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  1. Updated list to cover sale of sleep powders. The rest is still available as is contract clay
  2. And sold. That was much faster than expected
  3. Full set of 4 horse shoes for sale in southern Indy, although they can obviously go farther than that These horseshoes are not only 75q, but the WoA casts on them are 72, 72, 78, and 78. Obviously it will be a while before more of these shoes will be available, so grab yours now! Only asking 4s for the set so better hurry since they won't last long. PM me on forums or in game as Anputeti and get them while they're hot! Figuratively of course. They cooled down from smithing a while ago
  4. Here's the stuff I have for sale currently located at Crazy Kitsune Cliffs (Site of the old Port Eminence): 1k Wemp, 86q+ 1s 2k Cotton, 85q+ 1s per k (2s for all of it for the mathematically challenged) 2 sleep powder 2s each(4s for both for above reasons ) 1k Bricks 2s I can also take orders for clay @ 1s per k. Contact me on forums or Anputeti in game.
  5. Indy and Pristine are also inaccessable
  6. Ah but how do you make the diagonal ones? I never could figure that out
  7. If all the servers are going down then it's not working now, is it?
  8. Varies depending on how much attention the devs are paying
  9. Release also now shows as being down. It's spreading >.<
  10. Can move again, but server can't track me. Issued commands are taking several minutes to execute.
  11. Would have to be since I already restarted my entire computer. Since logging in I'm up to 7 minutes and counting and still can't move. Took 5 minutes to load my noob inventory.
  12. For the last half hour I've been trying to log in a couple of my characters. It takes several minutes to decide no pack updates are required (Usually takes under a minute), and 3 minutes after logging either account in I still am not allowed to move. I've checked several of the other games I play and Wurm is the only one affected. One account is on Pristine and the other on Independence.
  13. Kind of hard to get pictures as most of the deed is vertical Does make for some amazing views though