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  1. lol growing you sure were on about the same game there are less players than ever just more alts to move to xanadu.
  2. Rolf heres an idea instead of populating the sea why don't you try and populate the servers with players and instead of wales, chairs, seals, turtles etc put your efforts into fixing this dying game. Its not rocket science mate more paying customers means more money which could be used to employ new developers. I don't play the game anymore because its not playable due to no players (i was on desertion). This game is how old ? 10 yrs plus. I think you have done very well but of late you don't seem to have the paying players interests at heart which is a shame one day you will wake up and there will be no one on but that's OK as long as you have made your money no worries. I will pop back in now and then to see if you make any real changes and on a nicer note congratz on your new family.
  3. Sorry but does the player have to be online to locate soul?
  4. Thank you sir
  5. Hi guys could someone explain to me how the locate spell works?
  6. Hi guys can I change my forum name as I'm setting up a new toon for Xanadu and would like to use the new name instead. Thx Swis
  7. Please close
  8. Ok thx guys I will try and sell them first
  9. Thank you for the quick reply . Just one more thing, so there's no way of bringing my tools, rare items etc.
  10. Hi I just need some info to make a decision on moving. I live on desertion and I'm thinking of moving to Xanadu but will I lose all my skill basically starting from scratch if so I would be better of just starting a new toon. Eg I have 80 digging will this go back to 0? Thx Swis
  11. Stand As 1

    Ok there's 400 on Xanadu can I take my main toon there and keep my skills or would I have to start over?
  12. Stand As 1

    Lol keep your skirt on. As I said I have done solo built a few deeds already this 1 is to big for just me lazy has nothing to do with it. On desertion right now there are 31 players on some of that figure will be alts I don't think you can say 31 is many lol. For my personality I'm a lovely man. Oh and wurms problem is the devs and the vets and all the people who are to afraid for change is case it ruins there tight nit very little community you guys keep this game in the dark ages.
  13. Stand As 1

    I don't really care how much pressure the gms devs have that's there job not mine, all I care about is playing the game but for me it's not playable. I want to set up a new deed that I have designed but to build it I will need to recruit lots of villagers and there lies the problem there is no one to recruit. Wurm is a team player game yes it can be solo and have done this but it becomes boring and lonely.