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  1. I think it would be super rewarding to unlock a cape at 100 skill that gives you a buff to rare bonus in that skill or just a creative buff in general. Getting to 100 in this game is one of the most difficult grinds in existence. Thoughts?
  2. Trolls should not count as freedom isles. wtf...
  3. +1, There really is no reason not to fix this problem. Unless we are changing the way uniques work... and that is not going to happen.
  4. First off... Everyone can stream. There are no rules stating you cannot. 2. Why is someone from Xanadu all of a sudden an expert on Zuelatek's Hamlet? 3. How does this affect you?
  5. It was in the mine.
  6. I agree. I hope they still revise this. Stop making our wurm life miserable pls. It is already a nasty grind.
  7. So, announcement of the major issue when? ETA on a fix? Why is this not being publicly announced?
  8. Hello, Can you please CoD these items to Sussermans: Shovel 70ql - 74 BoTD - 1s 49c Shovel 70ql - 78 BoTD - 1s 56c Needle 70ql - 88 BoTD - 2s 40c Leather Knife 70ql - 87 BoTD - 2s 37c Awl 70ql - 79 BoTD - 1s 58c Thanks!