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  1. First off... Everyone can stream. There are no rules stating you cannot. 2. Why is someone from Xanadu all of a sudden an expert on Zuelatek's Hamlet? 3. How does this affect you?
  2. I agree. I hope they still revise this. Stop making our wurm life miserable pls. It is already a nasty grind.
  3. So, announcement of the major issue when? ETA on a fix? Why is this not being publicly announced?
  4. Hello, Can you please CoD these items to Sussermans: Shovel 70ql - 74 BoTD - 1s 49c Shovel 70ql - 78 BoTD - 1s 56c Needle 70ql - 88 BoTD - 2s 40c Leather Knife 70ql - 87 BoTD - 2s 37c Awl 70ql - 79 BoTD - 1s 58c Thanks!
  5. In game wurmpedia window is really cool. Can you add tabs please? Edit: Additionally, make it so the window saves what you are doing instead of reverting back to home.
  6. This right here should motivate us all to make some meaningful changes. We should not have to cheese the system to compete. I tag when I want to do so, and it increases my points however it is more difficult to amass lots of points at smaller rifts. In your opinion. There are many that disagree. The fact you can tag and get more points is a broken system. Sure, many may not do it. That does not change the fact the system still exists, and people can do it. Let's leave generations and politics out of this discussion as it is irrelevant to the topic.
  7. I would imagine that many people are not aware that they can tag to get more points. Also many people that do know will not do it due to the pain in the butt it can be. So the evidence you are providing is not taking that in to account.
  8. Yeah, Ekcin is an SFI elitist it seems. I have played since 2011. Starting on SFI. Attended many rifts. While there have been good changes, there have not been any changes to fix the fundamental issues with rifts minus the healing nerf. "Participation points" Really, this is a matter of finding a good balance for experienced players, mid-level, and new. Tagging is most certainly a good way to enhance your participation points in the current system.
  9. Got lost in time. You're right.