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  1. Selling 769.89QL worth of gems. 14s Pm Minixcaliber in-game
  2. Welcome to Sunny Side M-18 Harmony So im considering moving servers, only problem is that i have a huge deed 10 seconds away from HB on Harmony that i have put a lot of work into + silver/money.. Now im happy to keep this deed and just have a 2nd deed but i was just testing the waters to see how much interest people would have moving into a fully developed deed ( Nearly ) that has everything that you need to get straight to work. The deed has a few coins in the coffers and will last a good few days There is 2 separate mines on this deed one is for the deeds community and one is for deed owner The public deed mine has 5-7 iron mines raging from poor - v-good QL 1 lead mine 1 zinc Not sure of the QL of the lead and zinc. The deed owners mine that is hidden away from anyone even knowing its there and reinforced has Utmost veins of every ore you can get all located right next to each other so you can go in for whatever your looking for and just mine it take it and go + it has a random v-good QL gold and 2 irons. The deed has pens and will come with 5-6 horses 1-2 speed The deed has many animals on the vast farm land we have on one side It has a public main building that is just 1 wall high marble that will be left as is with everything in. 6x6 building My main house thats a 6x6 that will be finished off before sale ( If sale ) Wooden building that belongs to a deed member - who will be coming with me if i decide to sell. / Slate building thats was a deed members that left Plenty of space for a lot of buildings on this deed. 1x wagoner 1x 6-7 min mail box 10 seconds from HB Main Spawn. you can see the guard tower that has a 2x2 path going straight there even cat's-eyes are put in place.
  3. Selling This Tome Of Magic There is a reserve on this item. Starting bid = 20s 1s + bids at a time Buyout is set to 40s Please include your in-game name to C.O.D to. Please respect the auction do not spam, any conversations PM each other Any and All messages must be bids only Thank you so much and happy bidding guys !
  4. On Things Current

    maybe fix the bug where you buy sleep bonus upgrade to the account like i did i could have up to 6 hours and always logged off in my bed on 5 hours and its never gone past 5 hours now so ive lost the upgrade. not sure why but the amount of sleep bonus I've lost out on is a lot, I've opened a support and hope this will be fixed I even tried using sleep powder to raise above 5 hours and didn't work ! -Waste of marks and would like a refund or fix
  5. I have started making 50QL lanterns and looking to sell them for 1s each. Please contact Minixcaliber in game for orders. Below is the colours of dye and the spoiler is the actual look of the dye on a lantern shining on a marble wall. ( Working on my Blacksmithing now and will be making 70QL soon as i get a little higher ) White dye will be coming soon. Please have a look and just let me know what number you would like and i will send you a 50QL lantern with the colour of your choice
  6. So i loaded my forge in my wagon just after snuffing it, 24 hours later all the items are still glowing hot inside the wagon the items can be used like the lump without having to relight it just open the wagon open the forge and use it like that. i only noticed as i was going to unload the forge and i seen that you can open the forge inside the wagon after looking in the forge i seen everything glowing hot - I live M-18 Sunny Side Harmony come check my wagon out anytime Minixcalibers palace Spoke with "Bakbak" and he told me to do this wright up here to help get this fixed. 2 bugs in 3 days ! call me the exterminator lol..
  7. Very nice indeed Shame your selling this