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  1. Pm me with offers All items are on pristine
  2. Wurm Assistant for Wurm Unlimited

    Yer okey i tried the above before posting but only tried to update the creature back then and not readd them but works thx
  3. Wurm Assistant for Wurm Unlimited

    Hey Aldur love your work with wurm assistant for WU. On the Granger it seems to not use the epic curve skills and shows that you can't detect traits even when having the 23.19 required to see the last trait? Is it granger not knowing that one is on a epic server, in this case is there way to tell WA granger that one is running on an epic server and it should use epic curve?
  4. [RESOLVED] Multi map servers behind NAT

    The guide is on the wiki now, it still needs a last touch but should have everything needed to get multiple servers running behind a personal router http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Multi_Server
  5. Not getting "Server connected to Steam"

    Just an odd test but can one of you try and start the server as administrator, right click on WurmServerLauncer.exe and click run as administrator.
  6. Server won't connect to steam (Root Server)

    Just a quick question do you have any kind of firewall on your computer that could be blocking it. Try turning off all firewalls and any firewall your antivirus software might have and see if this is the issue.
  7. Server stopped working! [Error codes]

    Make sure the ip you have under external IP is the correct IP, this IP should be the IP between you and your router. What might have happend is that when you unplugged the internet cable you got a new ip from your router
  8. There is no need to change the client to fix this the only fix there needs to made is to fix the server so that server sends the routers external ip instead of the interal ip to the client on server transfer
  9. Put in your local ip address as the external ip and port-forward the ports to your computer and it should work, this is what i'm doing on my network. only problem is that it wont work properly with multiple servers. For some odd reason the way the server is currently made, it wont take the external router ip and will only accept the internal ip to your computer. And no from what i can see there is not real what to use Dynamic DNS
  10. WTA 95 WS Blastspawn

    1 evening of actually winning in cs
  11. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    Is there any chance that wurm assistant 2 will have support for WU?
  12. Red Dragon Slaying Tomorrow (Pristine)

    i'll be there
  13. Forest Giant Pristine (Woodcutting Pots!)

    I'll be there
  14. Red Dragon Pristine

    i'm coming, happy lag fest!
  15. White Dragon Pristine

    i'm coming, happy lag fest!