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  1. A New Elevation

    If champions stay as is how would they cross between home servers and elevation once reset?, they can currently only use border to cross between servers and not the portals.
  2. Wts sandstone shards

    wts 6k sandstone shards 0.40s per/1k
  3. [Fixed] spells on arrows

    after update we can no longer cast spells on arrows. [16:43:31] You can only target weapons. and would need enchanted arrows to be able to shoot eagle spirit or drake spirits
  4. WTS

    selling 6k stone bricks for 10s50c 2x kyklops blood 1.5s each rare chain boot iron 1s
  5. crossing border then my toon sinks into the boat.
  6. if i right click animals i have option to talk and give dont have ss of that atm
  7. selling

    selling 8k stone bricks 1.8s/k and 8500 dirt 0.50c/k can deliver free
  8. selling

    still selling
  9. selling

    still up for sale
  10. selling

    still for sale
  11. water

    can they mybe make water wave's in sea and rivers
  12. Login server is down, whats new

    We all still await the server down from yesterday:O wanted to play and still down. hope login server get fixed soon We want prem time back for the login server that was ofline losing the prem time and cant play