,40s butchering knife blade, iron, 56,27ql, 70coc - 0,90s wild cat pelt, 60,53ql, 89coc - 2,48s Thanks again! You are amazing
  2. Hello, Would like to purchase: 2h Sword, silver, 70ql, 80nimb, 64LT, 98coc, 63ms - 11s Staff, silver, 70ql, 87nimb, 69LT, 91coc, 61ms - 11s CoD to Aarquen. Thanks!
  3. Hello again, Looking for a couple more things CoD to Sussermans please. butchering knife blade, iron, 56,15ql, 71coc - 0,95s needle, iron, 31,47ql, 66coc - 0,78s Thanks
  4. I am loving it. Thank you so much! Can't wait to get the plate
  5. Hello, rake blade, iron, 31,84ql, 81coc - 1,52s hatchet head, iron, 31,22ql, 73coc - 1,05s rope tool, oakenwood, 45,45ql, 84woa, 58coc - 2,46s saw, iron, 12,10ql, 79coc - 1,30s knife, iron, 41,79ql, 95coc - 3,30s awl blade, iron, 31,37ql, 80coc - 1,40s leather knife blade, iron, 32,45ql, 93coc - 3,02s sickle blade, iron, 31,85ql, 76coc - 1,20s CoD to Sussermans please, Thanks! Amazing shop!
  6. Hello, Sickle, iron, 70ql, 75nimb, 84LT, 93coc, 85ms - 16s Staff, silver, 70ql, 95nimb, 73LT, 87coc, 72ms - 14s Grooming Brush, Oak, 71coc - 1.2s CoD to Sussermans please, Thanks!
  7. Hello, 1x 81ql Steel Plate set 15s 1x 71ql Steel Full Chain Set 7s CoD to Sussermans please. Thank you!
  8. Hello, Please CoD to Sussermans 5.12QL meditation rug, cotton CoC70 - 83 copper Thanks!
  9. Hello, Looking for the following items to be sent to Sussermans please. short bow, willow 54,23ql, 57coc - 0,87s chisel blade, iron, 10,14ql - 74coc - 1,10s whetstone, 60,28ql, 86coc - 2,12s Thanks in advance
  10. Quick sale, pleasure to deal with. Would purchase again in the furture
  11. Hello, Was sitting here terraforming and for the third time or so I have had my keybinds just go away pretty much.(currently using unstable client) The strip at the top of the screen goes to just dashes and my bindings are erased. I can relaunch the keybinds by holding shift which brings up defaults. Figured I would make a report about it just incase it is a widespread issue. Thanks, Shuego
  12. Thanks for the quick transaction!


    Would recommend for future Silver coil/gold coil transactions.



    1. shuego


      Coin* though... Sometimes I wonder if I am going crazy...

  13. Sending out three from Zekrar with source crystals if you don't mind mixing them up for me please
  14. +1, The Gods blow on your sail. Love it
  15. WTS 1g

    I will gladly take that 1G off your hands. Name is shuego in game. Paypal verified and all that. PM me your email and I will make a very quick payment and get the item CoD to ya. Thanks