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  1. Looks nice. Good luck finding that many Lady Hota statues though
  2. This deed disbanded a while back. With the last of the buildings gone, I've re-deeded the area as New Stonehaven and I'll try and throw up a couple of buildings over the next few weeks with new players in mind. It won't be as big as Warmark's deed, and there won't be a live-in mayor, but hopefully it will serve a purpose. If you're passing Green Dog, stop in and say hi
  3. Tullius will be there. Thanks for organising this, Theo
  4. Put a bridge over it? Not going to work for waterside docks like in Steve's pic, but for highways across a clay patch it should solve the problem.
  5. +1 And plantable inside buildings. And a choice of colours.
  6. Really good service and communication. Give this man your bulk orders!
  8. I got as far as the long wavy grass. But seems you can't go over it and you can't go under it. Not quite sure what to do next
  10. Would prefer opt-in, but not too bothered.