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  1. WTS 2 Gold

    Quick sale, pleasure to deal with. Would purchase again in the furture
  2. Hello, Was sitting here terraforming and for the third time or so I have had my keybinds just go away pretty much.(currently using unstable client) The strip at the top of the screen goes to just dashes and my bindings are erased. I can relaunch the keybinds by holding shift which brings up defaults. Figured I would make a report about it just incase it is a widespread issue. Thanks, Shuego
  3. Thanks for the quick transaction!


    Would recommend for future Silver coil/gold coil transactions.



    1. shuego


      Coin* though... Sometimes I wonder if I am going crazy...

  4. Sending out three from Zekrar with source crystals if you don't mind mixing them up for me please
  5. +1, The Gods blow on your sail. Love it
  6. WTS 1g

    I will gladly take that 1G off your hands. Name is shuego in game. Paypal verified and all that. PM me your email and I will make a very quick payment and get the item CoD to ya. Thanks
  7. I'll be there now since it's on the weekend. 70+fs
  8. Honestly, I would love to just see the ability to make our own freedom banners and wagons. A few people have mentioned this. We should just avoid calling it a PMK and call it an alliance or guild.. Someone even mentioned we want this all for free, but I have previously stated on this thread that I would be more than happy to pay for features like this on freedom kind of like PMKs but not PMKs. Can't forget to add that we should make it so we can choose our guard tower design, from the already implemented towers. I feel like I have posted this three different times... Lol I know the title is PvP versus PvE, but its really about the separation of content.
  9. Heyyy, I'm not complaining. But yeah carts, wagons, they all go through single doors and canopy doors. All wood and stone types.
  10. I love it I love it I love it. Can I press the like button a few more times? +1
  11. Then why is it we can go over to the PvP server and bring back wagons, banners and unfinished guard towers? For those who never want to even touch PvP, they get left out. In all fairness since Freedom is not really a kingdom players should be free to choose what they want to represent.
  12. Yeah this attitude right here is what keeps derailing good discussions and I am tired of their crap. If you don't have anything to add to the discussion that has value, then kindly click away. Also notice it's mostly the PvP crowd acting this way. *shots fired*
  13. I think it's quite clear what we want on this thread. Valid points but the toxicity is real.
  14. +1 for sure. A feature that has been requested over and over again.
  15. I have thought about this myself. Hopefully it never becomes a reality.