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  1. I know, but I'm waiting for it to become more widely used. Like, nobody uses trade chat in PoE anymore cause of the site, and I think wurmtrade is really well put together and could do the same.
  2. Some of the prices I've seen are pretty oof. I can appreciate that you can price things based on demand, but again, oof. Looks like an 80ql tool with 90coc or woa will set you back 19 euros worth of silver, going by the official wurm online store. Curious how much people are making. I'll completely understand if that's not something people want to disclose. I'm just shocked there's so much coin in circulation. I just wonder what people have to say.
  3. Waiting for that wurm trade site to make trade chat irrelevant.
  4. Anyone watching or just finished any good shows or films?
  5. It would be pretty filthy if buying affinities became the new meta for grinding skills to 100. Though it would also make PvP much more attractive as it could payout some good silver. I just don't think it should be from selling affinities.
  6. Never Night

    These were the days nights. Good times. Inconvenient at times, but it added a layer of difficulty that was very unique to Wurm.
  7. I've played MMOs where players were able to easily lookup one another or send chat commands to display their skills overhead. It enabled players to be valued by their skills and introduced unnecessary competition. There's a WU leaderboard mod that ranks players in skills. If new players join and see how far behind they are, they might feel discouraged.
  8. Guys, I'm really bad at math Server Rite of Spring Holy Crop Ritual of the Sun Xanadu 42 56 147 Release 69 105 110 Pristine 46 133 1 Independence 72 32 190 Exodus 23 114 107 Deliverance 75 44 Celebration 93 160 140 Total 420 644 695 Average time between cast 9 days 14 days 19 days Regardless, I don't think travelling between servers matters. It just seems as though Vyn and Lib have their global spells cast far more frequently across the board (unless you include Chaos). Server Rite of Spring Holy Crop Ritual of the Sun Rite of Death Xanadu 42 56 147 26 Release 69 105 110 106 Pristine 46 133 1 Independence 72 32 190 32 Exodus 23 114 107 Deliverance 75 44 1357 132 Chaos 934 147 172 1876 Celebration 93 160 140 91 Total 1354 791 2224 2263 What's the deal with mag priests on deliverance? It was at that moment he realised this was a discussion on NFI.
  9. I don't like wild growth in its current state. When growing trees in bulk I get varying powers of cast and some trees end up older than others, and when casting repeatedly some end up withered, so being able to rejuvenate them through wands would be just dandy. And wands in general is an exciting concept with a lot of potential.
  10. Could store the binary in a pastebin and use the URL extension as the name. I think they're about 8 characters. Not sure about capitalization though.
  11. WoA on tools for imping sweetspot? I'm presuming not.
  12. "My greatest regret is not being there to witness the bedlam that led to the state of this city." - Tangmazu, (the voice) from Path of Exile Delirium League. (Listen) Bedlam and Archaic
  13. AFAIK the journal is being reworked. Perhaps this could be worked into it somehow. Although, increasing rare and affinity chance would be too big a reward, players will pump out 10k a day effortlessly.
  14. It'd be nice to hear creatures beside spiders for a change.
  15. Fo fan Pros I can flex down mountains without consequences because of heal Bros with the animals Removes bad traits Cons Restricted by healing resistances Bros with the animals Wild growth leaves surrounding trees with varying ages after multiple casts
  16. Any idea what's expected from that update?
  17. AFAIK there are no more updates. What needs finishing?
  18. I have 28 repair skill which I've gotten from 80 leatherworking, imping 100 sets of studded up 5 ql each at a time. Even at 80 skill I get 10 times the skill in leatherworking than what i get in repairing, so I'm wondering what the optimal QL is for repair skill. Is there a slope or math formula anyone knows of?
  19. Need to channel my inner JK Simmons and get really mad.
  20. I hope your video card is doing well Have you considered streaming?
  21. Narcissism has reached new staggering heights

  22. beckons you to join Fo for that sweet decrease in hunger and water drain Drain is fine imo.
  23. I like that your hover colour is purple. :3 And I like that you went over the highway system and journal.