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    Looking to sell 1g 80s Price is set at 0.85 euros for a silver. If anyone buying all the coin, price is set at 0.8 euros (1.8g for 144 euros) Verified PayPal only.
  3. Sold. Close

  4. WTS rare bundle

    All items comes together at fixed 9s price, package deal!
  5. Sold. Close

    As title says, looking to do a quick sell on Speedy. Comes with 30 days prem and a Knarr. Got Shield of the Gone. NO armor. 12 544 karma. Located at North coast of Exo. Price: 75e Verified Paypal only If someone would be interested i can add 80ql 80aosp white drake set for extra 65e Deed decayed so no token to prem for silvers, and i kinda dont want to venture out looking for one with lots of mobs around. So pick up with boat.
  6. WTS Bunch of Rares

    Thats sold already
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  9. WTA Farwalker Amulet 80ql !!!

    Bump, lowering price
  10. WTS Bunch of Rares

    Bump Some cheap goodies still left
  11. [Close]

    Bump Lowering price!
  12. Close

    Bump Lowering price
  13. WTS Bunch of Rares

    Bows sent, thanks Ciray for the rune.
  14. WTS Bunch of Rares

    Sent all except bows and "elvenwings" order. Will have to wait a bit till i fix that rune for mailbox, didnt know about it before
  15. WTS Bunch of Rares

    In game name required