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  1. Looking to sell 1g 80s Price is set at 0.85 euros for a silver. If anyone buying all the coin, price is set at 0.8 euros (1.8g for 144 euros) Verified PayPal only.
  2. All items comes together at fixed 9s price, package deal!
  3. As title says, looking to do a quick sell on Speedy. Comes with 30 days prem and a Knarr. Got Shield of the Gone. NO armor. 12 544 karma. Located at North coast of Exo. Price: 75e Verified Paypal only If someone would be interested i can add 80ql 80aosp white drake set for extra 65e Deed decayed so no token to prem for silvers, and i kinda dont want to venture out looking for one with lots of mobs around. So pick up with boat.
  4. Bump Some cheap goodies still left
  5. Bump Lowering price!
  6. Bump Lowering price
  7. Bows sent, thanks Ciray for the rune.
  8. Sent all except bows and "elvenwings" order. Will have to wait a bit till i fix that rune for mailbox, didnt know about it before
  9. [19:11:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  10. I'm very out-dated about pricing so this might be fun.. Please post item Nr. and ign to COD Items will be sent at evenings past 9pm GMT. Also pickup possible at North coast of Exo, B17 COD is Not included into items price. (Note, if no offers will be made on specific items i'll be willing to sell for cheaper at end of the week) #1 Rare Large shield c83 - 2.2s #2 Rare shortbow nimb 67 - 2.2s #3 Rare shortbow nimb 38 - 2s #4 Rare large shield, oak - 1.8s #5 Rare ropetool w94 c94 - 3s #6 Supreme ropetool w80 c83 - 10s #7 Rare saw w75 c52 - 2.2s #8 Rare shovel w66 c64 - 2.1s #9 Rare shovel w82 c55 - 2.2s #10 Rare hammer c78 - 2.1s #11 Rare Lantern (neat Green 82ql) - 2.2s #12 Rare stone chisel w74 c75 - 2.2s #13 Rare awl c63 - 2s #14 Supreme longbow, Willow n88 - 15s #15 Rare longbow, pine, Clean - 2s #16 Rare longbow, Willow, n54 - 2.2s #17 Rare needle w60 c43 - 2s #18 Supreme bow, Pinewood, n92 c65 - 10s #19 Rare pickaxe w88 c82 - 2.2s #20 Rare pickaxe w96 c65 - 2.2s #21 Rare basinet helm, steel, aosp 63 - 2s #22 Rare large maul AD n76 lt73 c77 ms84 - 3.5s #23 Rare longsword HD n72 c94 fa91 - 2.8s #24 Rare butchering knife c76 - 2.2s #25 Rare small anvil c40 - 2s #26 Sleep Powder x21 - 17s #27 Sculpting wand 60ql - 20s
  11. Starting bid: 40s Min increments: 1s Sniper protection: 1h Winner will be required to pick it up at North coast of Exo, B17.
  12. Price is set at 70s ! 90QL, web 65-80 Pickup at North Exo coast, B17 ingame map, (after 8pm GMT) or COD, sum divided per item.
  13. Price 68s Avg 80ql, 60-90aosp Pick up at North Exo coast (after 8pm GMT) or COD, sum divided per item.
  14. 90-91 smithing skills are Far from 96-97.. It's Smithing Toon - Forge Slave, ment as Alt standing all day at forge while you do other things on your main toon Tbh i see no point selling it for low as said 60e, its silly..
  15. Bump So whats worth 70 chan priest nowadays? Anyone, please
  16. Bump Really need to find out its actual value. Anyone..?