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  1. I was just thinking how "cool" it would be if the smaller lakes and ponds became frozen during the winter. If they did we could chisel ice blocks to put in the fridge that would work similar to snow balls, but would last longer. Also, maybe there could be ice fishing that would get different types of fish or other items. Maybe you could make fun ice sculptures, or the ability to ice skate. Ice skates could be made by leatherworking and blacksmithing. Another idea that might be to hard to do but in a larger lake there could be other dangers during winter like icebergs that could damage your ships. I'm sure there are many other ideas that could be made with frozen lakes as well but those are a few that I thought of off the top of my head.
  2. @Aldur i loved using the Granger. It helped me ALOT. I was away for a while and just recently redownloaded Wurm assistant and started playing again. For some reason the smile/examine does not bring the horse into the granger for me.
  3. I am getting this message when I first open the program and I don't see where I need to go to fix what is on this list. I tried looking it up on here, on wiki/google and on youtube with no success. Wurm Assistant has detected potential issues with Wurm Game Client configuration. Follow the instructions below to fix these issues. After fixing issues, restart Wurm Assistant. If issues are not fixed, some of Wurm Assistant features may break. Note, that if Wurm Client is running, its settings will not be saved until its closed. >> Issues in config: default "Hide alignment updates" option should be unchecked. "Hide favor updates" option should be unchecked. "Skillgain tab updates" option should be set to as frequent as possible. Recommended setting is "Always" or "Per 0.001 increase". This is especially important at very high skill levels. "Save skills on quit" option should be enabled. It greatly helps in finding all skill levels. ------------- I looked through all the tabs to try to find where to uncheck and enable these and could not find where they were.
  4. Happy Holidays everyone

  5. Oh, thank you..I will try again later
  6. Not sure if its discord or if its the link but i cant get in atm.
  7. It would be nice if we could paint the trims of the house different colors then the house. ie. a barn could be red with white trim.
  8. I would love a new combat system where I could use my number keys instead of click select click. I stay away from fighting because to me that's just bleh.
  9. Yay, so happy my game works again. Now I can play with the horses and find more "cute" piles of small nails on the ground.
  10. I don't like the new texture that they put on the horses, their butts look way to shiny. I hope they change it.
  11. +1 that sounds awesome
  12. It would be nice if there were saddle bags we could make and put on horses so that we could carry more items than just what our characters could carry and not have to hitch a big wagon to bring a few items somewhere.
  13. If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.

    1. Kamikazifly


      Without rules there would be nothing to break.

    2. Dextrome


      "Without rules there would be nothing to break."

      Except basically every other thing in the universe lol...