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  1. just to let people know, im looking for around 1g for this deed. i dont think thats a bad number i think its a steal at this price. would rather have a english currency deal through paypal.
  2. Hello all ! ive currently just come back to playing wurm and I want a fresh start from nothing, im wanting to sell up my deed with everything inside. As most people who know me know .. That IM a person that likes things done and I like to stock pile a lot of items and resources ( horder ) IM not looking to sell up and quit the game IM wanting to sell up and give myself a reason to play again other than grinding skills. Ive found out over the past god knows how many years its the building up of a deed and everything that comes with building that I like about the game, I found that recently before I stopped playing I was grinding skills and that burnt my flame out and I quit for a long time, after constantly thinking about the game And how I could play it and enjoy it again it was simple. I need to sell up shop and do that I love to do and build a new deed on a new place, as much as I love this deed And how much money and effort ive put into it and made it perfect in my eyes I need to move on to enjoy this game again. Please take your time to look through the pictures ive taken of my land and consider how much work and how much stuff is on the deed. This is a fully loaded Fully ( Pimped ) deed, has everything and more anyone could wish for. I only ask for people not to make silly offers only people who are legit and are willing to be respectful to this post I will make a deal with I look forward to seeing how this post goes any questions please feel free to Pm me I will respond as soon as I get time to do so ! Please find attached 60 pictures on the deed and all the items thats on the deed too, there is much more and you will need to come for yourself to fully get the feeling. The deed is located H/I 22 on the North east side of Exo and is perfect for jumping servers if your a traveller ! please feel free to come by at any time for a look around
  3. will sell the rest for 80s, thats for everything left job lot.
  4. Please pm me via messager, i will remove what gets sold on the picture No silly offers, will only respond to PM's ( Personal Meaasges Via the inbox ) anyone who makes a silly offer will be ignored not here to feed trolls.
  5. Will sell job lot for 1.5 gold or paypal equal amount
  6. Looking to sell off some stuff im hording, please feel free to offer me but please also expect to be ignored if your price your offering is silly ! Please state A - what colour and number you want. B - The price your willing to pay C - The name you want the item posed to even if its the same name as your forum name, Quote it so there is no confusion. If your price is accepted the item will be posted and i will replay on here saying the item is on the way. if you don't get a repose within 24 hours then sorry the price is bad !
  7. Hello want to add a few items i have for sale please find them below. start from 12s each Blank huge axes 90QL - 6s Rare needle 91.93QL 90woa 4.5s Rare pickaxe 90QL 92coc 99woa 8s Rare bow -3.5s

    would like to offer 35s as this deed looks nice and located in a decent spot. what comes with the deed item wise ?
  9. Java was the best thing to make and run wurm on, and it never crashes when trying to load the game ever !!! +1 to java
  10. +1 sounds really good to me
  11. Please Close

    send to xcaliber in game please