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  1. Lot 4 - 2s Cod Minixcaliber if it wins thank you
  2. sorry i think its best to start this auction again and get it checked properly! sorry guys
  3. Starting bid 1s Min increase 1s No private bids Collection only M-18 Harmony 30m Snipe Enjoy! Sorry about the poor QL screen shots.
  4. You won Grats Please message Minixcaliber in game
  5. Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted Looking to Auction my Gems took since the start of the NFI server to gain these There is: 6,215.08 QL worth of Gems over 257 Gems 5,870.84 High QL Gems over 169 Gems 344.24 Low QL over 88 Gems Opal - 22 HQ / 16 LQ Emarald - 51 HQ / 23 LQ Diamonds - 39 HQ / 21 LQ Sapphire - 27 HQ / 12 LQ Ruby - 30 HQ / 16 LQ "Collection Harm - M-18"
  6. Word of Warning

    Maybe they want to let it duel out, sometimes talking fixes things. but in this case its kinda just got worst lol at least its just like 3 people who have these bad feeling about me. but i intened to message Weslock and pixi to make sure they are ok and happy about the "Arrangement" we had and to let pixi i put silvers in her deed so it doesn't go down while she is on a break from the game.
  7. Word of Warning

    Anyway - Muunkey ill be on tomorrow ill message you "Private" here when im online and we can arrange for you to get everything back. - and just for info i did try and sort this matter out without resorting to this but im glad i have a picture of what people thing of me now sometimes it just takes a spark to find the fire eh ?
  8. Word of Warning

    Good drama indeed, glad its entertaining to some people.
  9. Word of Warning

    i edit things to keep the spelling good as I'm typing fast, but again i tried to sort this out privately and he didn't want to talk to me when i was messaging him in game, again still none of your deals here. i tried he didnt talk to me regarding this so i come here. and again i don't care what people say about me or accused me of as i know that none of the above is true. i have had arguments in the past with people but never ripped anyone off, or land grabbed if we was to talk to players who know me i have always been as generous as possible and always tried to help people not scam them