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  1. As Friedrich above has mentioned, the near biblical experience I partook in when donning the Armor and Weaponry for the first time almost robbed me of my reason....not only that, but I felt an almost overwhelming need to turn myself in to the mods for robbery, as surely there was not a chance that I had acquired these goods for the the amount of silver requested... Excellent service, communication, and unbelievable turn around time for the sheer amount of random stuff I requested. 11/10
  2. CoD the Exquisite Meditation rug C73 to Chivalry please, thanks!
  3. pickaxe, iron C76 37 0 1s Can you CoD this pickaxe to Gallantry please.
  4. As Title, please post or pm me with offers!
  5. grooming brush, oakenwood, 8 ql, 87 coc, 1.3 s carving knife, 70 ql, 72 woa, 67 coc, 1.2 s file, 70 ql, 81 woa, 1.2 s If you could please CoD those three to Chivalry please!
  6. Please CoD mallet #2 to Chivalry, thanks!
  7. I'll take the N78 LT90 C80 Longsword please for 9s50, Cod it to Chivalry, cheers! If you could put an animals demise on that it would be great
  8. Hey, Can I order a full suit of 90QL plate to be COD'd to Chivalry please!
  9. CoD one set of four to Chivalry please.
  10. I'm interested in the highest CoC <10 QL Rake that you have left. Also interested in the CoC'd grooming brush! Please CoD them to me, willing to pay 1s each.
  11. CoD both 9 and 10 to Chivalry, thanks!.