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  1. Wurm has never run nicely on ATI/AMD cards. I used to play using an old ATI card a long long time ago. Basically unplayable.
  2. Really would like to know more about that. As there are many skills which need looking at considering the time it takes to level them. *COUGH* weapon smithing *COUGH*
  3. Seriously, there needs to be some transparency from the devs on this as this is fairly game breaking. I have never enjoyed how quiet the management is when the game is broken. The first rift on NFI was by far the worst for me lag wise. The second rift it seemed the lag was not as severe but it still was there. Obviously I had a better experience than others at the second rift. I love this game and want it to continue to grow and get better.
  4. Was informed that recipient got a head of a sickle at 11s, sub 60woa. They sent it back to say the least. Figured I would let ya know.
  5. All good, Scythe, silver, 71ql, 95nimb, 74LT, 73coc, 65ms - 11s Sickle, silver, 71ql, 100nimb, 62LT, 82coc, 89ms - 12s These two look great instead. CoD to Sussermans please. Thank you
  6. Sickle, silver, 71ql, 88nimb, 95LT, 88coc, 61ms - 14s Cod to Sussermans please. Thank you
  7. Welcome to Lonlon Cadence, j15 | come check out our merchants! Feel free to send Sussermans or Zekky a PM in game or directly reply to this thread. We also can improve your leather goods! Currently building stocks. Leatherworking Rug Emporium
  8. Can you please add Nuksal [1454, 1829] Thanks
  9. Amazing shop@! Looking at QL 60 Sickle w96 c64 (12.2s) CoD to Killprada please. Thanks!
  10. Seems like an adventure and I am really close by. Count me in.
  11. Hello, Looking for an few items CoD to Sussermans please shovel blade, iron, 31,20ql, 72woa - 1,00s spindle, oakenwood, 2,60ql, 74coc - 1,10s scissors, iron, 41,80ql, 80coc - 1,40s butchering knife blade, iron, 56,27ql, 70coc - 0,90s wild cat pelt, 60,53ql, 89coc - 2,48s Thanks again! You are amazing
  12. Hello, Would like to purchase: 2h Sword, silver, 70ql, 80nimb, 64LT, 98coc, 63ms - 11s Staff, silver, 70ql, 87nimb, 69LT, 91coc, 61ms - 11s CoD to Aarquen. Thanks!