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  1. Tapestry Competition!

    I had no idea that my submissions would cause so much controversy. :-/ I honestly didn't think I was going to win when I submitted them. I wasn't even going to enter until I saw others submitting their own screenshots. While I can't draw or paint, I am good with Photoshop so I decided to take a shot at it for fun. It did not take 5 seconds to create them. It took several hours to go through my years of screenshots to find a few with good composition, find the right filters and settings to bring out the colours, find the right woven cloth texture that could overlay the screenshots to make it look like a tapestry without taking away the detail, add more layers to create a more old/distressed look, and find a suitable border that fit with the Wurm theme and added something without distracting from the image. The images that were partially in grayscale took even longer because I "handpainted" the areas where the colour came through. And there was also a lot of tweaking and testing with things that ended up not working, so I'd often end up right back at the beginning. But I had fun and I was proud with how in the end they looked quite a bit like real tapestries. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...well so is art. What some people consider art, others don't. I don't understand abstract paintings and sculptures but a lot of people do and I don't begrudge them for it.I think that video games and web design are art in their own way but there are plenty who would disagree with me. Just different strokes for different folks (pun intended). Like Brash mentioned, what if I had used one of my many wildflower/prairie landscape photos instead of a screenshot and went through the same process in Photoshop? Would that have been a more "valid" entry? The photos took even less effort to take since they were taking while I was on the job and just happened across something that looked pretty. It's particularly disheartening for me to hear some of these comments because I'm a web designer by trade and so many people think that my job is easy, that it's not worth much because it's just "computer stuff", and that they can just do it themselves for free. It may all look like colourful boxes and text to them, but they don't know how I sketch out several designs looking for one that catches the eye and conveys the message, then translate it into a Photoshop mockup, and then implement it with code as a working website while keeping in mind brand/colour guidelines, functionality, accessibility, SEO, and cross-browser compatibility. This is not including the (many) revisions and spec changes I often have to deal with. I spent years designing websites as a hobby before taking a web design college course and turning it into a career, yet there are people who think that all they need is a free tool to create a website to do my job. Then they come up with something that is truly cringe-worth and most of the time, I am then asked to fix it. Just because something is "digital" and may look easy to you doesn't mean that it isn't. Just like how painting, drawing, carving, sculpting, wood burning, game designing, coding, writing etc. also isn't easy and there's likely hundreds if not thousands of hours of work of practicing and perfecting technique behind doing any one of those activities. I have the greatest respect for any sort of artist/writer/coder/designer because they work hard at what they do, at what they love, and not everyone appreciates it. Someone mentioned that "real artists" will now be more disinclined to submit their work. Well I know I'll be more disinclined to submit my own because it's not "real" to some people. Like I said, I didn't think I was going to win. And if I had, I would have guessed it would have been one of many because there were a lot of really beautiful submissions. Heck, there are others that I think should have won instead of mine. But just because you don't agree with the winning choice doesn't mean you should completely disregard the time I spent on my submissions. If a "real painting" had won, I wouldn't have come in here saying that a five-year-old could have done it with fingerpaints. I'd just like to end with saying that I really hope that they put more into the game because I want to cover my stone walls with all the amazing tapestries I can get my hands on. Wurm is a beautiful game and the players make beautiful things within it, and more tapestries can only improve it. /end soapbox
  2. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 49

    Oh wow, now my Mag priest is going to be everywhere. He'll practically be famous!
  3. Tapestry Competition!

    Since people like the screenshot submissions so much, I decided to try my hand at a couple of my own. I know they said that we don't have to make it look like it's on a tapestry but I found that it really added something when I did. I may play around with some of the medieval woodcut styles too and see if I can come up with anything. Xanadu Habour Bear Riders (players: Journeya and Seancarl) Scorpion Rainbow Guard Tower Battlefield Lake Rainbow Inn Meditation Hope Mountain Rainbow Colossus Lake Ravenstone Devout
  4. Player Auctions Costly

    That would be a fantastic idea, KyroKitten, except right at the bottom of that page under "Not allowed" is the following: Which sucks, it would have been great otherwise.
  5. Player Auctions Costly

    Why do millions of people sell/do drugs, steal from others, or murder others when it's illegal? I think it's a combination of having no respect for rules and regulations, and thinking they won't get caught. If all of your other sales weren't against the ToS of other games, I wouldn't have an issue with this site. I still might not use it but I wouldn't say anything against it. But I have respect for all game developers, not just Wurm Online ones, so I'm not going to deal with people who break the rules just so they can make a buck. PlayerAuctions staff may not be breaking the rules themselves but they sure are willing to facilitate it, especially if they get a cut. And if they're ignoring the ToS for other games, how long until they ignore the ToS for Wurm? Just because others are doing it doesn't make it right. And I reserve the right to not trust someone who's willing to break the rules for money. Edit: spelling mistakes, derp.
  6. Recommending Player Auctions

    I agree with what Gnomegates said. If this was just a site for Wurm Online auctions, I'd have no issue with it. However, since they're supporting RMTs in games that explicitly have rules against it, it looks super sketchy and I wouldn't trust them with my email address, never mind my money. I've seen friends' accounts in other games get compromised and taken over by the kind of people who sell on these sites (even one of my old game accounts was used for such activities) and it's not fun at all. I've seen people so discouraged by this that they just quit. Maybe some of the sellers on this site are "legit" (as much as they can be) but how can you tell the difference when you don't know them? Even if that doesn't bother you, just Googling "playerauctions reviews" is enough for me not to want anything to do with them. As for this, as far as I know, Rolf and the devs have nothing to do with trades made on the forums. He even posted a "safer account transfer" thread 2 days ago that says things like: Seems to me that they're saying we buy and sell accounts/items at our own risk and there's no support if something goes wrong. So how can this be taking time away from development?
  7. Pickaxe, iron QL 4.00 coc 82 - 1s COD to Faeldray please. Thanks!
  8. 1.3s for each sleep power, or 18s + free delivery for them all if you're on Xanadu. 20s + free delivery for them all if you're on another server. PM me here on the forums or Faeldray in-game if you're interested. Sold!
  9. WTS Enchanted Stuff [Great prices!]

    10Ql Rake 93CoC - 3s Could you COD this to Faeldray please?
  10. Selling Cheap Enchanted Tools

    Iron horse shoes 72ql 64WoA -55c 72ql 66WoA -60c 72ql 69WoA -60c 72ql 69WoA -60c Can you COD to Faeldray please? Thanks!
  11. I just need one building plan done at Caer Blaidd (K25). Bed/food provided if you like, plus a tip in coins. Please PM me on the forums or in-game if you're interested.
  12. Animal breeding/feeding issues

    I'm on Xanadu and I have 4 sets of breeding pairs, plus 4 female horses that are hitched to carts. After the females in the breeding pairs gave birth, I noticed they don't want to breed again, even if it's several days after they gave birth and they were uninterested in food. So after reading this thread, I went and switched out all the females that refused to breed for the ones that had been hitched to the carts. And I had no issues breeding those females. So like Brash said, I don't think it's a cap or hunger issue because why would I be able to breed my cart females? Seeing as how a server reset fixes it, it's almost like the birth timer gets stuck until the next reset.
  13. Xanadu Map

    Could you please add Caer Blaidd to the map? It's located in the north west corner of K25 where the desert meets the grassland. Thanks!
  14. Close.

    I have a Mag priest and I'm right next to you. Is this something you're thinking of doing regularly?
  15. [Public Event] Champion Forest Giant`

    Faeldray 70+ FS Marik 70+ FS We don't want to roll for anything, we just want to join in the fun.