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  1. Thread Title includes (Private Loot) I'm clearly entitled... to nothing. Sounds like free help to net you 25s~ off a rare bone Who'd bother wasting a couple hours of their time to get you free profit? ^ suckers above.
  2. Unfortunately that must not be true given the existence of this thread.
  3. Not that I'm interested in the loot, but I fail to see why I'd go take blows for a blood that's not really worth the time and no possibility of rare bone. Sorry, GL with the event, but I'll pass.
  4. Dragon

    Grats to the killers, thanks for not letting others know about it. Really awesome of you, those from celebration.....
  5. I know there's a couple websites up now that show server status, players, etc... but does anyone have a basic script they wouldn't mind sharing that does it? I'm just looking for online/offline, players... nothing too complicated. Thank you for the help!
  6. So I got warned and will not acknowledge it by clicking the button.. this has caused an issue where I can no longer edit my posts to close a WTB thread. It shouldn't be throwing errors but instead informing me to acknowledge. Ignore the left screen, I run a dual montior setup.. the error is shown in the right pane. Seems to be a lot of issues to fix lately.
  7. Sending both now! [15:46:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour.
  8. Asking 2s per glove mainly due to ql but also as that's what I'd get from a trader. Located on Celebration but can always CoD to place of residence at buyers request. Just lemme know which glove you'd like or buy em' both!
  9. Such a bummer, still a really nifty shiny-shiny I guess lol. thanks for the replies all.
  10. Do they give any bonus sleep bonus gained, reduced wait timer in some instances, anything? I just imped a bed to supreme and am hoping it's more useful aside from the shiny-shiny.
  11. I've seen 42 threads this week alone about ways to increase ship speed. I wanted to add my own thread to the mix for the sake of being number 43! Lets add jetpacks to every ship... the bigger the ship the more jetpacks it can hold! I want to hear your thoughts on jetpacks and even your own original stupidly thought out ideas on how we should increase the speed for ships that don't need speed increases! Go!
  12. Big +1, I remember the mmo Mabinogi, music and melodies were just as big a part of the game as skills and leveling. This would really enhance wurm and make it stand out. I don't know of a single other sandbox mmo that has player made music.
  13. Nerf your grammer please, it's horrid and needs fixing...
  14. Yeah this was what I had meant. I noticed increased gains and that the enchant level would drop randomly overtime, thus assumed it worked. I do see what you've been saying now, makes sense.