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  1. Auction 3 days Starting Bid 75s 1+s Per bid 1H Snipe protection No private bids We have 14x Red Dragon Blood / 7 White Dragon Blood Collection Harmony Bay / Mail if possible. Good luck guys
  2. Everything will need collecting from D-13 Exo There is 90+ Tools alone in this auction 30 + armour bits and bobs 8 Rare items 1 supreme item 95QL Runed Knarr 5x Merchant contracts + Many special items mixed in too All the merchants + all the stuff on them + Everything in my inventory. Everything must go. Im happy to include my 95QL runed knarr too if the price is right Looking for 1g - for everything. this will be a pick up only. i can accept new server coin or old server coin either way works, this is enough stuff to get anyone well started on these servers. 90% of the items here are high QL or are highly casted or both. so please have a close look at what is on offer here, things are mixed in and there are hidden gems mixed in the works. I'm selling up all my old tools that I'm not going to use anymore, Everything must go as a job lot Im not looking to split items or sell things one by one looking for a good old job lot sale. Everything in one go. This Boat 95QL Runed Knarr All these Tools in the lists below. Thanks for looking, let me know what its all worth
  3. I think they will go up a little from SFI prices as people will see an opportunity to raise prices closer to the NFI prices, i dont think they will be anywhere as high but will go up but then NFI will have to lower slightly to compensate for the change. there is more players on NFI hence the prices will not drop to SFI's prices overnight at all.
  4. I for one would have 5 accounts that are not 99 in everything that i would want to prem up and bring over, and i know a lot of my friends that play wurm don't play much anymore as the servers are dead on SFI, but they would come over to NFI if they opened and bring there alts too. Market prices on NFI are silly but are going down, if it was to open then it would be a good thing as the game would balance out. people would have to find a happy middle in prices or no one would sell anything. i think it would be amazing if they would be merged. And i think there would be less than 10% of NFI players that would go to SFI as 90% of players have invested a lot of time and money into there deeds, but i think 90% of SFI will move to NFI as that's where the players are. people are worried about players infesting SFI its going to be the other way around, But your welcome to come anytime at the end of the day this game has made it all these years on the brink of no population why not mix the servers up and be one. The other thing i wanted to address - Who cares if players are fully dragon armoured up ? its freedom not PVP it just looks pretty and if the servers mixed NFI and SFI would have the chance to get more dragon's ect making it cheaper for everyone to buy - why is it so bad a player with hardly any coin can buy a set, its a game that should be reachable by everyone not just select few who choose to sell things for a fortune i think the only people who would have a problem with the servers opening up is the people who are making a killing on players selling things for double and triple the normal going rate - this was ok on the first few months of opening but seems to be a trend now even when these people have high 90's in the skills needed. i think it will bring a positive reaction to the whole game and allow new players a chance - driving the market price down on NFI is not a bad thing at all as people are plucking numbers up out of thin air. Also it will open up new areas for new players to go and explore and get some land as the server launch was the worst thing I've ever seen lagggg was not the word more like verging crashing 99% of the time, this should have been handled way before they took the game to steam as they should of known that it would generate 1000's of players To settle this maybe there should be a poll for players to vote if this should be a thing or not. we all have different views but on a money side of things opening up the servers will increase there profits a lot due to a lot of players preming up and moving to NFI that way maybe they could upgrade the servers that run the game so it can handle more people and also they could advertise the game and get more players without the game failing to hold them. Or they could charge X amount of coin / euros for a crossing ticket to be able to sail to NFI or SFI and it be a 1 way thing - for people like me with trapped toons And also i will piggy back on a prev comment - i started the game in the golden days when wurms graphics was just blocks, and even then players had really really high skills neer stopped me from playing in fact they helped me get started and things was not silly expensive so i was more inclined to drop some silvers on my toon and buy things instead of thinking why would i put all that money on for some pixels lol ... just makes sense the better things are for new players the better the game is for everyone. Sorry if this offends people but its my thoughts on the situation and the past events. don't wanna cause bad vibes or make anyone upset but i just think that most new players have been kicked away by people doing things that they would not get away with if the servers was open already.
  5. GM's and other staff members don't and shouldn't be responsible to clean up the mess, they have a way more important role in making sure the servers are running good and that bugs are dealt with when a player is stuck out at sea and there boat goes over to the other server but leaves the captain lol... I think there should be a bigger tick on items left out in the elements, if its not on deed then it should get ticks. - Maybe have a timer on any item that leaves a deed and after 30 days the bigger ticks hit, seems silly that someone can make a cart or wagon and it take so long to go just makes the area look bad. As for the someone who's computer or IRL problems happen I'm sorry to say but 30 days should be plenty of time to think oh i got to move my supreme wagon / cart / whatever is left in the open and find a way to do so, if its a computer problem im sure they can use a friends laptop/computer, 30 days is enough then maybe take another 10% tick rate after thet, this still gives them a few months to decay. Lets be fair the North servers are suffering with wasted items - Recycling them is a waste of time for the people it will take to make this possible as 99% of these items are like 10QL its not worth it at all, and if you have a 90+ wagon / cart you have plenty of time to go get it even on the higher ticks. Or another way of dealing with it is have a yearly "Tick Upping" one day of the year anything that's off deed gets ticked away - people would have a whole year to move there crap if they want to keep it or add a option on the cart / wagon saying "I use this do not Uptick this item" when ticked this option will save this item from the tick upping for players that live off deed and are active. a message could be spread to people with items off deed saying 11/11/21 your offdeed items will be apart of the Tick upping, please tick the button to stop this from happening on the item in question. - this would make the server's have a fresh start each year and save the clutter from just building up. - I also think on this one day GM's would go around and fix the spawn areas and maybe collapsing the starter mines making it fresh again. On Harmony there is a huge pile of carts / wagons on the top of a hill - i used to love the way harmony bay looked but its become a bit of a dumping ground.
  6. @QueenoftheUnderworld Congrats i will send asap [19:15:14] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  7. Starting bid 10s No Reserve No private bids 3 Day auction 30mins Snipe protection Chains sewn into a cylinder to protect the arms. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. +5% DR for glimmersteel armor. (bonus) +10% movement speed for glimmersteel armor. (bonus) These bonuses + more check them out here Metal properties | Wurm Wikia | Fandom
  8. Its 5 hours behind me, so its around 11am where the organizer is.
  9. I think its a really nice thing of both parties to have done, for people to pay for it to be public out there own pocket and for the group who found it to agree and take a huge loss Just wanna say i thank you all who have made this possible and people should not be so hard on people when they are getting things for free.. On another note i have 1.5 hours free time to get there before i go to work i would love if we could have the location ! or ill not be able to attended and im all here ready to go :S Again Thank you for this opportunity for everyone..